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Oh drew. Now that's a face you can trust.

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Those eyes...

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I don't care what it is, Drew. Just


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The preview image is very promising.

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A thumbnail like that? Sold!

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Friday, ENGAGE!

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Dexter??? Oh, it's just Drew..........ooooohhhhmygod!!!

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Drew is my favorite Giant Bomb Duder.

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Now that's a face you can trust!

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A lot of great little moments in this episode. Dat Drew face being one of them. I probably laughed for a solid minute at Vinny messing around with Brad's face. I feel like a child, but that stuff always gets me.

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Such a great way to end a week.

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I haven't even clicked play yet, but whatever Drew's selling I'm here to tell you that with that face I'm willing to buy no questions asked.

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It feels like Drew really nailed it this week with recognizing the moment to give us that awesome thumbnail as well as (without spoiling it) the bit of overlay work he puts up during Vinny's game The wrench turning on the sleeping Brad's head

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If you drop the sword you run a little bit faster.

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I used to love playing Netstorm back in the day

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Sleepy Brad for President

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Strong contender for Thumbnail of the Year 2014.

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Missed my tradition of relaxing on Friday night and watching this live for the first time in a couple months. Bummer. Fuck being social. Tomorrow night I will make up for the egregious sin by pretending it's Friday, ordering some deliciously awful food, and watching this archive. Can't wait.

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Oh man. As a car guy it was almost unbearable watching Vinny work on that car. Pretty funny though.

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That thumbnail. Creepy Drew is.. creepy.

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All the best content needs to have Drew Face Thumbnail. Like some kind of seal of approval.

I haven't even watched it yet but I have to assume that Drew Face Thumbnail is an indicator of good things.

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Yep, I can relate Brad.

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Gonna brew some coffee at 2 am so I can watch this tonight.

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Vinny and Drew's (mostly Vinny) Tim and Eric-esque goof moments crack me the hell up. I miss Vinny not being on the couch but I forgot how much I missed the Italian Stallion magic when he's running the control room.

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Ryu picture during the stream just made me think of Tekken X Street Fighter again. Man I wish that game would come out.

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hot enema gif action

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Vinnys doing his thang on the control room again!

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Wait, where have I seen Paper Sorcerer before? Patrick played this right?

EDIT here it is

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There are some really nice moments in this one...


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Sleepy Brad is soooo sleepy.

Also, Slim Jims are so expensive now, oddly enough. I stopped at a gas station on a road trip and one scrawny Slim Jim was like $3.50 or 4.00. That's way too much money for dirty meat.

I like how Brad says the game is supposed to look like Legends of Grimrock and then when he starts playing it he gets surprised that its in first person :p I actually lol'd a bit.

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Any tips from the chat? Any MECHANICS out there?

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Yeah, they shouldn't be hiding Vinny like that. For any amount of time.

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Rories fucking intense at the end there!

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drew sell me every drugs you got plz

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sleeping on the job Brad ?

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Ah man, I feel like a failure, it seems I went to bed about 4 minutes before the end!

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WHY? WHY did you make me look for the steak video Drew?!

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Oh man NetStorm, I remember that.

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Shhh...guys. Don't wake up Brad. Little rascal was out playing all day. Awww....look at him.

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Netstorm? Hells yeah! Let me go dig my CD out and get some of that going!

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Brad is sooo tired :D

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@hiczok said:

sleeping on the job Brad ?

To be fair, that's how I feel when watching this show, every time...