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Posted by PatODay

I can't wait to play this game, everything about it looks like so much fun. It seems like Respawn has struck a tremendous balance between pilot vs titan combat where neither is heavily overpowered.

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Posted by scaramoosh

I just don't get it, looks like COD to me and no mods = fail for a source game.

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Graphically this game looks like ass.

Posted by Mister_V

This still looks great.

Can't wait to try this out for myself.

Posted by ICantBeStopped

@tr0n said:

@joshwent: Not sure why people are still using that crap. http://mpc-hc.org/ for life!

It's not crap for most people.

Posted by asantosbr

After watching this I just cancelled my preorder of the game.

Posted by Ltwood12

@tehjedicake: Because a good gaming PC isn't in the budget at the moment.

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I couldn't be less excited for this, done and tired of military shooters. Unless it's FarCry or FallOut I'm not interested in another shooter.

Looking at the gameplay, I'm wondering if Brad will end up calling this "another military shooter", because it's definately another military shooter with no substance underneath the surface.

Posted by Zevvion

After watching this I just cancelled my preorder of the game.

Can you describe why? I do not pre-order games, but I was planning on buying this, but seeing this made me doubt that feeling. This looks so much more similar to a Call of Duty playstyle than I had thought; which I do not like very much.

I am excited for a new kind of game but was not impressed by this game. I hope Destiny is good.

This is more or less what I was thinking.

Posted by neuroned

Is it just me, or does the Titan's gun look like a robot wang flapping side to side when the Titan runs?

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I'm looking forward to the PC version of this.

Posted by OneManX

It looks fun, fast-paced shooter with some Mech combat...

Kinda what they promised from the start.

Posted by SomeJerk

50+ minutes into the video.. Yeah those AI bots sure will make up for 6vs6. Jesus. Like they've got safety on most times.

I'm too sure that the 12 player total limit comes from the 360 version's max bandwidth deal.

Posted by Paindamnation

Titinfall is looking so slick. I almost don't want a beta code so I don't get burned out before it can even come out.

You can send me your code :D

Posted by alexthebehemoth

Taking bets on Apology of the Year?

Posted by Sterling

Is anyone else not getting any sound?

Posted by Thuggish

The game looks great, and fun. I hope that my friends and I get into the PC beta this weekend.

I also hope that this doesn't release in a similar state as some other high profile EA games that have released in recent memory. EA really needs this one to be a complete game, that doesn't have so many issues that it requires an immediate apology.

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@shinytan said:


Sorry, I must have been feeling particularly medieval when I made this page.

Posted by jarowdowsky

Have they kept kill confirmed and care packages in this one, that was the most entertaining bits of the previous games.

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Wow—you really need to check your video levels @vinny@drewbert

Iʼm guessing what happened here is that the Xbox one output was set to “Video” levels (16–235) and the capture gear was set up to capture PC-level content. (0–255)

Then on the playback PC, the video playerʼs output was set incorrectly, compressing the levels again. (in the Nvidia drivers, this is labelled backwards—you want this preference set to 0–255 to display things correctly)

Posted by Mcfart

I wonder what EA's internal expectations are for this game, being that they really want COD's market and they probably invested a lot into Titanfall.

Posted by GrantHeaslip

I'm not a CoD or shooter guy at all, but watching a bit of this has me somewhat interested in checking the game out. Considering Bluepoint (who were involved in the MGS HD collection and ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD) are handling the 360 port and Jeff's heard good things about it, maybe I'll give the game a try on 360 at some point.

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Man those are some anemic explosions.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

It seems hunting the titan on foot with a rocket launcher is more fun than being in a titan at least that's how Jeff made it look in his demo.

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This looks fun as hell!

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Jeff lookin' all svelte?

Posted by JonKrag

The audio is out of sync for me?

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I think this looks like a lot of fun. Obviously if you don't enjoy CoD-type games, you're not going to magically like Titanfall. I enjoy these kind of multiplayer shooters and this footage sold me. I'm not going to buy it day one since EA is handling the servers on PC, and launch will likely be garbage. I'm definitely going to be playing this sometime this year though.

Posted by 1momosauky

Jeff lost a lot of weight good for him.

Posted by mintyice

My hype just went so far down for this game. This is totally just Call of Duty with mechs. I don't know what I was expecting.

Posted by TimesHero

Is the sound out of sync for anyone else?

Posted by Sydlanel

I can see the appeal of this, but I just can't get excited about it.
It seems to have all the components of a game that I never care about.
Will likely get it though.. just because.. I'm a consumer drone XD.

Posted by Gatehouse

God damn you Titanfall! I was all cool with not having a new console for a while and then you go and look all sorts of fun. My girlfriend's gonna hate me......

Posted by AMyggen

I'd buy this if I had a good enough gaming PC or a Xbone, looks fun.

Posted by PillClinton

This looks... bad. Visually, that is. The game itself seems fun. Maybe it's the video compression, or the fact that it's in beta, but man, I really don't think this looks any better than a COD on 360, at 720p too, I believe. Is it at least 60fps?

Anyway, I had no intention of playing the console version, but I do hope it ends up looking a little better.

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It's too much CoD for me I guess. Hope I get into the beta and try it for myself but it's definitely a pass for me.

Posted by 49th

Can you look down and see your legs though?

Posted by Itwastuesday

so you just shoot bots? can you turn them off?

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This video confirms my initial disinterest in the game. At its core, it's still a call of dutyesque MP FPS . These additions aren't revolutionizing the format, they are slightly improving upon it. That's not enough for me to care about this style of game again

Posted by Reisz

My goodness me. . . . That Smart Pistol is some hot shit.

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I'm excited for this, I definitely see me sinking tons of hours into this game. I'm glad I just got a badass PC to run this.

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I dont understand the grunts. It is 2014 and they put bots in a multi-player game. Is this a attempted at a moba style mode that they didn't show yet? 6 vs 6 sure makes me think so.

For me the biggest problem with this game is like CoD I dont feel the weight of dying. The mechs are cheap. Looks like you end up in the same cycle as CoD Spawn kill die Spawn kill kill die Spawn die Spawn.

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Yep this looks incredible. Definitely getting it on PC

edit: DAMN, the site + downloads are CHUGGING right now lol

Posted by ThatOneDudeNick

I don't know if I missed it being asked, but can you be killed by a Titan falling on you when it spawns in?

Posted by smokyexe

@ett said:
Looks like you end up in the same cycle as CoD Spawn kill die Spawn kill kill die Spawn die Spawn.

Exactly my problem. It's CoD with some cool walljumps and, as you put it, cheap mechs.

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First footage I've seen that makes the game look interesting. Hopefully I get into the Beta.

It's interesting that I have not seen them making anymore statements about how this game needs the cloud. I am assuming that all that was BS seeing as how the game is running on two other platforms.