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Awesome background

Posted by Special_K

Berry Gordy was my favorite version of the Flash, he definitely had the most soul.

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God I really hate it when these guys try talking about comics, seriously where is tony when this stuff happens.

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The background looks awesome. Great job! I've been thinking it needed some changing and the set lighting looks much improved too including the lights on you guys. Who was responsible?

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Holy redecorated set Batman! Looks nice guys.

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The Berry Gordy Flash has a crotch bulge that just won't quit!

Posted by Pudge

The set looks killer! Great job with all those posters!

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Look at all those posters on the set! Oh man they even framed the creepy drawing of Jeff that's great!

Posted by Sammo21

@crelio: The only people who think Aquaman sucks are people who don't read comics, essentially.

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Man, that Batman Vs Superman discussion at the very beginning was pitch-perfect.

Posted by Wastrel

Big Jeffrey, undefeated world champ of Injustice. He's the cream of the crop.

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@sammo21: You're onto something, maybe I should use my comicvine sub more!

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Love how they have some of the community art in the background.

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Quick! Where's Batman's Shark repellent?

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the set just keeps getting better.

Posted by Dezztroy

Oh god I just noticed that Jeff portrait in the background.

Posted by HassaniSabbah

Oh man, I have the Lobo Christmas Special comic that Ryan mentions. It's in a box somewhere. I vividly remember buying it with my Dad when I was way too young to buy it.

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Wow, Patrick should really watch those DC Original Animated Movies. They're really good. He seemed to dismiss them as just "Direct to DVD," with the exception of having some dude from Lost doing a voice. But, hey, if that gets him to watch them and actually watch a good DC movie for once...

Posted by Sammo21

@crelio: I don't really care for Aquaman (I fall into more of the Namor/Marvel category) but Aquaman is pretty boss. Pretty much everything you see him do in Injustice takes place in the comics and more. His current solo series is written by Geoff Johns and is pretty great. You can get the first few issues in trade as well.

Posted by spiketail

Best thing about the Thursday night work shift: Thursday Night Throwdown!

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Uhhh.....That set is amazing! Just after I was getting super bored of it. Not sure how long the mood lighting will last but I hope it stays.

Posted by Dooley

I really want to watch this but I can't stop watching all this Boston shit.

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Loving the Brazilian coverage on the site. Hearing Jeff say we're huge cracks me up.

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New set looks great, Drew. No more of the retarded Nyan Cat meme garbage.

Posted by LucidDreams117

Wow nice! I like new look of the set.

Posted by davidh219

Vinny was cracking me up so hard with the tricaster shenanigans.

Posted by Aegon

Berry Gordy was my favorite version of the Flash, he definitely had the most soul.

I haven't watched TNT, but this is pleasing. Even if it's just someone getting tongue tied, some Motown talk on giant bomb is the crossing over of two things I enjoy quite a bit.

Posted by mrfluke

Jeff kicked some serious ass, I wished i had jumped on, really wanted to try my hand at fighting him

Posted by Beast_Legacy

I got into the lobby too late and didn't get to play Jeff :(

Would've loved to try my Solomon Grundy against him.

Glad he kicked some ass though.

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@mrnood1e said:

New set looks great, Drew. No more of the retarded Nyan Cat meme garbage.

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@crelio said:

Story line = A universe where being Aquaman isn't so bad, I guess....

The only time DC let Aquaman be cool, AND it worked out, hmmm

I sincerely encourage you to read Geoff John's current run on Aquaman. As with basically anything written by Johns, you'll be pleased by the results.

Posted by VooDooPC

That Nyan cat has been gone for months...

Posted by Castiel

The lighting looks awesome!

Posted by CharlieJz

I LOVE Aquaman!

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I can't believe how Jeff cleaned up the competition hard. That was a massacre. But then again I got a 26 game winstreak playing a few nights ago. People don't seem to be great yet, especially since no one seems to be pulling off EX moves.

Also framed Jeff... XD

New set looks so freaking... awesome, yeah that's the word I was looking for =P.

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I hope Dr. Manhatten or Rorschach is DLC

Posted by chan05

Did anyone realize that Patrick looks like Clementine from The Walking Dead?

Posted by Zevvion

I suck at fighting games (online at least), but I like them. Still, Injustice isn't doing it for me.

Posted by ptys

Good job Drew, set looks awes... apart from the framed drawing off Jeff?.. I must have missed that one.

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It was really fun watching Jeff beat the living shit out of his fanbase for 2 hours.

Posted by Tr0n

@chan05 said:

Did anyone realize that Patrick looks like Clementine from The Walking Dead?


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I subscribed for fighting games.

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That new set design is incredible.

Posted by White

New studio decor is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Posted by Thiefsie

Drew you are the fucking man and doing the set up. Champion.,..!

Posted by Korolev

The fact that the defeated side very briefly stands then immediately drops to one knee bothers me.

Posted by JayCee

Sweet new set design duders- great job!

Posted by Kohe321

Jeff is a boss at this game!

Posted by simkas

There's no business like space business.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Is that the original Jeff picture in the background?