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Posted by Zelyre

Wow, pretty fast! Missed this because of class.

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I bought a Turbografx not too long ago. I wouldn't mind listening to some talk about the system.

Posted by PurpleSpandex

Was not expecting this tonight. Good thing I don't have class tomorrow.

Posted by VinylKeith

Patrick sure loves Tokyo Jungle

Posted by fusrodah

GMG is not legit.

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Was very proud to have inspired such memorable banter about Jeff Minter.

Can't wait for the TurboGrafx-16 stuff.

Posted by Phatmac


Posted by WILS2797


Posted by Animasta

@fusrodah said:

GMG is not legit.



@Phatmac said:


Posted by TehChich

That still makes me so excited about this video.

Posted by Dalai

Llamas? I must watch this... tomorrow.

Posted by Bishna

Normally TNTs are not my thing, but I actually really enjoyed the way this was formatted. Please do TNTs like this much more often.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

Ted Nugent has his own band.

Posted by Draxyle

I died at least 3 times trying to take down the Cheetah Boss, so I can sympathize, Patrick. They have low HP, but they'll take you down in one round of strikes easily. I think I got lucky taking on the black panthers though.

On that note, the Black Panther has been my most successful animal to play as. Seems to be able to take almost every animal out but still has good maneuverability. Made it passed year 100 with it.

I do have to echo that I like these "dual" TNT's. It gives something for everyone.

Posted by RetroVirus

Man, Andy Bauman, you are getting good at this!

Posted by Nightriff

Looks like I'm watching this just for the Turbografix and Tokyo Jungle, hope it is funny....

Posted by darkdragonmage99

I'm liking the two game TNTs

Posted by joshthebear

Seeing as I missed this; the promo picture looks fucking insane. I can only imagine that it was a good TNT then.

Posted by thebatmobile

This looks absolutely fantastic. Too bad I'll have to wait until after a bunch of university stuff. Oh, the temptation that is Giant Bomb!

Posted by Max_Cherry

Stop talking about the turbografix. It doesn't give me a raging hard on anymore. The ps3, a almost 6 year old system now, is like more than 3 times it's power already.

Posted by AaronChance

GMG get their games directly from the publishers, so they're as legit as Amazon.

Posted by Pudge

This TNT is amazing for so many reasons.

Posted by TheMasterDS

I almost didn't click play because I'm not in the mood for Torchlight. Glad I did because I'm always in the mood for Tokyo Jungle!


I like all Turbo Grafx talk! This will lead to something great.

Posted by MyNiceIceLife

Had fun playing Torchlight 2 with @Ryan and the others (my character was Taeleen). Now I get to see what I missed :)

Posted by buzz_clik

Wow, what a gloriously entertaining clusterfuck party this is: Ryan on Torchlight II, Brad on the chat, Scoops on Tokyo Jungle, and Jeff talking about everything from Jeff Minter to Turbo Grafx stuff. Awesome.

Also, I love it when Ryan talks sturdy.

Posted by Morden2261

A lot of mess being talked about ferrets in this TNT. Let me just say that a ferret that's been de-scented and is bathed regularly doesn't smell any worse than a cat or dog. And assuming you take the time to raise and train your ferret properly, they are as affectionate and loyal as a puppy while at the same time being extremely gentle. It saddens me when I hear people's bad ferret experience stories because I know those invariably have a lot to do with someone being a shitty pet owner and aren't the fault of the pet itself.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Watching Ryan play ARPG's is about the most painful thing! More Tokyo Jungle! Oh God my eyes.

Posted by MattClassic
@fusrodah said:
GMG is not legit.
GMG is totally legit and a damn good place to get deals on digital vidyagames.
Posted by DexterKid

In both D3 and T2, you can finish the normal mode blindfolded, with your hands tied behind your back. The game doesn't really start until the higher difficulties, where your build and loot optimisation actually start to matter. Especially in Diablo 3 where the combat is so tightly designed to allow for high-skill play; you only start to experience the nuance when you have to use defensive abilities and think about the runes you want to use.

Posted by PlaydohCutter

There can only be one Llama.

Posted by BlackLagoon

Poor Professor Pope seems to really have spiraled out of control since his Nintendo 64 days...

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Very enjoyable TNT. Yet another nice to watch installment featuring two games. I'm definitely liking the format. It was very good to hear the Introversion love from the team since that's one hell of a developer (even though I'm not neccessarily crazy about Darwinia either). Now I'm going to have to push my Outlander over the finish line to check out some more of those enticing TL classes!

Posted by Cheesebob

Just to say, I use GMG a hell of a lot and they are totally legit.

Posted by zenmastah

Torchlight 2 looks so fucking sweet.

Posted by jynxdaddy

Another Tokyo Jungle TNT ruined by some other game taking up most of the screen. Play just one game at a time, please.

Posted by AlisterCat

@MattClassic said:

@fusrodah said:
GMG is not legit.
GMG is totally legit and a damn good place to get deals on digital vidyagames.

Agreed. Trustworthy and reliable.

Posted by blueneurosis

If they could hustle it, a week long sorta-work related trip to Japan with the Giant Bomb crew would be some prime premium material. And yes, there better be 3 liter containers of alcohol involved.

Posted by TheEvilCory

Green Man Gaming is legit. I always use them for games I plan I buying day 1, and they have saved me a ton of money.

Posted by XChairmanDrekX

Asahi? Funny, I'm drinking that right now. Being in Japan, getting a pack of 6 tall Asahis is relatively cheap if you want real beer. Of course Japan also has fake beer, similar to malt liquor.

Posted by bushlemon


Posted by Slow_pC

I have been using GMG and been very happy with their service... and there pricing :)

Posted by KJN
Posted by Chris2KLee

@Slow_pC said:

I have been using GMG and been very happy with their service... and there pricing :)

Totally, they do some crazy deals there sometimes.

Posted by Slumberpunch

TNT's with a few different games going at once is the way to go.

Posted by Dberg

As a licorice-loving, stone-faced Scandinavian, I don't usually laugh out loud at... well, anything, but the sexual innuendo from Ryan and Brad's exchange at the start here really murdered me.

Posted by falling_fast

Bony Beats?

Posted by chiablo

I do have to say that the only good TNT I've seen is Dead Island. This one was just boring. Ryan may as well have not been playing a game, I was far more interested in Jeff's E-Bay shenanigans and Tokyo Jungle.

Posted by WilloughbyJackson

We need to have a Tokyo Jungle only TNT or subscribers thing with the rest of the crew just chatting. That would be epic.

Edited by biggiedubs

@damnable_fiend said:

Bony Beats?

I'm going to guess it's been there since the Baller Beats Quick Look. It's been a running joke over the last bunch of TNT's, if you've not been watching.

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