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Posted by RichardNixon

Hey it works!

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working for me, as progressive anyway.

Posted by BSw

@gregisrad: @ericsmith: @avesky: The videostreams never work for me, so I download the videos. The download for this video works fine at the moment, if you want to watch it now.

Posted by Avesky


Posted by Bistromath

All those cables.

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Watching this makes me wish for a new Battle Realms. :(

Posted by Nerdware

Mine works.

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Aww man seeing the five of them there made me feel giddy. Brought back some nostalgic feelings of multiplayer days gone by.

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So I think my computer just summoned satan with this audio.

I'm so excited to watch this

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@brad could you maybe upload the replay?

Posted by blueinferno


Posted by ripelivejam

would like to play with them as they probably wouldn't chew me to complete bits when i completely bone up something good. :( and trust me, i would fuck up MAJORLY, to the point where it would actually be justified to cuss me out like a 12 year old on LIVE.

i don't have friends that would go within a mile of this game.

Posted by StimpakNeeded

Either Mr. Muir just blew up my speakers or my ear drums.

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It's a bummer these archives weren't able to get the audio right. I watched the Jeff/Patrick stream 'cause I have no idea what DOTA is, but this video is silent for like 4 minutes and then you can hear Patrick/Jeff/Danny in the background with an echo still. I hoped the audio could be isolated...there's no intention to hate here but this was a pretty "unprofessional" performance lol.

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It's like listening to the voices of the souls consumed by Dota 2. So eerie.

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2 seconds in and my entire household just woke up. Thanks Jeff :P

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Nevermind. I clicked the wrong one.

Posted by Y2Ken

Thanks for putting both of these up, interested to hear it from the team side too.

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Am I really going to watch yesterday's TNT twice? I guess so.

Posted by Subjugation

Also agree with whoever said the spectator was bad at the end of TNT. I understand he was trying to explain things, but do that during downtime. He missed several fights which was pretty annoying.

Posted by JoeyRavn


Posted by preacha

how did the double TNT feed work live? I missed it...

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@brad: Just a little FYI. If Starcraft is the national past time of South Korea, Dota (and by extension Dota 2, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth) is the national past time of South East Asia.

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@preacha: They ran the gameplay feed on the giantbomb twitch channel and had Jeff and Patrick on Jeff's gbjg channel. The Giant Bomb chat page hosted the game video for the first match and the couch for the second match.

They ended up putting this spectator view into the commentary feed after a bit, though.

Now that "they have the technology" I'd like to see dueling live streams of different games during TNT.


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Dota 2 has been downloaded and I played my first little introduction thingy. Looks a lot like Torchlight 1/2. I'm officially in.

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Haunting ending.

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This is the gameplay feed? Why can I only hear Jef...


And now deathly silence. OH TEH DEMONS ARE BACK. What is going on, this video so broken

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Beyond excited to watch this. Would have seen it live last night but I wasn't near a computer all evening.

As someone with over 1000 hours into DOTA, it's so cool to see someone getting into the game and learning things as they go (i.e. Brad).

EDIT: What's up with the audio? It's seriously weird. Goes quiet 4 mins in and then you can't hear Jeff.

EDIT 2: Also, the twitch tv video doesn't load either. Bummer.

Posted by preacha
Posted by preacha

lol sounds like they needed to be further away from each other or in soundproof rooms..... shut up Vinnie!!! :P

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Posted by zenmastah

So much clicking!!!

Posted by radioactivez0r

Muir's reaction at Kasavin's double kill was so great, that's the best part about competitive gaming. I still don't know a damn thing about this game but at least it looks a little more interesting than "stand across a river from the other guy and dance around a lot."

Posted by Christoffer

I really enjoyed this. Would love to see more of this if they find themselves lacking new releases.

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Uh, what's with the sound? Does it get better? It's so reverb-y I can't understand ANYTHING.

THe sound seems super fucking fucked, what is going on? Is my PC just being weird? I can't hear the players on the gameplay video nearly as well as on the commentary. With both playing, if I mute the commentary when they are talking, it all goes nearly silent.

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5 and a half minutes in is like listening to a Kandarian incantation from The Evil Dead!

Posted by The_Last_Starfighter

I can't get the video to work...

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Ugh. I'm really interested in this, but whoever is controlling the camera is INEPT at following the important action and displaying the important data on the screen. It's actually impossible to follow. PLEEEEEEASE if you do this again, put somebody more competent in control of the camera. All the people we're listening to from GB/Supergiant are on the Radiant side, so why are we spending half the game watching the other team in the jungle?

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Snoresville. I don't understand why anyone would want to play or watch this. This is like the Jersey Shore of video games.

Posted by Osaladin

The dude controlling the camera isn't the best sadly.

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I am still a League of Legends guy... even if I don't play it anymore (and probably never will), it is still way more fun to watch the individual play/jukes.

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I reupped my membership to watch this video.


Posted by Derios

This Danny guy could at least fake some enthusiasm.

Posted by BulimicBalzac

@sonicrift: Not enough fake tan. Not enough fake tits. I would totally play a Jersey Shore Dota game... Snooki top tier.

Posted by warmonked

I don't think I can play this game as long as it says "pwned" when someone gets a kill.

Posted by JukeboxJoe


Posted by Sparklehorse

The Chinese guy that they were playing with was named 钓鱼岛不是日本的, meaning The Diao Yu Islands don't belong to Japan. That guy is a keeper.

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@sparklehorse: Well except that the Senkaku Islands clearly belong to Japan! :-P

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eSports scarfs are the future!

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You can hear the broadcast guys way too much in the background :/

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