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@MindChamber said:

@I_smell: fuck you and your game, lol

donating 25 dollars for a flash game, im such an idiot :/

Don't forget it was also $5! 70 new levels and the user-level portal comin in the next few weeks. Our next game's in Unity.

Posted by Rheinmetall

It doesn't look so much "high definition", or is something wrong with my monitor? :)

Posted by MindChamber

@I_smell: lol nice, if you need a modeler let me know :3

Posted by ThePhantomStranger

I hope they set the camera control default to the buttons...just cause...

Posted by oasisbeyond

Still looks like a crappy psp game... MGS3 is where it's at.

Posted by oasisbeyond

And no.. The gamecube version was worst. They turned Snake into Neo, music was crap and changed, and some voices were changed also. I own both, mgs 1 is still way better. MGS3 is 2md though.

Posted by MeatSim

Attach air balloons to everybody and everything!