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Posted by Rapid

The Big Live Live Show 3 Factorial 5 Factorial


Posted by AndrewB

This was the greatest moment in Giant Bomb history.

Posted by Lava


Posted by Robaota

Fucking hell, from this video I can see I literally went to bed just before that final run. I missed the live chat explosion. Fuck it. #TEAMBRAD

Posted by Psycho_Rich

Team Brad will be with you, always.

Edited by Rabid619

One of the greatest moments to ever happen on the internet. So glad I decided to stick around for this!


Posted by Brake

Best. Ending. Ever.

Posted by morrelloman

#TEAMBRAD in yo mouf

Posted by ThePantheon

Are you going to fix the audio sync on this or should we just watch? #TEAMBRAD

Posted by Patman99


Posted by meaninoflife42


Posted by RetroVirus


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Feel asleep during Brad's tango down in section one alpha (I'm euro-trash). Woke up at about 4:30 am to a shrieking inferno of screams, and realized exactly what had happened. Replayed it so many times on Youtube, it has reached "Daigo Full Parry" status for me :-D

Posted by OneManX

The Comic Trivia game was kinda funny, some good laughs, but dude. Team Brad.


Posted by Clippjoint


Posted by CakeBomb

I watched it live, it was magic. The world synced its energies to a greater good. 

Posted by Krataur

I admit, I almost gave up on Brad a couple times and was going to leave the stream early. I stuck with it though, and got to experience this live! I'll never doubt you again, Brad!

Oh, and #teambrad! Can't wait for the shirt!

Posted by lonestar

@Krataur: Yeah, there was 2 or 3 times I looked away at other things. Almost even started up Planetside 2. But I kept an eye on it, and when #TeamBrad chants and location callouts started happening, the fat lady sung, I was in for the longhaul.

Alpha Centari is for #TeamBrad!

Posted by Skyfire543

So happy I can see that stunning moment. I missed it live. #teambrad

Posted by OriginalHB504

I was watching when team brad was formed!

Posted by agerstone

I love Brad, what a fucking awesome dude

Posted by JayCee

Now we can go to Happy Hour indeed.


Posted by Sveppi


Posted by tourgen

awesome show

Posted by Wiseblood

I'm amazed Brad was able to keep his cool and wait for the right moment to shoot with everyone around him screaming "SHOOT HIM!".

Posted by bkbroiler


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I knew as the clock started slowing down Brad was going to pull it off because I know at that point Brad knew he was going to pull it off. NOBODY SIDELINES BRAD SHOEMAKER!


Posted by foxhounder01

Amazing to watch the ending live. Stayed up until four in the morning to watch that. Super happy I didn't miss it #teambrad

Posted by Winternet

One of the most amazing live moments on Giant Bomb. Forever Team Brad!

Posted by sthusby

This is one of the greatest internet moments I've ever had. So magical. Brad, you are my Martin Luther King Jr.

Posted by Renegade_Kid


Posted by fuzzypumpkin


Posted by Scott757


Posted by Shaka999


Posted by beeftothetaco

I made a twitter account during the stream for the sole purpose of showing my support. This show literally made my weekend. #TEAMBRAD

Posted by spncrrr

I'm saving my $15 credit for the inevitable #teambrad t-shirt.


Posted by GirnBlanston

Chariots of Brad.

Posted by ComradeCrash

So sad I missed this when it was live! #teambrad

Posted by George_Hukas

9-14.. where were you?

I will tell my grandchildren this tale of heroism.

Posted by sb5k


Posted by csl316

I missed the first 6 hours, but I'm so so glad I got to experience this live. Too bad it's all downhill from here.

Posted by frankiebeanz

I'm so proud of brad omg im about to cry!!!

Posted by MrBen

This was fantastic. Thanks to all involved!

Posted by _Horde

Parkin' with Patrick.

Posted by Undeadpool

@Wiseblood said:

I'm amazed Brad was able to keep his cool and wait for the right moment to shoot with everyone around him screaming "SHOOT HIM!".

I am too! When I was watching the stream, all I could think was "EVERYONE SHUT UP!!"

Posted by darkjester74

Wow, that was amazing! #teambrad

Posted by JayDubya


Posted by Adaptor

Awesome perseverance, Brad!

#TeamBrad FTW!

Posted by chiablo

"Tango down in section one alpha."

Posted by Telemekos


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