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Posted by JeffGoldblum

The EAT sign is off.
Tang is finished.

Posted by InFamous91

TANG on a Friday is the right way to end the week

Posted by DazzHardy

Holy Crap, they dubbed it for release in the US ?
Looks like I'm importing another copy of Oneechanbara for a total of 3 more than a person should probably own. Also, there's a second Oneechanbara movie out there if anyone (and by that I mean no-one) is interested.

Posted by AuthenticM

TANG and ER better be back come this January.

Posted by Double0hFor

o the voice overs are amazing!

Posted by Scarabus

I can't believe you actually sat down and watched through that entire movie, Ryan. Well done.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Haha, thanks for doing this Ryan/Vinny/Uwe!!

Posted by Asurastrike
@Hitchenson said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" Are there gorgeous Asian women? YES!? "
There's such a thing? "
Fail racism.
Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

My end of the week will be depressing until 2010.
Posted by Mickey

What DS game is that on the head of Luchadeer at the end?

Posted by Delta_Ass
@PureRok said:
" I actually liked this movie. However, I watched it in it's original Japanese. That dub... wow... that is horrible. "
Yes, because that dubbing was the only problem with the film.
Posted by Hitchenson
@Asurastrike said:
" @Hitchenson said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" Are there gorgeous Asian women? YES!? "
There's such a thing? "
Fail racism. "
Nah, I was hoping for an hilarious response from Vinchenzo, alas, no such thing happened. 
Posted by AndrewB

I've seen better special effects in episodes of The Power Rangers.

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Last TANG?? ahhhhh.........  
and this movie looks like it was made by Uwe Boll's retarted, seven-year-old half brother.

Posted by Jack_Daniels

Oh. Ill see you at the movies Ryan. I will. Tonight.

Posted by Vasta_Narada

What game was stuck up in Luchadeer's antlers?

Posted by LiquidSwords
I was waiting for the clay monsters to show up
Posted by Red

It's really over.

Posted by RVonE

Wow, the dub in this one is terrible and the translation is done poorly as well. Of course, this doesn't excuse the abysmal quality of the original in any way.
Posted by Bishop113

Ohhh fuck get rid of the odst ads already!!!

Posted by Yummylee

Onechanbara, I....am your sister!!.....nooooooooooooooo
Posted by Death_Unicorn

I'll miss you TANG....

Posted by kagekage

TANG I'll miss you just as much as the Endurance Run...

Posted by MartinG

That movie really should've been anime.

Posted by TheHT

lmao oh god, this movie looks painful.
i wonder if next season of tang'll cover anime movies, cause this video totally reminded me of all the anime game movies like street fighter 2 (which kicked ass btw) and whatnot.

Posted by Brunchies

Ryan must have had some Balls to watch this putrid Horror.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Holy crap that looks horrible. Good TANG though, and I wish there were more but I look forward for its return.

Posted by Lazyaza

God Vinny's editing is hysterical. That man can do no wrong.

Posted by rargy

haha wow i didn't know Tomohiro Waki was in this.

Posted by MysteriousBob

Wait, this revoltingly bad game is actually popular in Japan? 
God damn it.

Posted by ryanwho

Ryan there are so many awful anime that could keep TANG going for months at least.

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I think Mortal Kombat was the best video game movie because it stayed true to the source material, had good actors and had good effects for its time. I truly hope that there will be a VG based movie that Ryan will like.
I think Ryan is a better and definitely more verbose movie reviewer than Roger Ebert . Ryan is the Leonard Maltin of video games.

Posted by Bigandtasty

Screaming Blonde Guy should win an  award

Posted by Dany

I like his comment at the end. "All These Shit Movies."

Posted by Vortex0503

FFS! BEST!!! end mix ever!
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The ironic thing about this whole TANG ordeal is, Ryan wanted to do this to himself. 
LMAO. I still laugh my head off when he's at the end of a video describing just how much he hates TANG movies made by Uvve Boll. And when he HAD to take a week hiatus from it. 
I've got to thank you ryan. You got some serious stamina for a cool fat dude. And you gave me a tonne of laughs.
Posted by Carlos1408

Oh fucking hell, Ryan I feel bad about some of the shit you gotta go through! lol

Posted by tekmojo
Posted by Afroman269

Screaming fat japanese blonde guy FTW!!!!

Posted by ThePelinal

I will miss you, TANG.  VInny, please make a 5 minute long megamix of the screaming guy.

Posted by Reverseface

Fat japanese dude should start bleaching his mouth so he stops eating.
Posted by monster9999

Good bye TANG...for now... bum bum bummmm

Posted by UncleBenny

man, everything about this movie screamed hot and awesome, so how come every scene I see just makes me feel more and more empty?

Posted by MeatSim

Ryan's sanity was put to the test and he survived, great job.

Posted by Nock

2009 TANG awards? or at least a recap maybe?

Posted by Glennygisbad

I see the samurai part but seems to be lacking in the bikinis and squads. 

Posted by Myrmidon

Haha, it's an Asian version of Ryan.

Posted by Lepuke

Man this movie could totally use rifftrax treatment. They don't make movies, they make them funny. (The old MST3K guys)

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

How about this one for next season? The slapstick in this trailer is terrible but stick around for the stuff around the three minute mark, it's great.

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"It's a straight-forward story told really poorly without any momentum or stake in the characters..."  ouch!
It is too bad that TANG "Season 1" had to end with this whimper of a movie - it seemed to require more effort to watch it than to review it...