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Posted by JoeyRavn

I ended up buying three copies (two for friends, one for me), even though I already have most of these games. So, yeah, basically, I bought the bundle for Amnesia.

Posted by radioactivez0r

What a fucking great trailer. I have 4 of the games plus the Bastion soundtrack, but I could probably throw in for copies I can give out to someone else.

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very good indeed.  ...but I have played all of those games. 
edit--- except for Sworcery. 

Posted by PolishHill

Wow, somehow I haven't purchased any of these besides Psychonauts, instant buy.

Posted by tourgen

damn now that is an awesome deal! I'll do it just for Bastion and Amnesia.

Posted by project343

I already own everything on here. BUT IT BOUGHT IT AGAIN.

Do it guys!

Posted by doe3879

why's there's no link to buy this along with the video

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I own these games, but I gladly paid money for the soundtracks (they give both FLAC and MP3s; it's like they know me or something <3).

Posted by Hameyadea

I just bought (and finished) LIMBO on Steam literally 2 days ago. But since I don't have the other 4, I don't mind paying for the pack, and an adequate price at-the-very-least (charity, ya all. Charity). 15$ seems reasonable enough

Posted by VibratingDonkey

That bundle is so great I already own all of the games it contains.

Posted by RPGee

I have played almost all of these already, and I still want to chip in! What on earth?

And if anyone can find me a blank of just that final, amazing image, I would be most grateful, because that shit is amazing.

Posted by BluPotato

Someday I want to support this, but I keep owning all the games in the pack.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Soundtracks too. Well god damn it. Fine, have some of my little money.

Posted by Slow_pC

Got my copy at work .... they need a good mobile site :)

Posted by cclemon36

I was just about to go to bed when I checked on here, now I feel like a fool for even considering sleep. I own none of those games previously, so let the good times roll.

The Humble Bundle guys seem to have pulled out all the stops for this one.

Posted by mbkish

I literally own every game in this one this time...

Posted by GozerTC

Best one for me as I actually am interested in all of them and only one on the Xbox. (Bastion) So win win and bought. :)

Posted by Scodiac

I have psychonauts and limbo already but this is still a no brainer. The soundtracks are just the icing on the cake.

Posted by coaxmetal

I already have all the games except limbo though and I don't really want it. Me having all the games I wanted already has also been my issue with all of the indie bundles since the first 2. Maybe I just buy too many indie games on steam, what a shame.

Posted by mrcraggle

I have 3 out of the 5 games but it's still a very good bundle. I want to buy up a few of these and gift them.

Posted by zoozilla

Only own Psychonauts, so this is a no-brainer for me. For charity!

Posted by chubbs21

i will give what it is in my bank account right now. $2..... I do not live within my means....

Posted by ShadowConqueror

Holy shit!

Posted by Hef

lynix what is that?


Posted by Phatmac

Remember guys that the games come with the soundtrack for each game!! So even if you have it, please buy it! It's for charity guys. BTW, this is a well done trailer, really loved it!

Posted by daddy_gab

Got the bundle! Paid 8$ so I can get Bastion. Can't wait to play all of them especially Amnesia.

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

@RPGee: Did you mean this image?

Posted by Aetheldod

This was a great bundle for me ^^ of those I only had Sword & Sorcery ,

Posted by Dain22

@Aetheldod said:

This was a great bundle for me ^^ of those I only had Sword & Sorcery ,

Funnily enough, I had everything except for Sword & Sorcery. Still, worth it for getting the soundtracks too!

Posted by UncleBenny

fuck amnesia fuck amnesia fuck amnesia fuck amnesia fuck amnesia fuck amnesia fuck amnesia fuck amnesia

Posted by nyv

They don't make a big deal out of it, but the soundtracks are probably more valuable than the games. Especially with Bastion and SnS

Posted by Hunter5024

I own all of these games and I had to buy it anyways because its just sooo... amazing...

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Posted by AthleticShark

Getting this. The only thing I already own is Bastion so...anyone want a free copy of Bastion?

Posted by ThatIndianGuy7116

@HellBound: Hell if you are serious about it, I'm down for a free copy of Bastion

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

I own all these games except Psychonauts, which probably just speaks to how great the lineup is (minus Sword and Sworcery)

Spent $20 anyway because I enjoy giving money to Frictional.

Posted by Phished0ne

anyone who doesn't pay at least 10 dollars for this pack is an asshole.

Posted by Siriusface

Everyone already owns all the games lol, still it's an amazing deal. I own all bar Amnesia (Bastion twice), and I'm thinking I'll buy it anyway just to support them.

Posted by zFUBARz

@Dain22 said:

@Aetheldod said:

This was a great bundle for me ^^ of those I only had Sword & Sorcery ,

Funnily enough, I had everything except for Sword & Sorcery. Still, worth it for getting the soundtracks too!

Exactly this, I'd have paid for the soundtracks alone, as it is I'll gladly pay way over the average for this bundle to support the devs and the charity.

Posted by Hughes

Definitely getting this bundle, the past two were great and this one does not disappoint!

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Own them all except Amnesia. Which it seems like everyone else does also.

Posted by thebunnyhunter

my god i dont own any of those

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Posted by birdman

Paid $15. Worth every damn penny.

Posted by allodude

Ignoring all the awesome games, this was a pretty sweet trailer.

Posted by Jonnyflash80

Tim, Tim... Tim! Just shut up and take my money.

Posted by onan

Oh man. Already owned all of these but worth it just for the soundtracks and DRM free versions.

Posted by Zatoishwan

@happymeowmeow said:

Trying to imagine myself as someone who hasn't played any of these games and getting this bundle on a whim. That imagined self would be transformed into a happy and less cynical about the future of games person. Unless he never got around to playing them for some reason...maybe he's really into LoL and doesn't have the time. What a jerk.

Umm, now first I have to say english is not my native language, and I dont know all those fancy internet magic abbreviations and so on...

For me "LoL" means "Lands of Lore", an really old PC RPG game voiced by Patrick Stewart. But I guess thats not the correct interpretation of "LoL" here. Or is it?

Posted by Jonnyflash80

Wow. They have already raised $1,567,705.38 from 206,988 sales and it's only been 8 hours.

Posted by BoomSnapClap113

Fucking Eh.

This will get some $$'s thrown at it from MOI!