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Posted by ThunderSlash

@belegorm: Aww no. You are making too much sense!

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Wait... shouldn't bringing something like this over be a licensing nightmare? I mean, hooray if it isn't, but wasn't that the problem with these kinds of games?

All of the characters in the game are owned by the parent companies of the Dengeki Bunko publishers or Sega. Anime and light novel licenses these days are far more tidy and in favor of the originator company (no more Macross and Harmony Gold deals). It's not a big surprise that everything is legally hunky dory for this game to cross oceans!

Tell that to Super Robot Wars.

Since it's published by Sega, and only has to do with the characters from the two companies, licensing the properties isn't the issue for games like these, but rather the voice talent behind the characters.
Anime in Japan is not the "any random idiot who can read aloud off of a script can voice a character" affair that it is over here. These characters are, in several cases, voiced by well known and respected voice actors, each represented by their own respective talent agencies. Negotiating with these companies is where a lot of the difficulty in bringing games over comes from. Your choices are to either muddle through that process, or round up a bunch of localized voice talent to record new V.O. instead, which, depending on how successful you expect the game to be, may not be worth the expense either.

It's shocking that this game is coming to the West, and it's awesome, but I'll be more shocked if all of the Japanese voice talent is involved.
Maybe for a fighting game (depending on how much voiced story content there is), it isn't a big deal, but it would still be preferred to have the original voices in there.

Posted by wild_ronin

A trailer intent on showing as little of the game as possible.

All the character art seems to have been taken from the source material rather than have any originally made up for the game. Man, this looks terrible.

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It's got Sword Art Online, Toradora and A Magical Index characters in it? Nice!

Posted by Belegorm

@wild_ronin: That's really par the course for many fighting games, especially anime fighting games. Though I'm pretty sure Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown's first western trailer was just as terrible, and it was a great game (also a Sega published fighting game, btw).

Not to mention, the game's been out for ages in Japan both in arcades and on consoles, and has even had tournaments played on import copies over here in the States. Where I believe they've determined that it's not the deepest fighter ever but still a lot of fun.

Not to mention the main draw for many people are the characters from specific light novels or the anime based on those light novels, so seeing the original illustrations makes the game appeal more to that crowd.

That said... that was a pretty bad, cheap trailer.

Posted by SeraphSlaughter

this means nothing to people who barely/dont watch anime.

13 characters!

*slew of random anime faces*

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It says something about the size of anime fanbase when they can release a game that quite possibly only appeal to anime fans.

Posted by SoupNBread

+1 for Taiga, -1 trillion for Kirino

Posted by Redhotchilimist

This kind of crossover is pretty fun. I'm not a huge fan of anyone involved(Though I used to watch a lot of Shakugan no Shana), but that's a lot of familiar faces. The one I didn't recognize had the ability to turn guys into basketballs, so that's alright.

Posted by Baggykins

Bring Dan for the Quick Look!

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I have to admit, I'm interested in playing Misaka Mikoto, the "Railgun".

Shana vs. Taiga...need to add Louise, Nagi and Kagura as DLC. Make it a Rie Kagimiya battle royale.

Posted by sanzee

This is the most non-trailer trailer I have ever seen. Nevertheless, shouting "dengeki bunko" out loud at the top of my lungs is pretty fun. If you want to scare/confuse the hell out of your girlfriend, this is one way to do it.

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I imported this the week it was released.

It's a lot of fun. Shizuo is best girl.

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Posted by IamTerics

I don't have anything against this game but damn does its animations suck ass. At least Toradora was pretty cute though.

Posted by Snail

Huh. Jeff's right.

Posted by bemusedchunk

Anime fighters are for jerks.

Posted by Xshinobi

Damnit Sega I want a English version of Phantasy Star Nova and Shining Resonance.

Posted by whur

Nice Shizuo is a bad motherfucker, too bad no ps4 though cmon sega

Posted by K4g4m1

That was a bad trailer. Never should have doubted you, Jeff. Game looks interesting though.