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I love when Vinny is in the control room for UF. He does absolute magic.

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Poor sleepy Brad...

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For real though, how hype was that Jeff/Vinny Nidhogg match? There were some hard swings in there.

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There are some really nice moments in this one...

Dat ending...

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I hope Brad got a good nights sleep that night lol. I love seeing Vinny but I'm laughing my fucking ass off when he's in the control room.

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Aside from sleepy Brad, this was my favourite moment:

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Wow Netstorm, I found that in the dollar store randomly like 15 years ago. One of my first PC games.

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@dooley: You have absolutely zero idea if Brad got less than 4 hours of sleep that night. Relax people, this is ridiculous.

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I love @vinny behind the scenes but I miss him on the couch as well as FMVinny. Come back!

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BTW must agree with Brad unspoken opinion there. The mechanic game seems like a nice idea, BUT FUCK ME IS IT BORING AS HELL!

And that's coming from someone who likes city building sims and 4x strategy games.

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That Nidhogg match between Vinny and Jeff about 2 hours in is EPIC. And the way the final match ends is even more epic.

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Colors always get screwed up whenever the windows background changes on Command and Conqueror. Figure this is what happens here too...

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Ever since I first played Netstorm many, many years ago the theme music has had a permanent place in my head for some reason. And it also appears in several Fallout games...

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Neti pro-tip: If no water comes out and you get a headache you're leaning your head too far up/back. You have to lean forward/down and to the side a little. Get on my level, Gertstmann!

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I, too, was way into both Total Annihilation and TA: Kingdoms. The latter probably wasn't as tight a game, but I really liked the way they adapted the underlying mechanics of TA into their four-monarch teams, which all felt fairly unique, and a lot of the general design of that game really appealed to me.

Also a fan of a good pepperami stick. Although I think ours in the UK are somewhat healthier than what I've seen of those "Slim Jims" you have over there. And as much as I'm loving the Souls content, thanks for stopping Brad from bringing it on today because there's plenty of it on the site already and UPF is more suited to things that feel a bit "different".

EDIT: Rorie does a great job of keeping conversation going when things start to get quiet. Nice work picking things up during the lulls dude! Brad we need to get you on some invigorating beverages or high-energy drinks before these streams haha. Nidhogg is faaaantastic.

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I'm waiting for NetiStorm.

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@cbyrne: http://i.imgur.com/KeLbzxJ.gif

now watch these gifs during that Paper Sorcerer Segment with that music, Goes weirdly well.

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Haha Brad reminds me of my friend every time we hang out for a gaming session. You'll always catch with getting some shut eye. Even with controller in hand.

Brad looks soooo tired! Friday, end of the work week, I guess is a pretty good reason.

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Gift of the Magi jokes are always funny.

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@jeff Some of those fucking gross food pictures just gotta go, man. I'd rather have Bodega in my face than some of those. PLEASE.

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@csl316 said:

@jeff I'd rather have Bodega in my face than some of those. PLEASE.

No you don't.

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With every subscription comes a complimentary Brad sleeping.

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@eternalgamer2: as much as i appreciate its appearances on this site, i think it would've been a bit much.

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Holy shit! I knew that NetStorm main menu music at 2:45 sounded familiar. Good ol' Mark Morgan.

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Vinny and Drew in the control room. Amazing.

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Friday was Pizza Day, the best day of the week.

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"Friday was always pizza day."

Was it the best day of the week, Brad?

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Holy crap net storm. I played a bunch of that game as a kid. Remember nothing though.

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Ah, Drew...

What can't you do?

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That Nidhogg segment was fantastic.

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Laughed so much I blew larger out of my noes watching the gif...

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Put your tongue away Rorie.

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I think we already have the 2014 winner of the award for "best thumbnail for a video"!

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1:27:00 " take all that stuff of and replace it with the used stuff" Would make a perfect mechanic :)

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Oh, how I've missed tricaster nonsense! Good to have you back in the control room vinny n drew. Some pretty awesome moments in this episode too. UPF has been feeling a little tired for a while now but this one was great

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The most epic Nidhogg battle in existence.

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What, who stopped Brad from playing Dark Souls?

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Rain, Thunder and Lightning hmm?

Sounds like the storms, the three storms!

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I wasn't ready for this.