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Posted by Jayzilla

Transformers taking the shapes of Earth vehicles before they visit Earth...wut?

Posted by nanikore

Wait, no.

Posted by Yodasdarkside

Woo-hoo!  Tattoo close-up!
Posted by CoinMatze

This interview has drinking game potential, right?

Posted by Veektarius

300 million units, let's go.

Posted by Daftasabat

I like the look of the game, hopefully it will play just as good. As for earth like vehicles, what i saw of the video, the vehicles didn't look that much like modern day transport stylee. What did you expect them to transform into?

Posted by FunExplosions

Looking pretty cool.

Posted by Milkman

Looks alright, I guess.

Posted by GristleMcThornbody
@Jayzilla: Watch the first episode of Transformers.
Posted by Death_Unicorn

This guy does seem passionate.

Posted by supermike6

Looks pretty cool. I wasn't alive for the original cartoon but I still think this looks fun.

Edited by Cyclonus

can't wait for the robot dlc. give me cyclonus, powerglide, sky lynx, ultra magnus, shockwave, ratbat and scorponok. thanks! :)) edit: oh and playable trypticon

Posted by Valke

Warpath? Wow, wasn't expecting that one. I hope we get a full cast lineup soon though

Posted by Jimbo_N

Gotta love passionate game designers. Compare this to the QLEX of Split Second and you'll see what I mean.
Posted by JAH_Donuts

 "Big butts: preferable. Lying: impossible."

Posted by Tarsier

weird hand motions there ryan.

Posted by lemon360

great interview Ryan!

Posted by RobotHamster

Has potential I think...

Posted by Cyclonus

the ones shown in so far are, autobots; optimus prime, bumblebee, ironside, warpath, ratchet and omega supreme and decepticons; megatron, soundwave, onslaught and trypticon. I think. well also some random plane, it's hard to recognise in the jet footage, probably starscream/skywarp/thundercracker. and I'm guessing omega and trypticon aren't playable, but just bosses. there are some random other bots in the shots aswell, but those are probably generic noname trash bots the levels are filled with. too bad they couldn't just fill the levels and whole game with named robots. hehe, that would have been something. insane amount of work ahoy. but that would have been amazing, and put some personality to the random fighting throughout. not just wading through trashbots to get to a boss encounter a couple of hours down the road to finally recognise a robot. of course, the comics had a ton of other robots never released as toys and whatnot on cybertron, but all of them were different from each other at least. and were mostly awesome enough on their own to warrant toys. straxus and scrounge! :))

Posted by TheClap

When he said G1, I pooped.  It was nice.

Posted by jakob187

I have far more interest in this game now.

Posted by ChrisTaran

G1 for life!
Loved how the developer clearly knew his stuff.  Makes me much more confident that the end product will be quality.

Posted by crapneck

i had totally written off transformers especially after the movie, but after seeing all the trailers and coverage of this game i am very interested.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Looks like something I might rent.
Posted by cmac2099

wasn't really interested in this before, but I've heard a ton of positive feedback, so consider me interested. plus it's G1, which is automatically good

Posted by hinderk

This game actually looks pretty good.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Definitely day 1 pickup for me, looks great. Could be the Transformers' version of Arkham Asylum, in terms of reinvigorating that universe for video games.

Posted by CitizenJP

Looks doooope.

Edited by ghostNPC

I'm not getting my hopes up for this to be an excellent game. It's really nice that we get a seemingly more mature transformers, which has been long due.... but from a few shots of the gameplay, I'm not overly impressed. Though, being respectful to source material in many ways that they are doing is a very good practice. :) This game still makes me happy.

Posted by iShayman

I don't like Transformers, but this game looks better than I expected. I think that they have at least tried to make this game good, and not just a cash in. Here's hoping.

Posted by PJ

At least these guys seem to know what their doing and not go fuck it up all Hollywood style like Bay did.
I'm really interested in it, but I will wait untill I get to know more about this game before I get excited.

Posted by CannibalFerox

Looks like a lot of fun. We shall see.

Posted by ImperiousRix

Looks like this should be a pretty solid Transformers game. 
Never thought I'd use those words in a sentence.

Posted by Mezmero

Will it have the Constructicons?  Devastator would make for a great boss fight.

Posted by Olivaw

Sounds like this guy knows what he's talking about!
I would love to play a Transformers game that did not suck. That would be so awesome.

Posted by Rhaknar

Warpath isnt obscure ffs! :(

Posted by Blitzer

Has promise. But it depends on how the gameplay turns out. They also need a demo out a month before release to build hype.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

You know what?  If we just blow up Cybertron with all the Transformers on it, our problems will be over.  They've proven they can't communicate and each side plays its underlings against the other.  We should just... oh wait, sorry.

Posted by S0ndor
@CoinMatze said:
" This interview has drinking game potential, right? "
Yeah, right?
Posted by Dogma

 Why must there always be a comment about that they are in the shape of earth vehicles? Transformers had vehicles shapes before the came to earth. And is there anyone that would say that what the transform to into this game is a earth vehicle?! Yeah... it's a truck or a car but it's one hell of a spaced out truck!
Transformers Plank Units! Plankicons!  
Make it happen!

Posted by KaiUnderneath

Sweeeeet! I thought this was gonna be based on the movies, but it totally isn't. 
I am now more interested.

Posted by Delta_Ass

I know Omega Supreme and Trypticon are in it, but honestly...
I need to see fucking Devastator. Devastator's always gonna be the best gestalt in my heart. No Devastator = no sale.

Posted by RVonE
@Dogma said:
" Why must there always be a comment about that they are in the shape of earth vehicles? Transformers had vehicles shapes before the came to earth. And is there anyone that would say that what the transform to into this game is a earth vehicle?! Yeah... it's a truck or a car but it's one hell of a spaced out truck! Transformers Plank Units! Plankicons!  Make it happen! "

I'm all the way with you on all the things you mentioned!
Posted by drumpsycho89
@Jayzilla:  mate when have you ever seen jets and vehicles on earth like that!!! lol
Posted by phrosnite

I want a Beast Wars: Transformers game. The TV Show still holds up.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

It's very reassuring that they want to keep this stuff firmly routed in the older comics & cartoons. It's looking great so far.

Posted by Jayzilla

So let's see...to all the people calling me out for criticizing the game because the vehicles look like vehicles on Earth. Even though this game is set before Transformers even visited Earth. The guy that designed the game even says that the vehicle types are; cars, trucks, and jets. All things found on a planet that no creature on Cybertron has ever seen. I can't be the slightest bit critical of that? After having to watch those two pieces of garbage movies, I think I have the right to be a little critical of anything that has to do with the Transformers. I was 9 years old when the Transformers cartoons came out. I am entitled to my criticisms of the franchise at this point. I was playing with Transformers before most of your mommies were even changing your diapers.

Posted by eezo

to everyone that thinks "earth shaped cars" bla bla blaa...

Edited by Sharpless
@Jayzilla: You make it sound like planes, cars, etc. are exclusive to Earth. How do you figure that? Are you critical of the Star Wars trilogy because X-wings resemble planes? How about because tanks exist in that universe? It's entirely reasonable to assume that an alien culture could have modes of transportation similar to our own. Furthermore, that concept is nothing new, even to the Transformers mythos. Even the original cartoon depicted the pre-Earth Transformers in Cybertronian vehicle modes that weren't much more removed from these WFC designs, and the comic books have ten times more examples of the same. 
Bottom line: There's nothing to be critical of, design-wise. It's all old hat.
Posted by Sharpless
@Rhaknar said:
" Warpath isnt obscure ffs! :( "
Well, actually, he kind of is. I mean, ask most non-die-hards and they probably won't remember him. They might remember a red tank, but I doubt their memories will extend too far with him. Most C-level characters are very hit-or-miss, when it comes to people's memories of them. 
As for everyone asking for a Devastator appearance, I hate to break it to you, but if this game follows the cartoon's mythos, then they might not exist yet, as they were initially said to be built by the Decepticons while on Earth. The cartoon later contradicted itself on that point and, furthermore, Trypticon was fucking built by the Constructicons much later on, so who the hell knows what they're following, here? Either way, I imagine that Trypticon will be your obligatory "big-ass Transformer boss" here, not Devastator.
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