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Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Gods will be watching looks really cool.

Posted by zemorg

These vids are a great idea Patrick... more!! :-)

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Yes! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite video features of the site. :)

Audio is great, Patrick. Pop filter probably isn't strictly necessary for you. You're not right up on the mic anyway so it's a non-issue.

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Does anyone know that name of the game Patrick was talking about from a gamejam a while ago?

The game was a platformer I think where each time you played through the game you found out more and more about the story, like the coins you are collecting are actually your friends money you are stealing.

Can anyone ehlp me find this game? It seemed neat.

Posted by elpurplemonkey

Gods Will Be Watching looks fascinating. And I'm really liking this feature. It's like, literal quick looks in here.

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Love the feature Patrick, my feedback would be lose the headset. It's okay for Spooks but kinda visually jarring on other features. Maybe get a single in-ear piece if you want to monitor the audio?

Posted by Applekid

This was very enjoyable. Keep them coming!

Posted by MeatSim

Hooray! audio is way better with that new microphone. Also that guy most really love toast.

Posted by hostyl1

Patrick, good segment. One minor quibble though: Miller Lite? Really? If you're going to drink cheap beer, now that you're back in (around) the Chi, you could at least opt for some Old Style. It's probably even cheaper than ML and, IMO, tastes loads better. At least it did many moons ago when I'd cop from Piccadilly's down in Cham-bana. Cheers!

Posted by Drakir

This is great Patrick! Keep it up!

Posted by Sup

I like these videos. Keep it up!

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Loving these videos. My favorite Quick Looks have always been the ones for weird indie games (The Real Texas, Cook Serve Delicious, etc) and this is like getting mini versions of those every week. Keep up the great work, Patrick.

Posted by marbleCmoney

Digging these so far. I like getting a look at some games off the beaten path.

Posted by Shnippie

I had a look in Worth Reading and saw the links to the games, as well as a link to the video. I'm not sure if @patrickklepek edited it to add that in or not, but that seems like the best way to get the games to me. I just open the video in a new tab while I'm reading, then play the games if they look interesting. PS that was all of Where the Fuck is Richard. There is no more to that game.

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Awesome video as always Patrick. This new feature is great!

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This feels a little too close to unprofessional fridays, and given the timing of it almost seems redundant. Could use a little reworking to make it different or maybe change up the timing so it doesn't drop the same day as UF?

I like that you are doing videos for these though.

Edited by Vetterli

I really like Worth Playing's new format :)

Posted by MikeJAMoran
Posted by cfilipec

nice segment Patrick

Posted by DeadDorf

@patrickklepek How can you tell if a game is worth playing if you've never played it?

Posted by defcomm

Thanks for the feature, Patrick. I'll be paying attention to Gods Will Be Watching for sure.

Posted by jiggajoe14

I will definitely be trying out Gods Will Be Watching. Once to beat it and then a 2nd time to kill everyone lol. I was hoping there would be more to Where the fuck is Richard.

Also, how much damn Miller Lite are you going to drink?

Posted by zedman

Love this feature Patrick keep it up

Posted by SuzukaGongen

Keep it up! Gods Will Be Watching was a great rec. WTFIR sounds and looks really awesome but I'm more grateful that I didn't play it and instead watched someone else wtf through it.

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Really loving these Patrick! Keep up the great work buddy!