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That was fast!

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Uploaded early!

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A pretty underwhelming TNT in general.

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So many notifications.

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TNT before Avengers Assemble on dat ass!!

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Finally, I can watch what I missed.

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Exactly what I need.

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Wow, fast post is fast. Great TNT!!

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Vinny and Drew, I love you guys.

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Vinny continues to be a diamond.

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I am ashamed that I messaged them and took part in that calamity; but I also feel bad for enjoying Jeff's remark on my Xbox Live name.

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One of the weaker tnts in my opinion.

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wow fast lol cool

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Tricky's shoes!

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Yeah, the constant notifications made this hard to listen to. But I always enjoy some in-house multiplayer business in my TNTs, for whatever that's worth.

Also, while generally not a fan of GameSpot crashers, I wouldn't be opposed to some grand intra-office scrub league if they don't have anything better to do (and I've been to GS, so I know they don't).

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holy heck that was fast

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I WILL NEVER CHANGE bbwLOVEdoritos, now that i got jeff and brad to both laugh at it ( ^ ____ ^ )

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Somehow, someway, Vinny just keeps getting better. This site is fantastic and it is things like Vinny's antics that make me happy to give them money.

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Anyone who hasn't watched this yet, you can stop after Drew and Vinny. JEFF WAS CHEATED AT TRIALS!

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Damn it, and . I work Third shift, you make my Thursday night shift so awesome when these go up so fast. I really appreciate it!

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Ill have you know, at 4:20 minutes into this segment...it was 4:20 pm on the xbox. POT! WOAH! <runs around nekkid>

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I honestly prefer if every TNT was like this, where its just random games instead of a single one.

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I loved the random games and I even loved the notifications. For awhile there, the gamertags that people were using were pretty funny / creative!

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Notifications make this nearly unwatchable. Can't imagine how infuriating that was live.

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Damn, hell of a turnaround on the archive for this stream. Awesome.

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22:30 is a total Happy Action Theater moment.

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It was fun, but I think Vinny and Dave are better at random shit TNTs.

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Terrible echo on the xbox sounds. Too much volume on the tv.

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I love how quickly these go up now. You guys are awesome.

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ErrorMacro1 helped me realize that a You Don't Know Jack TNT would be pretty awesome.

And Jeff is right. That Trials match was rigged.

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they played with that nizzleworth asshole twice.

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@Mento said:

Yeah, the constant notifications made this hard to listen to. But I always enjoy some in-house multiplayer business in my TNTs, for whatever that's worth.

For some reason, at least for me, the constant notification sounds make this TNT extra awesome xD

@Mento also said:

Also, while generally not a fan of GameSpot crashers, I wouldn't be opposed to some grand intra-office scrub league if they don't have anything better to do (and I've been to GS, so I know they don't).

Maybe some of the Jeff's awesome will rub off on them, so Gamespot can be awesome too :)

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I thought the constant stream of notifications was hilarious. And really this entire TNT. Do more like this. :D

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Ugh, please turn off the notification sounds.

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Keep your Gamespot out of my Giantbomb!

Also if they do the name rating thing...maybe turn off the sound for notifications!

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I'm CheeseMonkey18...funny to see you guys make fun of it. It's actually something stemming back from early middle school and a dumb bunch of drawings my friends and I did and a fantasy world we made up of monkeys made out of cheese...and I was born on the 18th in 1988 so 18 is a pretty good number to pick. I use that username for almost everything.

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Chris Watters is like a less acerbic Alex.

I did not know that.

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How do you not know the Ireland is its own country, Jeff? sigh.

Sinn Fein is a political party, so they don't bomb anyone. They were affiliated with the IRA, who did. The whole point was to re-unify Northern Ireland (part of the UK) to Ireland.

Interestingly, it's possible that Scotland might not be part of the UK in a few years (I emphasize possible). As of the last time I checked, the party in favor of splitting off is in charge of the country, and there's supposed to be a referendum to see whether the people want to leave or stay in 2014 (I think? I know it was supposed to have happened already and got pushed back). So maybe Braveheart will win in the end!

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please please please turn off notifications, it's so annoying to hear that sound over brad or jeffs lovely voice.

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Alexis and the guy in the back kind of felt awkward when they came in.

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Wow, fast.

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If only you could have accepted that Forza Motorsport 4 invite. I would have whisked you away to a world where transit vans can fly!

Flying transit vans.
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I enjoy TNT but not this one in particular for a few reasons:

1. Not being prepared is a weak excuse.

2. The games, other than trials, were weak and uninteresting.

3. TNT IMO is for the fans to play with the GB crew. Its just a bad decision on the crew from my pov to ignore the fans who were, for 90 minutes, sending requests to play.

This all of course is just my opinion and means nothing.

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There are lots of new releases.

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I dont know who the gamespot guy is that came and sat down on the couch, but hes fucking awful. just fucking awful. Don't ever let him back on again.

edit: crhis waters. hes awful. like alex navarro without the sarcasm... which is all alex navarro really has going for him

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I kind of want to see them play League of Legends.

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You people who went and change your gamertags just for this TNT are fucking crazy, and I love all of you for it.

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Weak TNT and stressed me out.