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Vulcain appears at the end of Solar in Star Fox 64. Its appearance in-game resembles a mantis creature made out of fire and lava. Most of its attacks involve creating waves of lava or shooting fireballs, but it can also resort to physical attacks like swiping its long arms through the air. The method to defeat it involves destroying its arms first and then targeting its head. Once it loses its arms it resort to new attacks like spinning around to fling lava all over the place or submerge in lava to pop up later or cause swells with a cannonball splash. If left for too long it will eventually regenerate its arms so it pays not to mess around. A few of its attacks will create rocks that drop shield power-ups, compensating for the stage's heat that constantly damages the player.
The player's guide identifies Vulcain as a bioweapon that has the ability to change its genetic makeup by absorbing molecules from objects in any environment. This gives it extreme adaptability and is one of the reasons its able to survive on Solar.

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