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That fight scene was truly horrendous...
And seriously, at least make the main character hot if you're trying to make that your main draw.
In terms of badness this seems like the perfect way to end season 1 of TANG.

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Wow...  that actually feels painfully amateur.  Was it a budget movie as well as a budget game?
Her name is Aiya?  Ai ya is right :)
Thanks Ryan!

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Hideo Kojima is a zombie in this film and in a similar movie called "Versus"

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why the hell did you see this DUBBED?

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Awesome :)

Difference between this and uwe boll? This is funny, uwe boll is not.

See in 2010 :)

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Wow, that dubbing was awful. Perhaps the japanese audio was better, but I don't think anyhting could save that story and cg at any rate.
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Great TANG, I'm going to miss this. You guys need to come up with more weekly features now that the ER and TANG is gone. More video content!

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This looks a low budget japanese action flick alright. But really, if someone wants over the top zombie slaying and just crazyiness, see Versus. Not a game movie but the director Ryuhei Kitamura did direct the cutscenes in MGS The Twin Snakes. 
Awesome TANG finale btw. :)

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Damn, it looks TERRIBLE! Looks like an amateur movie.

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Tang hits the small screen next?

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See you in 2010 TANG. XD
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@Kohe321 said:
" Great TANG, I'm going to miss this. You guys need to come up with more weekly features now that the ER and TANG is gone. More video content! "
Absolutely.  Though I know it is busy season now with games so maybe all the GB staff will be full-on with just playing games.
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See you in 2010 TANG and Ryan

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I will miss TANG a lot !!!
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That fat guy is fucking hilarious. 
No, not Ryan, the Japanese one.
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It's been a pleasure, Ryan. For us at least, anyway, hehe. You watched most of this crap so we didn't have to, especially the Uwe Boll collection. Looking forward to the future of TANG!

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Thanks Ryan!

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There will be more TANG's as soon as there are more video-game-to-movie adapations.  Hell, Resident Evil and Spore are getting filmed right now. 
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When are we going to get a Princess Debut movie?

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Must watch. It looks so bloody awful.

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So now that TANG's finished, that opens Ryan up for the next ER, right?

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Now that TANG and Endurance Run are over, we'll only have the once-weekly Bombcast to cling to as far as serialized Giant Bomb content goes! NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

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29 movies? I really can't believe it's been that many. Every episode of TANG has been great and I've enjoyed sharing with Ryan in the misery of the legions of tragically poor-quality video game movies out there. I'm very excited to hear that there will be more TANG in 2010 and I will be waiting expectantly.

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cant wait till next season

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i didn't realize onechanbara was made in the 80's.

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There are still 2 Uwe Boll movies out that he hasn't touched!
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How could the dub be so god awful...

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Even with that hot Asian chick, watching this seems like it would be painful.

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TANG really can't be over D:
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Man i love Tang, looks like you guys finished with an appropriately shitty movie.

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Looking forward to Season 2 in '10!

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I loved that techno thing you guys edited! Very funny!

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Some Producers have too much money & felt the need to waste it.

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Thanks for all the fun Ryan (and Vinny).

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whoever thinks shes hot is fucking crazy

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Seriously people, the dubbing is not what makes this movie awful

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This just looks like extremely bad cos-play. Is there such a thing as GOOD cos-play? IF so....this isn't it.

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@EndrzGame said:
"This just looks like extremely bad cos-play. Is there such a thing as GOOD cos-play? IF so....this isn't it. "

I hate cosplay...
But I donno, you can almost  see  what she goes to the bathroom with, well not behind. And just kind of a art deco suggestion on  the center of her ..codpeice? Oh yeah, some mounds above, but with decent curves imbetween. And her face, she is pretty. If also looking  silly. 
I like her.
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Stupid round-eye! You fail to recognize amazing cinematic masterpiece! :P

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Not enough bikini's in this episode...
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I can't wait for more TANG.  It eventually became my favourite piece of content from the site.

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Thanks for everything, Ryan.

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shitty power ranger go!!!!  Anyone else besides me hopes the fat blond guy gets his balls lopped of in real life as well??? anyone?? anyone??
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ryan!!!! what about the parasite eve movie!! you can't quit now!!!!!!!

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Sniff....I'm going to miss TANG, although I can totally understand why Ryan would say "NEVER AGAIN".  Them's some awful movies.

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This movie seems to be lacking the only thing that made it even somewhat interesting. Bikinis.

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The dubbing makes my ears bleed, sure the movie is probably terrible, but is it really that hard to you know...read?

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@Milpool said:
"Seriously people, the dubbing is not what makes this movie awful "

Agreed. But it is what makes it worse than aweful.