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I really hope the Luchadeer gang beast will be included at some point.

12:30 was perfect.

Brad is a true beast though. Damn.

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Tim Schafer's Gang Beasts™

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Hell yes

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This is what I've been waiting for!

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really glad double fine picked this up

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Oh god yes.

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Ah, the comeback!

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Thanks guys, I've had a real shit show of a life the past few days. This is what I needed.

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This game, hands down, needs to be the definitive game for the PAX Royal Rumbles.

Imagine a Royal Rumble Mode and custom characters.

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Poor Pikachu.

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Awesome, didn't know this was happening. I will never get tired of watching the GB guys play Gang Beasts.

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Chicken is Dans spirit animal.

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The best game ever created.

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@gianthamish: Scotland's pretty cool, huh? I like it here & I like you Hambo!

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This really is the greatest game ever.

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They have costumes on! :D

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Glad dan likes it

this game is one of the best local games ever made !

Are they gonna have online multi or is it just local?

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damn, Dan was bringing some AMAZING finishes

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British Gladiators was a knock off of the American one but ours was far superior. I mean listen to the fucking theme song


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Aww hell yeah

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This should be the game used for the next Pax Rumble

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And to sum up this quick look...

NO! nonononono! NOOOOOO! No! nononononononononono. Nope. No!!!!!

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Gang Beasts is amazing, I bought it right after I heard it was on Steam Early Access.

I don't really have anyone to play it with but I support the crap out of it! The laughs have totally made it worth the money.

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That was amazing, I need to buy this game!

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This is the Unfinished I've been waiting a long time for. Thanks GB. Can't wait to watch it when I get home from work.

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Dan is a natural!

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I need this in my life.

Also... lol poor Drew.

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It's funny how the final game was probably never intended to look like the alpha, but at this point I don't think that anyone wants it any other way. Seems like the developer will stick with the current look, considering the addition of the costumes. I also love the kind of shitty music.

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Finally Dan became a real GB member

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Nice, the game looks great now.

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Windjammers who? This game game fuckin' rocks.

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It's really funny how Dan took to the game and how awesome he almost immediately became at it.

Also amazing that I could watch yet another look at this game and still be entertained because of the new mechanics (and Dan). Really awesome!

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I would pay all the monies for gang beast plushies, those animal costumes are great.

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just got this based on the quick look and British gladiators was amazing dan how dare you sir

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Triumph of the human spirit!! *Yellow wins!* What!?!

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The new mechanics seem really cool. Wish they'd experimented on the skyscraper stage a bit more though, I'm curious if you can move the platforms around by hitting the red joysticks.

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Is anybody else having problems with adding the extra controllers? I have complete control with controller number 1, but the other 3 don't respond. I've jumped into other games and it works great, but Gang Beasts it is not working. I emailed the dev team but i haven't received anything back. Any help?

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You can use the duck button to manipulate the physics mid-air, sort of, anyway. Can do some really cool dives.

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This dumb stupid idiot game is perfect!!!

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@edmundus: I don't think it's possible. It looks like you should be able to interact with them but I haven't found a way to.

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OMG. One of the funniest gb videos ever imo! Dan is a great addition to the squad. Love AngryBrad (reminds me of lizardsss)! Woot! :D

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go to 27:15

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The Gladiators (British ver.) once came to my primary school. I think they still remain as the 'most famous' people I've ever met, unless you count Prince Charles but who would do that. I've only seen short clips of the American version, but it looked very similar to the one we had here.

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So if I have 8 wireless xbox 360 controllers, can all 8 controllers sync to one USB wireless receiver? Or does one USB receiver max out at only 4 controllers?

[edit]Nevermind, I figured it out - you need 2 USB receiver dongles.

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Just what was missing on Giant Bomb, them playing Gang Beasts and Lethal League...

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27:30 is magical

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You know what, I don't mind Hambo being a thing. Those emails were fantastic.