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Man I love me some space-em-ups. Don't think I've played a space sim type of game since the original X3, but this is damn tempting.

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Drew and Dan QL!! Sweet!

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I love the Drew and Dan team up!

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Dan, Drew, PC game.

I hope it's terrible!

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Oh, good morning Giant Bomb.

Any time Drew's involved, I know we're going to have a good time.

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Looks too dangerous for me.

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1984's NO MANS SKY

Everyone is always really impressed by the scanner and how well it shows a 3d representation of space, and I love that it's basically the same design as the 1984 game.

Classic design, man.

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Yes! I love the revival of space sims.

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"There's no air in space? ...so that's why you can't breathe in space."

Jesus Christ, Dan.

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There is no air in space.

I fucking love Dan. It would be annoying if he was an anti-knowledge kind of guy, which he isnt. He likes learning new things. Go Dan!

Great QL!

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Dan is just a happy guy, learning more about the universe we live in.

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I think the hanger to the space station is marked with the rectangle on the side of the wireframe.

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I really like the art style in this game. The docking sequence was rad.

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I was wondering when they'd get to Elite. It's a shame the old Flight Club is disbanded :(

Also @drewbert station entry is always on the side that is rotating anti-clockwise ;)

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This looks really neat, I will definitely check this out when it is released.

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I think the hanger to the space station is marked with the rectangle on the side of the wireframe.

It is indeed.

Once you get used to it, it gets kinda trivial to figure out, but it is tricky until you get a good concept of the shape the station is. Drew could see the back surface spinning to begin with so he needed to circle round in reference to the opposite side.

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This looks pretty cool, I think I need to get in on the action in the Space Combat genre.

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Glad Drew got around to this, but man, as someone who actually plays this it was hard to watch them fumble about.

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Oh god it's a Dan quick look. I'm bracing myself. =_=

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@mr_darcy: It's a dense game and pre-release with little tutorial, it's bound to show poorly. A good example of how sometimes the quick look format can fail to get to the meat. Hopefully Drew will stick with it.

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Drew and Dan are a great team.

Oh god it's a Dan quick look. I'm bracing myself. =_=

Bracing yourself for what? 50 minutes of awesome?

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Regarding entering the first space station, look at the bottom left of the hud, there is an indication on the rotating shape....

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You can see where the entrance to the space tetrahedron is by looking at the targeting hologram. There is a rectangular slot on one of the faces. It was constantly to your right when you were circling.

edit: At no point in Sunshine does anyone say "It's daylight savings time!", would not recommend watching.

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@crash_happy: Yeah I know. I love the Quick Looks but sometimes it can be a little rough on games that take more than a cursory glance. Seems like they both liked it though so that's good. Look forward to seeing what they think of Star Citizen.

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My favourite thing about Elite Dangerous is that they made new Elite books for it. Now they just need to make another musical.

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@drewbert To disengage just press the super-cruise / hyperspace button. It's a toggle :)

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I have been playing ELITE DANGEROUS NON STOP! It's only a small part of the space in MP for the beta and few missions to learn the basics. I use the 360 pad with 7.1 headset with VOICE ATTACK to control the other commands with my voice! Voice attack will work with any application/game too!

I have played on my 1440p gaming system to get controls down and map out all the voice commands without using the rift. Then you play with the RIFT DK2 and OMFG IT'S AMAZING!!!! I have shown a few co-workers and friends and they want to build a gaming pc and order a DK2 now!! It is hard to play my PS4, xbox 1 or anything on my pc with out having the experience and immersion I get with the DK2.

I HOPE the QL tomorrow will be done in the DK2 and not just played on the PC, it is not the same thing at all!

The TECHNOLUST demo is amazing too! Looking at items in space in full 3D and being able to look around them is fucking cool! I have been playing all the demos that come out daily! Also, the day I got my DK2 (july 31st) CINEVEO came out with DK2 support! Radial-G is a cool demo (just to throw that out there for racing type fans).

VR will be the future of gaming and once voice and body motion capture is better it will be INSANE!

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"The game is called Elite: Dangerous."

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$75?!?! Are they crazy?

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@drewbert A couple of tips:

The docking port is always on the side of the station that's rotating counter-clockwise. In addition you can see the entrance on the wireframe target in the lower left.

You don't need to deploy cargo scoop to dock, only landing gear.

You have a little compass to the upper right of the scanner which points to your target. This also points to the escape vector when the game is telling you to align with one.

To disengage supercruise you have to press whatever key you have bound to your frameshift drive, which I believe is the "J" key by default. You have to be within 1000km of the target and travelling at less than 1000km/s, as seen by the interface that appears in the lower left when you have a target selected in supercruise.

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Freespace 2 battles looked better, more impressive because it had ship-slicing laser beams and a lot of them. Please implement..

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I wish Dan and Drew would have a morning show called "The Adventurer and The Wrestling Fan".

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Dan Ryckert: "There's no air in space, gotcha... oh so that's why you can't breath in space... ooooh"

Posted by warxsnake

Did Dan really just learn, through a video game quicklook, that there is no breathable air in space?

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Did Dan really just learn, through a video game quicklook, that there is no breathable air in space?

Dan is such a beautiful idiot, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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@warxsnake: You've got to give it to him, though.
Overall, he makes a pretty convincing human being. Mostly.

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@hustlerlt: The price will be $50 for final release. In alpha the price was $150, so I think the prices are to discourage less dedicated people from playing the early releases.

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"There's no air in space? ...so that's why you can't breathe in space."

Jesus Christ, Dan.

The delivery of that line led me to believe he was just trolling. Dan might be unaware of many things, but the lack of oxygen in space surely can't be one of them.

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@danryckert there is no fire in space either! Same reason.

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If only my flight stick would show up!

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Any chance of some multiplayer action? Perhaps as an UPF bit if not its own feature?

I agree with Dan. This looks really sharp.

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@oldguy said:

@damswedon said:

...another musical.

Wait. What?

Yeah Adrian Bell, the brother of Ian Bell, the co-creator of the original Elite, wrote a musical in the late 80's. The lyrics for it can be found on Ian Bell's website, sadly only the opening theme seems to have been preserved. (MP3)

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Play a space game without Brad? What the hell are you thinking!

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Great job guys! I was really hoping they would get to the galaxy map, even passing over it a few times. Totally mind blowing stuff, every star you see is a real system we can visit

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This game look damn sexy and seems like it might be fun. I'll wait for release, though, 'cause $75 for a beta ain't no joke.

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Great QL! But i wish Brad + vinny would have taken a look at this..