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Posted by Crash_Happy

It's like an hd remix of those old ps eye games.

Posted by Arrested_Developer

I hate when game developers have children, they always start making games they can play with their kid.

Posted by AlmostSwedish


Posted by ervonymous

Amazing quick look incoming.

Posted by twelve1784

Looks like Japan

Posted by RChan

A lot of you people whining about the game should go listen to the latest Bombcast to actually hear what it's about. It's not something that's easily explained in this little trailer and actually sounds like a lot of fun.

Posted by Yalbit

The only thing I'm interested in this game for is the Quicklook.

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Posted by baron_calamity

I wanted to hate this but i couldn't. it looks cute.

Posted by wedgeski

Looks like great fun. There really is a large contingent of cold, miserable bastards in this community.

Posted by Shuborno

Not for me, but I'm surprised it took someone this long to try the whole augmented reality thing.

Sure, it looks a little rough around the edges in the presentation when you do that, but kids could care less.

Posted by slayergnome

Ok ok, So I just listened to the bomb cast and I think my mind has changed. This would be freakin sweet at a party. Sorta like a rave but with out the stroke producing lights, I think i suddenly like it...

Posted by Wuddel

Yo, thats a kids party game folks. Simple as that.

Posted by MeatSim

I foresee a excellent Quick Look from this but that's where my interest ends.

Posted by RedRocketWestie

Holy crap, so much hate for what looks like a totally legit kids'/party game collection. It's *downloadable*, and it actually seems like something I could see myself booting up if I had some people over, just for fun. No, it won't give you 20 hours of single-player campaign to enjoy, but it could very well be worth ten bucks for a goofy evening with friends.

Posted by HelliSkelli

So this actually looks like a genuinely fun Kinect game besides Dance Central, Gun Stringer and... and... What else was good on Kinect so far?

Posted by econoline56

My kids will love the crap out of this game. They love seeing themselves on the TV so this will be perfect, and honestly i looks quite fun.

Posted by MannAlive

This looks like pointless, silly fun. So much more fun than any minigame collection I've ever seen b/c they realize they can just throw out all the "game" elements and let people screw around. Seriously, if you can't see how this could be a lot of fun, set yourself on fire. I can't recommend it for you highly enough: set yourself on fire.

Posted by GottaBelieve

This actually looks fun, but I guess I'm just a kid at heart.

Posted by Konanda

Woa, that is a lot of visual stimuli in one video.

Posted by magimix

Yeah, screw the haters; I could totally see myself having crazy, drunken fun with this. The retro aesthetic helps, as well. I don't have a Kinect at the moment, but having *seen* Kinect stuff, and having listened to the Bombcast and what DF seem to be going for, the whole 'just act out in front of the device and have crazy shit kick off' is exactly what is needed I think.

Posted by Pet_Assassin


Posted by ValiantGrizzly

The saddest part of it all is that THIS is what's making me consider buying a Kinect.

Goddamn you, Double Fine.

Posted by Zaccheus

Wow there is a lot of people hating on this thing who clearly have never been inebriated.

Posted by BisonHero

@DarkHeroZark said:

@RobertOrri said:

Wow, a retail Kinect game that's actually just that: A Kinect game. No half-assed "would be better with a controller" stuff, either!

Clearly for kids, but hey - it might be fun.

If you read the video description its actually a downloadable game.

This makes Kinect Fun Labs look like Gameroom.

Haha, I can't think of a worse video game insult.

Posted by is343

This looks exactly like that ps2 eye toy stuff from years ago.
I remember that not doing well. But who knows, maybe this sort of thing is cool all of sudden? I don't know.

Posted by Dain22

Now that's a party game I could get behind!

Posted by Cday

Pizza Sphere DLC incoming

Posted by devil_spawn666

can i ask anyone who owns a kinect:

how happy are you with your purchase? with the obvious exception of dance central (and gunslinger?!) has anything really justified the purchase price?

Posted by SpaceGandhi

...and the Soulja Boy Game for People Who Like to Drink Beer and Get Drunk or Smoke Weed and Get High of 2012 is...

Posted by Griddler

Looks like an EyeToy game.

I'm sure kids will love it, but come on Double Fine, make an adult game next?

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Day one!

Posted by AzHP

I can't believe this game was made in San Francisco, don't they know I have no room in my house to play a game like this? =(

Posted by ZagZagovich

This looks awesome and adorable. Too bad without children it won't be as fun but still an EverythingisTerrible.com style video generator is a fun thing to have.