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Wall Street Kid is a simulation game developed and published by SOFEL for the NES platform.

Wall Street Kid is loosely based on the Japanese video game series entitled Money Game (released on the Famicom) which include two entries: Money Game and The Money Game II: Kabutochou no Kiseki.


At the beginning of the game, the player is told that they had a distant relative, a member of the Benedict family, who recently passed away and left them a massive $600 billion inheritance. In order to receive the entirety of this inheritance though, the player must prove himself a worthy member of the Benedict family. After being given $500,000 in seed money from the relative's lawyer, the player must trade stocks effectively enough in order to make certain large item purchases like a house or yacht, keep his girlfriend extremely well-pampered, and keep himself in peak physical condition as this is the Benedict way of life.

If the player fails to complete any of the game's objectives, he loses all access to the inheritance, is effectively disowned from the Benedict family, and the game is over.


  • Purchase a one million dollar mansion
  • Purchase a yacht for your honeymoon
  • Get married
  • Win an auction for and purchase a European castle formally belonging to the Benedict family

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