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Posted by Xeirus

@tourgen said:

@tycobb said:

If there's anything shittier than dubstep, it's whiny ass nu-metal.

I think he's "looking for you now"... x500000

Posted by WarOnHugs
Posted by SkipperSonne

So many good games are still left to start/finish on current gen, thus me sticking with it until Holiday 2014. I'm still looking forward to this and Super Time Force.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Between this and Forza 5, it's a good time to be a racing fan!

Posted by chose

Rule #1 of advertisement, get a good song, for this reason this trailer sucks a lot of balls.

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I tell y'all what. When I jump off the Xbox train, and land on the Sony truck, I'm sure going to miss Forza. That became one of my favorite franchises over the years.

Posted by MrVoo

Posted by triviaman09

@gunharp said:

GT6 has done away with the experience system (thank god, lvl40 a-spec is all I need for platinum) and you were not held back by license requirements in order to enter races in GT5.

Soooo... what exactly are you complaining about here? Forza still has you grinding credits and a calendar with a 100 or so events to complete. I play and enjoy both franchises. Just curious.

Essentially, I played GT3 A-Spec and GT4, had fun for a little while and then hit a massive wall where it felt like you had to grind credits forever in order to get to faster cars and the next tiers of races. I was no longer having fun at that point. Maybe I could've dug into the upgrade and tuning system too. I couldn't tell, because none of that is explained in GT. In Forza, on the other hand, (I bought Forza 3 and 4) there was always a smooth progression in terms of race type and length and car unlocks. The tuning system also seemed much simpler and easier to understand for somebody who is more concerned with having fun with a racing game than being a gearhead. Knowing I was only so far away from the next Driver Level, and therefore car unlock, gave a great incentive to keep playing (didn't feel like a grind even though it is), and the driving felt "simmy" enough that I felt like my itch for that type of game was being sated far better than GT ever did.

At this point, it would take a huge overhaul of the franchise to get me back into GT. It certainly didn't look like GT 5 was that game (maybe it was, I didn't play it). It just seems like the GT developers are more obsessed with shoving as much into their games as possible than they are with making it fun to play. This is great if you're really into cars but not so much if, like me, you're interested in cars but more interested in a fun sim racing game.

(sorry for the wall of text)

Posted by Spitznock

Hey, you guys. I'm looking for you now. By the way.

Posted by lordgodalming

However this game turns out, the good folks at Polyphony Digital know how to make a hypnotizing trailer.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

No thanks, I'm already in the Drive Club.

Posted by Alex_Carrillo

@duncecap: Polyphony cheats. GT5 looked just as impressive in trailers. The real game in motion was an absolute mess, riddled with screen tearing and some of the most horrific aliasing I have ever seen.

Posted by Accolade

So space racing will be completely silent then.

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@jgfromspace said:

Whoa. Bad song. Real bad song.

What were they looking for again?

Posted by Revendawn

Are fast cars invented or discovered?

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Is there a list of cars that *Arent* in this game?

Posted by ElPoyoDiablo

Oh man. Can't wait for the load times on this one!

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Spectacularly bad song choice, but somehow, even with that, I'm still pretty excited for this game!

Posted by chilibean_3

Man, for as much of a bummer 5 was for me I still absolutely love their appreciation for everything about cars. It will probably get me to buy this game.

Posted by Zauzazu

aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou

Posted by spookytapes

I audibly said "fucking go karts" when they showed them. My least favorite part of GT5 besides the clunky UI and eternal load times. I'm getting an XO and Forza 5 but.... I'll probably get this too because I'm an idiot.

Also, this song gave me leprosy.

Posted by SupberUber

@devilzrule27: I haven't seriously delved into a GT title since 4, but I agree.
Finding the hidden beasts (manually tuning the gearbox and all) feels much more rewarding than sporting a Veyron.

Posted by dox

Oh god that song was terrible.

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@tycobb said:

If there's anything shittier than dubstep, it's whiny ass nu-metal.

Post of the year.

Posted by avantegardener

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Does anyone know the name of this song/artist? I apparently am the only one who didn't hate it.

edit: soundhound isn't getting anything. anyone have kazam or whatever it's called?

edit2: daiki kasho - i'm looking for you now

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In space, no one can hear you drift.

Posted by mrcraggle

@dom_catz said:

Shame this isn't coming to PS4=/.

I'd be surprised if there wasn't some ultimate edition for the PS4 next year that included all of the DLC they're going to release. If Injustice is seeing a next gen release, I can't see why this can't.

Posted by Sword_of_doom

@chilibean_3: That's the appeal of this game. It's just everything cars. It's quite beautiful

Posted by Raven10

@duncecap: I think the reflections in Forza look better, and the models themselves are more detailed, but this definitely looks better than Driveclub in some places. It's nearly 1080p 60fps on current gen consoles and is also the only current gen game to use tesselation which even people from Epic and Id said was impossible to make work on PS3.

That said the Driveatar stuff in Forza seems like it will make it a much better racing game.

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Drew will do the quicklook right? him being the racing fan and all.. otherwise that guicklook could be brutal.

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@ghost_cat said:

@jgfromspace said:

Whoa. Bad song. Real bad song.

I might agree with you, but, at the same time, seems highly appropriate for a GT game. Awesome trailer.

Is this really the music that car guys are listening to in 2013? I mean, this sounds like a song from fucking 1998. I just didn't think anyone was still listening to this type of rock. I guess the marketing department thinks otherwise.

At least it's not Nickelback.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Contrary to the song's message, I find it almost impossible nowadays to remember that this series exists. But GT3 was a pretty good game, huh?

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