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Is the site text black for anyone else?

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Is that Tywin Lannister talking?

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CD Projekt RED can put out some pretty good trailers.

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Guys, I'm going to play the shit out of this you guys

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I wet my pants.

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Glad I got a new PC, this looks rad. The main antagonist is a goddamn Lich Wizard, how much more metal can you can you get?

Isn't the main thing in this game the Wild Hunt?

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Holy.. Fucking .. Shit

I mean..Damn That is ... wow.

Nope, you were right the first time

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Is that Tywin Lannister talking?

I too was wondering that.

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Fuck. Yes. This is probably will get me to pick up a PS4, since my computer is getting a little long in the tooth but I'm not thinking it's worth an upgrade quite just yet.

Also yes, that is totally Tywin Lannister.

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This is probably the hypest trailer i've ever seen.

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This game looks fucking fantastic! I'm going to pull a Vinny and read all the books first.

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@nikkoship said:

Is that Tywin Lannister talking?

I too was wondering that.

It's totally Charles Dance

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I think I will go pre-order this on GOG right now.

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Looks amazing, can't wait to pick this one up.

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Charles Dance yes more of this please

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Ok, that trailer was pretty amazing. Hopefully we will get a gameplay demo at E3 or Gamescom.

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I really want this game. If only the world was not ending Jan 8th.

I've said to much.....

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Shut up and take my orens!

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@mjhealy: Make your PS4 bleed? This game will make my freaking beast PC want to get on its knees and beg for mercy at the highest settings. This game will probably make your PS4 want to kill itself on low settings 720p 30FPS.

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Fuck I want that soundtrack :)

....Also the game to I guess :P

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WOW! I haven't been awestruck by a trailer like that in quite some time. Looks absolutely amazing! I'm sure thats all high-end PC footage but I really hope the PS4 can at least hold a candle to this.

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Wowwwwwwwww this game looks great

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@2headedninja: Yes, but the leader of it is A GODDAMN LICH WIZARD.

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Looking REALLY good.

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Holy god fucking shit, I just screamed at my screen with excitement.

Fucking pre-ordered!

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@mjhealy: Make your PS4 bleed? This game will make my freaking beast PC want to get on its knees and beg for mercy at the highest settings. This game will probably make your PS4 want to kill itself on low settings 720p 30FPS.

We're still doing this eh?

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Holy fuck that was a trailer for a game. Give me it now please.

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The Witcher 3: A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

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holy shit

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@meauntienora: is that an over clocking program? Cause my laptop runs hot while playing games as it is. Also, my graphics card isn't exactly amazing, so I'm not sure how much whatever you're talking about will help (its a nvidia 330m)

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I just hope they get a better voice actress for Triss Merigold this time.

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That villain dude sounds like the Djinn from Wishmaster.

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WOW! Looks really good.

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Woooo Dance is in the house!!

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Can't Wait! it looks amazing

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@meauntienora said:

The second game was frankly poorly optimized. I was like you for a while but after digging around on the internet found some tweaks for Nvidia Inspector that let me play it at near max settings with little to no performance dips. Can't say that'll be true this time around, as time will tell, but maybe you could play the second?

I thought the second game ran extremely well for how good it looked. The setting that got everyone in trouble was super-sampling, but with that off the game ran like butter for me.

The second game did run well, the only performance hurdle was Uber-sampling (and really considering it's a super sampling method it will always be). Poorly optimised has become the new catch all for "waah I can't run the game at max settings".

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Was that Vesemir from the first game? I'm curious what the hell happened to the other witchers since the first game's tutorial.

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holy fucking shit, that looks INSANE

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Man, every time I see a Witcher trailer I get real pumped to play the series, then I boot up the first game for the nth time, and it all fades away.

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I need to finish the Witcher 2, I really love that game I just never quite finished it :(

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Umm, yes. Yes very much.

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Feb 24th: The day the PS4 and/or Xbox One either start to hit their stride or hold the industry back for the better part of the next decade.

Is there really lots of untapped potential currently hiding in decent-at best-games from late 2013 and all the way through 2014? Or are the previous claims of PS4 architect Mark Cerny correct in regards to the PS4 being super easy to develop for right out of the gate with no major lull before seeing what it can really do unlike past gaming consoles?...Meaning what we are seeing now more or less how it is going to be.

I hope it's the former, but I kind of expect the latter.

Keep in mind that even though the performance ceiling for the coming decade is pretty much set, the bottom end will keep rising as the past generation of consoles are being phased out, and the tech of mid/low tier computers get better (though I guess the low tier computers are mostly what MMO's target). There's probably still room to discover new (or optimize existing) shading techniques to get more out of the existing hardware too. If we look at what happened with games over the past two generations the majority of the improvements over the years came with new ways to do lighting, post-processing such as blur/focus, bloom and such stuff. Polygon density/geometric complexity and texture quality didn't see as much improvement, but that's hard to see if we put dirt all over the camera lens and shine a bright light in your face.

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visually awesome, unique and surprising for a fantasy setting

I'm excited to see how they shake up the gameplay too. They made huge changes from #1 to #2 when they switched to their own game engine - really good changes. Witcher 2 played pretty good. Then they released that gameplay optional patch/upgrade which switched things up quite a bit and added the arena.

I can't wait to see how they handle combat in an open world game. This could be one of those Next-Gen moments where we see new gameplay ideas implemented well for the first time.