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Posted by Sirn00bal0t

good one.

Posted by 8xBiT
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NIN. First.

EDIT: fail.
Posted by Dauragon


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I remember this movie...it was pretty okay.

Lol, the video was posted by Vinny hosted by Ryan... lol I found that funny
Posted by Hampe

I like the sofa. Really.
And yeah, the laserscene is AWESOME.

Posted by Slunks

Rad. The first movie was pretty good, definitely watchable. However, the latest ones have totally taken things out of proportion and tried for too much -- they're pretty embarrassing to watch.

Thanks Ryan!

Posted by Otacon

Resident Evil wasn't completely terrible, haven't seen the other two.

Posted by MadDog31

Another great TANG. Love it.

Posted by MasonL87

I knew you'd mention the lasergrid scene, that's everyone's favorite scene. Everyone loves dudes geting sliced up.

Posted by STEVEOO6


Posted by PapaLazarou

i never thought the film was bad but it wasn't great, just average but watchable movie that'll entertain you if you're bored.

Posted by SirFatalx

Pills Here!

Posted by MadExponent

Would it have really been that bad to just completely just base it off the first game?  I mean come on!  I wanted RE1 movie to be RE1 game.  Same for RE2....I wanted Leon and Claire.

The first RE movie was the only acceptable movie made.  RE2 and the god awful RE Extinction....Jesus I need a drink.

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I love TANG! And I agree with you, this is probably the best of the ones you've review thus far.

Posted by Sarumarine

People try to convince me that it's not that bad of a movie, but I'm always dissapointed that they didn't work the Tyrant into the movie. I feel like it's something similar to leaving Darth Vader out of Star Wars. The whole reason for the virus in the first place was to make the superweapon monster guy... and it doesn't even get a name drop in the movie.

But yeah, the laser thing was so good that it got a cameo in Resident Evil 4. Or at least I'd like to think.

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They shoulda stuck with Romero instead of inexplicably firing him and dropping his amazing script, which felt like Resident Evil and featured, GASP, a mansion.

Posted by Vafthrutnir


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Posted by Grimjim8000

Pills here!

Posted by mthe1337one

i lol'd.  PILLS HERE!!!


truthfully i never saw this movie.  might be fun to watch now after seeing Ryan having reviewed it.

Posted by Slique

I've never understood why the STARs leader doesn't just stand back against the door when the grid-laser kicks in. It would've stopped before hitting him.

Pah, silly STARs.

Posted by dannyodwyer

haha 'pills here'

Posted by MeatSim

The skinless dog population is out of control!

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Meltbrain

The whole people being cut into tiny bits and then those bits all falling away from the body was first done by the film Cube to my knowledge. That film is cool.

Posted by AllanIceman

Chung Li: the astronaut's choice!

Posted by MichaelBach

The 2 first were ok, the 3rd one... not so much

Posted by SuperMuchBrown

I <3 Ryan!!!

Posted by Freki

Love these segments.. and hey the movie is pretty good too :)

Posted by Kohe321

Oh, and that trap scene reminds me of the opening of "the cube".

Posted by Captainlunchbox

Paul W.S. Anderson is just a few notches above Uwe Boll.

Posted by InFamous91

the laser scene was most def the best

Posted by Aaox

I'm hurtin' Louis!

Posted by Tarsier


Posted by RawShark

They aren't STARS in the film, are they? Aren't they like, UBCS? Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service? I don't remember them being STARS. There are STARS in the second film, Apocalypse, though. But I think this could be a Ryan-fact-fail.

Posted by Grillbar

Love that scene too (the first one)
and i like the 1st and 2nd for some reason

Posted by JediAutobot

Awesome as always!

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that was a great TANG.

The laser scene is the best part for sure, it's so funny, that they decided to put something like that in RE: Umbrella Chronicles.

Posted by SunKing

Another great review. GiantBomb is so far ahead of other gaming websites in terms of video content; it really does leave them in the dust.

Posted by JohnDudebro

"You can't have a feel-good zombie movie."

Shaun of the Dead, dude!
Posted by TekZero

Great Tang.  Although I consider Resident Evil to be one of the better video game movies, it still isn't all that good. 

And I never understood why zombie movies always had to have so much gore.  I'm sure I would like them more if that was removed.  But then I'm guessing it wouldn't be a "proper" zombie movie then, would it?

Posted by Hairydutchman


Posted by MackGyver

Ryan needs to actually drink Tang while doing the show! TANG IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by brocool

another great Video Ryan

Posted by Aska

PILLS HERE!  Haha perfect.

Posted by JJOR64

Another great TANG.  I really didn't mind the first two RE movies.

Posted by hyperslug

Man... that laser scene almost made me wommit back when i was 11 :)

Posted by Shabran

that was awesome

i love these features

keep it up Ryan
Posted by KnifeySpoony

Good work, and your reference to Fifth Element, oh god. Leeloo is amazing.

As for the movie, it really isn't too bad. That security scene is great.

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