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I'm so happy they got a German dude to voice that guy at the end. I cringe so hard every time a high profile movie or TV show has a German with a very obvious accent in it.

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Any use of a John Lee Hooker song is an A+ in my book

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This looks dumb. Good dumb.

Casually announce the doom beta with 1 frame and a logo, nice.

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Are they making Doom beta access a selling point? If they are; does it mean they have little faith in this Wolfenstein product?

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I'm so happy this finally has a release date. The game looks fucking fantastic. Doom 4 beta is great bonus, too.

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"The Doom" confirmed?

Posted by stanleynipple

What year is it again?

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Good, I haven't killed a virtual Nazi since World at War, this looks like it will scratch that its.

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They've changed the look of B.J quite a bit, as well as the voice I think. Hopefully it can live up to the epicness of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and the guns pack a punch like in Wolfenstein 2009

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Played this at PAX last year. It's similar to games like Bulletstorm in the fact that it just handles so awesomely, but without the "stupid" humor. It's self-serious in some parts, but mostly bombastic in others. It looks great, plays great, and feels like a proper ass usage of the Wolfenstein name.

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realy doom 4 a game that does not even have a trailer/date really zenimax this and ESO preorder stuff is realy horible stuff

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It's like they want to invoke/make Inglorious Bastards, but they show they really just don't have that talent.

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The cutscenes do not look very good at all. The part where it seems like actual gameplay looks cool, but man do those cutscenes just look bad. The characters faces all have a weird sheen to them and whenever they talk they look like their chewing on some really tough beef jerky (with the exception of that General Deathshread). Hopefully, they keep their cutscenes to a minimum.

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Yeah..ok..that looks pretty great.

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Looks pretty silly.

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Looks like fun, and I'm a total sucker for alt-history stuff.

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Comes with a beta to DOOM One

Posted by RobertOrri

These developers clearly wanted to make a Tarantino game. Really badly.

Also doesn't necessarily give me the idea that Bethesda is too confident in the selling power of this game if they feel the need to entice buyers with a vague offer of a beta for their new Doom game that nobody has any clue about.

I think MachineGames had some neat groundwork here. I'm always a sucker for alternate takes on history and there's not many games that dare to tackle this subject matter, even fewer that end up being actually good (or make it out the door before getting cancelled). I fear the gameplay will just be too dull and the dumb grindhouse style they're going for will ruin it all.

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RIP id software.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Game looks fun.

Don't give a shit about Doom whatever beta.

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I know it's dumb to judge games before they're out, and especially before you've played them, but based on the trailer, I think this is going to fly under the radar and quietly be the best shooter of 2014. While Titanfall is run-and-gun robot madness and Destiny is a flowery RPG/shooter hybrid, Wolfenstein just looks like good old-fashioned, high-octane action.

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At least he's not trying to cut his head off with other types of appliances like a dishwasher or Dryer.

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I kinda wanna play it? Yes. Yes I do.

Posted by Hardtarget

Well that looks... shockingly good

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Seriously, I was on the fence about whether buying this was a good idea or not, but that Doom 4 beta alone makes me seriously tempted to pre-order this game.

Posted by orshick

Boy, love the pedigree behind this game and everything they've said about it but none of the trailers so far make me particularly interested in this game.

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Have not killed nazis in a while, lets do this!

@l4wd0g said:

It's like they want to invoke/make Inglorious Bastards, but they show they really just don't have that talent.

It's like ... you already played this game and already know all about it.

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wait.. wasn't he gonna ask a question? I don't think he'll find the answer satisfactory if he saws his head off before asking.. but who am I to question interrogation methods.

I probably won't play it, but at least it looks like it has a sense of humour, and thats always nice.

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The BJ guy again? Seriously.

Posted by billyhoush

This looks so stupid and I want it now.

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@robertorri said:

These developers clearly wanted to make a Tarantino game. Really badly.

This is really Inglourious Basterds the game.

Posted by Jackentrote

@plato84 said:

Good, I haven't killed a virtual Nazi since World at War, this looks like it will scratch that its.

The Saboteur... go play it!

Posted by DaddyCabinet

Might have to get this game. I dont care about doom though.

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Lack of Testament's "The New Order" is disappointing.

No idea how it's going to play, but that story has me interested.

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I've heard people say good things about Wolfenstein, but I think it's kind of awful that you need to staple on the promise of another much-more-anticipated game in order to sell the one you're currently pushing. I didn't like it when Crackdown done it, I didn't like it when Zone Of The Enders done it, and I still don't like it now with Wolfenstein doing it. It shows little or no confidence in the existing product, and it says to me "This probably isn't worth buying and the Doom promise is a cash-grab at best."

It feels really scummy, they are basically double dipping on the hardcore Doom fans. The commercialisation of 'beta's quickly soured, but I don't see an end to it, especially with the success of Early Access - that is for the people selling unfinished games.

Posted by trelution

looks kinda fun

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I am buying everything that this game is selling. Love the style on display here, although I am admittedly an absolute sucker for any kind of live action in my video game trailers.

Posted by NickNitro

Will only purchase if the last boss is Mecha Hitler.

Posted by csl316

Considering MachineGames is made up of a bunch of ex-Starbreeze people, I'm down.

Posted by joachimo

This is right up my alley, looks like the kind of game that shaped my tastes of videogames in my childhood

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So with the fence cutting tech I saw in some E3 interview am worried for cutting off heads min game, if its slow I will have to shut my eyes . hhahahaha

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Well, I've enjoyed every Wolfenstein game I've played so far, this one looks to be equally or possibly more pleasing than the rest. The trailer gives me a sorta Tarantino vibe. It looks like just the right amount of goofyness to get me interested. Plus DOOM beta? Aight I'm in.

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Oh Germany. Will you ever live WW2 down? I hope not.

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@jaks: I am German and don't see this as connected to any "real" history. It's just a trope like "the evil space empire" or "the Asian kindergardener that actually knows kung fu" etc. I am convinced that nobody expects Germany to look like this when they book a trip to the Oktoberfest...Nazis are just a cipher for evil and deservedly so.