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Warframe is a free-to-play, co-operative science-fiction third-person shooter for PC and PS4. It is developed by Digital Extremes, the team responsible for Dark Sector, The Darkness 2 and the multiplayer component of Bioshock 2. Warframe is loosely based on the original design document for Dark Sector, which dates back to 2004 at the latest. Since its launch in March 2013, the game has seen a number of system-wide changes such as replacing a node-based upgrade tree with ability cards, the addition of Sentinels and Clans, and soon, player-to-player trading.

Along with their own games, the developer also cited the influence of online multiplayer games such as Phantasy Star Online and Left 4 Dead.

Several character and environment designs in the game are the work of illustrator Keith Thompson, who has also contributed to Borderlands and the film Pacific Rim.


Tenno, warriors of blades, guns and masters of the Warframe armor were left drifting in the ruins of an old war are now needed again to stop the vast armies of the Grineer from taking over the entire solar system. You were rescued from your cryostasis chamber by Lotus. Lotus will guide you and teach you the ways of the Warframe and their secret powers.


The descendants of an ancient mystical civilization from the Orokin era on Earth. Stored in their cryopods for centuries after an old war are awakened into a new war were they must fight and resist the Grineer Empire's attempt to conquer the Solar System. Their memories have faded but their ability to use a gun, sword and exo-armor have not. The historic values of the Tenno are chivalry and discipline but they may not all be so in this new war as they emerge into this unfamiliar world. They stand united against a common foe, and loyal to only each other.


Vast in numbers from cloning technology, the Grineer seek to expand their vile empire from Earth outward and control the whole solar system. They took over Earth by their numbers alone. While high in power the Grineer army is decaying. The constant cloning is increasingly making them more primitive. The Grineer's ideology of enormous hate and discrimination towards the Tenno drives them to the face of inevitable dissolution.


The Corpus are a dominating proto-corporation of humans that maintain and operate the trade routes of the Solar Rails. They control the entire supply chain of goods in the Solar System and see Orokin artifacts as profit and will exploit it at any cost. The Corpus are rarely seen by others and are better known for their robot proxies that serve them. The Corpus have taken the social structure from ancient mercantile guilds from the old Earth. They blend technology and ritual in their production methods.


Although not explicitly stated, it appears that the Infested are Corpus Crewmen and Grineer Lancers stricken by the Technocite plague. It is speculated that J3-Golem, a boss of the Infected, was created alongside the plague by the Orokin themselves as a super weapon against "the Sentients". This boss also hints to the player during battle that it may be Tenno itself, which would contradict the Lotus' statement that "no Tenno have fallen to the plague". It is unknown whether J3-Golem was at one point a Tenno, or if the Lotus is an unreliable narrator.


The Lotus is an organization of mysterious origins who has close links to the Tenno and their technology. Sometimes referred to in the singular as "The Lotus" in reference to a female the player hears throughout the game. The has great knowledge of the Warframes, their unique powers and a great understanding of Orokin relics. After deactivating the cryostasis on the Tenno she uses this knowledge to manipulate the Tenno warriors to fight for their cause.


A Warframe is an exo-armor that uses unique combative technology to create the ultimate weaponry. Each Warframe holds many mysterious powers and mastering one requires dedicated use.


Volt can create and harness electrical elements. This is a high-damage Warframe perfect for players who want a potent alternative to gun-play.

Shock: Launches a shocking projectile. It stuns and deals high damage to a single target and stuns enemies nearby.

Speed: Significantly increases the player’s movement speed and dexterity for a limited time.

Electric Shield: Deploys a temporary shield, providing cover for the player.

Overload: Emits an energy field from within the player, destroying electronics and damaging enemies.


The perfect training Warframe: the Excalibur suit allows players to explore the power of Warframes with a balanced set of capabilities. Founders who purchased the Hunter Founder Pack or greater get access to the Excalibur Prime which is identical to the standard Excalibur but with an extra "V" polarity slot and some cosmetic tweaks.

Slash Dash: Forces the user forward and violently damages any enemies in its path.

Radial Blind: Radial Blind emits a bright flash of light that temporarily blinds its victims, leaving them open for attack.

Super Jump: Propels the user into the air three times higher then your normal jump.

Radial Javelin: Ejects spears towards enemies with enough force to impale them to walls.

Excalibur Prime


Ember is a nightmare for light-armored targets, best suited for crowd control.

Fireball: Projectile, deals high fire damage on contact and moderate damage in residual flames.

Overheat: Envelopes the player in an aura of fire damage for a limited time.

Fireblast: After slamming close by enemies to the ground, Fire Blast creates a lingering ring of fire, gradually causing high damage with enemy exposure.

World on Fire:Creates an aura of fire to the issuer's surroundings and causes a high degrees of damage to enemies in the area.

Ember Prime


This Warframe relies on a more stealthy approach to combat and is complemented with abilities to distract the enemy.

Shuriken: Launches a blade that deals high damage and impales enemies to walls.

Smoke Screen: Drops a smoke bomb that stuns enemies and obscures their vision, rendering the player invisible for a short time.

Teleport: Teleports the player towards the target, bringing them into melee range.

Blade Storm: Sends the player into a rampage, teleporting to and destroying all enemies within range.


This Warframe commands its surrounding magnetic energy and is an expert of enemy manipulation. Perfect for dealing heavy damage in unique ways.

Pull: Pulls the enemy towards you, stunning them and bringing them into melee range.

Shield Polarize: Will restore an ally's shield or damage an enemy shield.

Bullet Attractor: Strongly magnetizes a target enemy, causing bullets that pass nearby to redirect and strike the enemy.

Crush: Magnetizes the bones of nearby enemies, causing them to collapse and explode.

Mag Prime


The heaviest of all the Warframes. His strength enables him to combine a mix of devastating offensive attacks with formidable defensive powers.

Rhino Charge: Charges towards a target clobbering any in his path, and goring his victim.

Iron Skin: Hardens his skin, greatly reducing damage taken for a short time.

Radial Blast: Punches the ground, dealing high damage to enemies in a small radius.

Rhino Stomp: Rhino stomps with enough force to disrupt time, tumbling enemies around him in stasis.

Rhino Prime


Loki offers a variety of reconfiguring abilities. The abnormality of Loki's powers allows players to manipulate the battlefield.

Decoy: Loki creates a holographic copy of himself, drawing enemy fire.

Invisibility: Loki camouflages himself, becoming invisible to enemies.

Switch Teleport: Instantaneously swaps positions with a target.

Radial Disarm: Use a wave of energy to disarm and disrupt enemy weapons, forcing them to revert to melee combat.

Loki Prime


Trinity is great for players who prefer a supportive role. Warframes with healing technologies are rare making Trinity a great equalizer when the odds are stacked against the Tenno.

Well of Life: Creates a well of life on an enemy, allowing players to gain health from damaging the target.

Energy Vampire: Allies gain energy when damaging a target marked with this ability.

Link: Any damage taken when Link is activated will be channeled to a nearby enemy.

Blessing: Fully heal and regenerate the energy of all allies. Your team also gains temporary invulnerability.


Mind control and psychic attacks make Nyx a very dangerous foe. Her ability to reach into enemy consciousness and manipulate their behavior can turn the tide of any battle.

Mind Control: Confuses target, causing them to fight on the player’s side for a brief period.

Psychic Bolts: Launches a cluster of telekinetic bolts that homes in on targets.

Chaos: With a powerful psychic blast, Nyx causes mass hysteria on the battlefield by confusing all enemies to attack at random.

Absorb: Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that energy into an explosive radial blast.

The Nyx was released in update 6.


By channeling moisture and vapor in the surrounding environment, Frost creates formidable defenses and lethal attacks from sub zero conditions.

Freeze: A frigid energy blast that freezes targets in their tracks.

Ice Wave: Creates a wave of ice towards an enemy, dealing heavy damage.

Snow Globe: Frost deep freezes any vapor and moisture in the surrounding area to create an impenetrable sphere of protection.

Avalanche: Summons a landslide of ice that freezes and shatters enemies within its radius.

Frost Prime


The beautiful and mysterious Saryn is one of the most feared Warframes in the solar system. Her venomous attacks are horrifyingly effective against organic and synthetic enemies, and her ability to "shed" her skin makes her very elusive.

Venom: Highly toxic spores are released, which inflict poison damage over time. Destruction of the spore causes viral infection to enemies within range.

Moult: A decoy is left behind by shedding skin, similar to a snake, to draw enemy fire.

Contagion: A toxic substance is secreted onto melee weapons, dealing poison damage to all enemies who come in contact with the weapon.

Miasma: The atmosphere is filled with a highly toxic corrosive mist, lethal to all enemies, organic or synthetic within range.

The Sayrn was released in update 7.


Using a combination of sonic attack and acoustic target detection, Banshee is well suited for stealth gameplay and is capable of filling both attack and support roles.

Sonic Boom: A damaging cone of sonic energy is sent forth, which can push back or kill enemies.

Sonar: Using acoustic location, BANSHEE's SONAR power finds and tracks enemies, and exposes critical weak spots to everyone in your squad.

Silence: Ideal for stealth and intrusion situations, using SILENCE on unaware enemies will limit their perceptions and tactical response.

Sound Quake: Sonic energy is channelled into the ground, causing reverberations, which violently shake the environment, lethally affecting all enemies in range.

The Banshee was released in update 7.


The Oberon is adept at healing his allies or striking down foes, the Oberon embodies the balance Tenno are sworn to uphold.

Smite: Focuses the energy within a target and then projects it outwards, damaging both the target and the enemies surrounding him.

Hallowed Ground: Sanctifies the ground in front of the Oberon with righteous fire, damaging any enemy that stands in the flames.

Renewal: Waves of healing energy emit outward from the Oberon towards his allies, giving them health regeneration.

Reckoning: The Oberon quickly lifts his foes into the air and then throws them down with conviction. Enemies who die to this power have a chance to spawn a Health Sphere.

The Oberon was released in update 11.5.


The Zephyr specializes in air attacks, mobility and dominates from above.

Tail Wind: The Zephyr creates a blast of energy that propels her through the air, damaging foes caught in the blast.

Dive Bomb: The Zephyr nose dives towards the ground upon impact she creates an explosion damaging all around her.

Turbulence: The Zephyr creates a wind shield around herself, deflecting projectiles.

Tornado: The Zephyr creates a group of tornado's, lifting foes and objects around them and deals damage while in the air.

When the Zephyr was released she was also released with a hidden easter egg within the log in screen.

The Zephyr was released in update 9.


The Nova uses electromagnetic energy to contain and control highly volatile antimatter that powers her abilities.

Null Star: The Nova creates anti-matter particles that orbits her and flies out to nearby foes damaging them.

Antimatter Drop: The Nova releases a unstable and dangerous ball of antimatter collecting all incoming damage and then exploding on impact and damaging all foes in range.

Worm Hole: The Nova creates a worm hole at her current location and exit at the target location, allowing herself and allies to cross short distances or lead foes to their deaths.

Molecular Prime: The Nova primes her foes with antimatter, if the foe dies while primed they exploding causing damage to those nearby.

The Nova was released in update 9.


The Vauban is a tactical Warframe that uses his powers to create powerful traps that can zap, imprison and crush his enemies.

Tesla: The Vauban throws a grenade that contains electric charges, upon impact it explodes zapping all foes in range.

Bounce: The Vauban deploys a launch pad that can be attached to any surface, and used as a mode of transportation by the Vauban and his allies, bounce can also be used as a deadly surprise for his foes.

Bastille: The Vauban creates an energy containment field which captures and suspends its victims.

Vortex: When the vortex is triggered it sucks all enemies nearby into it, crushing them into atoms.

The Vauban was released in update 7.11.


The Valkyr was forged in the labs of the Zanuka project, the original subject to cruel experiments leaving her scarred, angry and adept at killing.

Rip Line: The Valkyr hurls a hook at her enemies, upon impact she pulls them towards her. If the hook hits terrain she pulls herself to the impact point.

Warcry: The Valkyr cries our ferociously, raising her allies moral and terrifying foes.

Paralysis: The Valkyr emits a burst of energy, depleting half of her shields, but stunning and damaging enemies nearby.

Hysteria: The Valkyr enters a state of hysteria unleashing a relentless torrent of melee attacks on her foes and gaining temporary invulnerability.

The Valkyr was released in update 11.


The Nekros is a necromage using his dark powers to manipulate his enemies.

Soul Punch: The Nekros forces the soul out of its victim and turns it into a deadly projectile, damaging all in its path.

Terrify: The Nekros casts fear into nearby enemies causing them to flee in terror, while under its effects they take 5% increased damage.

Desecrate: Gives a chance that nearby fallen foes give extra loot.

Shadows of the Dead: You resurrect the fallen foes around you to fight by your ide for a limited time.

The Nekros was released in update 10.


The Hydroid harnesses the power of water to a devastating effect.

Tempest Barrage: The Hydroid calls down a barrage of water causing damage in the target location.

Tidal Surge: The Hydroid becomes an unstoppable wall of water and charges at his foes, upon impact the wall pulls foes together and deals damage over time.

Undertow: The Hydroid becomes an undetectable water mass, slowing drowning foes that walk upon it.

Tentacle Swarm: The Hydroid summons a creature from the depths of the ocean to wreck havoc on his foes.

The Hydroid was released in update 13.


A mysterious Warframe that can manipulate the spectrum of light which she can use to dazzle her enemies.

Hall of Mirrors: Mirage creates several copies of herself that are invulnerable to attack, draw enemies attention and deal damage.

Sleight of Hand: A prankster at heart, Mirage can booby trap nearby objects

Eclipse: While in the light, she can deal heavy damage while shadows make her hard to find and even difficult to hurt.

Prism: Creates a prism that shoots numerous lasers that fire in multiple directions, tracking in on enemies.

Introduced with Update 14.


A new addition to the game as of update 7, sentinels are robotic companions which accompany you into missions and provide combat bonuses and additional firepower. Players can choose between Wyrm, a more offensive oriented sentinel or Shade, a stealth oriented sentinel.


Warframes carry three weapons with them into missions. These consist of a Long Gun (such as a rifle, shotgun, or sniper rifle), a sidearm that can be used single-handed or dual-wielded, and a melee weapon.

Weapons level up by using them in combat and by picking up white Affinity orbs. By leveling up, weapons gain new ranks that offer the ability to equip more mods. Each weapon can be ranked to level 30 but this can go up to a total of 60 once the weapon has been supercharged. To improve a weapon further, mods can be used and placed within the eight mod slots available for every weapon. Mods are randomly dropped from enemies and bosses and can significantly boost base weapon attributes or add unique effects to the weapon.

New players start with the MK1-Braton automatic rifle, Lato pistol and Skana sword as their default loadout. Additional weapons can be acquired either from crafting them from blueprints in the Forge or by purchasing them directly from the Marketplace.

Mastery Rank

Mastery is an in-game method of measuring a players cumulative skill by how many weapons they have increased in rank. Protected by anti-exploitative measures, this system has on some weapons a minimum level before mastery experience is given. Mastery Rank s unlocking weapons that are capped by level and can be viewed by clicking on the profile menu.

Sentinels earn 100 mastery points per level while upgrading your Warframe will garner you 200 mastery points per level. Certain weapons such as the Lato and Mk-1 Braton are weapons which currently have a threshold that must be hit in rank before they start giving Mastery Points.

Tenno Armaments

Long guns

NameTypeBase DamageBase Fire RateAccuracyBase Clip SizeCost (Credits)Cost (Platinum)
MK1 - Braton
Starting - automatic rifle13.08.325.048.08,00050
Braton Vandal
Open beta weekend limited edition Braton20.012.525.0481N/A
Automatic shotgun60.,000225
Automatic rifle18.011.750.048.015,000*150
Automatic rifle16.,00075
Burst-fire rifle20.025.0100.048.012,000125
Heavy automatic machinegun24.012.55.49050,000225
Semi-automatic rifle30.04.2100.015.050,000225
Semi-automatic sniper rifle100.01.7100.04.050,000225
Standard shotgun120.01.720.06.017,500175
Compound Hunting Bow45.01.016.71



Automatic Rifle9.020.028.6




Side Arms

NameTypeBase DamageBase Fire RateAccuracyBase Clip SizeCost (Credits)Cost (Platinum)
Starter Semi-Automatic Pistol24.06.718.2154,00050
Lato Prime
Grand Master Founder's Package Exclusive Lato27.06.718.215N/AN/A
Lato Vandal
Closed Beta Tester Exclusive Lato30.05.023.015N/AN/A
3-round Burst Fire Pistol26.03.520.01512,000120
Heavy Pistol70.01.116.0635,000190
Small Scale Shotgun105.05.03.7235,000190
Semi-Automatic Pistol25.06.826.71515,000*175
Akimbo Boltos25.010.026.73015,000*225
Akimbo Latos24.08.311.13012,00075
Automatic Pistol14.010.015.43515,000120
Akimbo Furis14.020.08.77015,000*225
2-round Burst Fire Heavy Pistol45.02.816.01420,000*120
Automatic Pistol16.014.415.41420,000*75
Twin Vipers
Akimbo Vipers16.025.08.72815,000*225

Melee Weapons

NameTypeBase DamageBase Fire RateAccuracyBase Charge-DamageBase Charge-SpeedCost (Credits)Cost (Platinum)
Dark Dagger

Short Dagger

Dual Zoren
Short axes15.02.010050.02.015,000*175
Heat Dagger
Short dagger20.01.510075.01.0N/A75
Ceramic Dagger
Short dagger20.01.510075.01.0N/AN/A
Dark Sword
Heat Sword


Jaw Sword
Pangolin Sword
Plasma Sword
Dual Skana

Dual Skana

Dual Heat Sword
Heat Sword in one hand, Heat dagger in the other30.01.0100



Heavy Hammer

Heavy Sword40.01.3100200.01.015,000*150
Heavy Axe50.01.0100200.01.015,000*150
Skana Prime
Master and Grand Master Founder's Exclusive Skana35.01.010085.01.0N/AN/A
Throwing Disk25.01.2100.0150.01.5N/A150
Dual Ether
Dual Short Blades30.01.3100.0100.01.320,000*175
Dual Daggers15.01.5100.065x21.020,000*135
Ether Daggers
Dual Daggers30.00.8100.065x2N/A20,000*175

* = Blueprint only

Stats and costs are subject to change

The Warframe Founders Program

Warframe Founders Program

As of December 12, 2012 Digital Extremes introduced the Warframe Founders Program. For a limited time you can help the future of the game and get exclusive in-game items and privileges. All members get instant access to the beta and depending on your founder status the more rewards you get. You can upgrade your status anytime for just the difference in price between tiers.

1. Disciple: The minimum of $19.99 USD.

  • A unique Disciple badge for their sites forum
  • 370 platinum, in game currency (a $20 value)
  • Instant beta access

2. Hunter: The second tier will cost you $49.99 USD.

  • A unique Hunter badge for their sites forum
  • 1220 platinum (a $60 value)
  • Instant beta access
  • 3 guest beta keys
  • Excalibur Prime Warframe

3. Master: For $99.99 USD will get you the third tier.

  • 3210 Platinum (a $150 value)
  • A unique Master founders badge for their forums.
  • Instant beta access
  • 7 guest beta keys.
  • Excalibur Prime Warframe
  • Skana Prime Sword
  • Gain exclusive access to the Design Council and vote on upcoming game features.

4. Grand Master: The top tier of the Warframe Founders Program. $249.99 USD.

  • 8875 Platinum (a $400 value)
  • An exclusive Grand Master Forum Founders Badge
  • Instant beta access
  • 15 guest beta keys
  • Excalibur Prime Sword
  • Skana Prime Sword
  • Lato Prime Pistol
  • Exclusive access to the Design Council.
  • Have a solar landmark and have a in game location named after you.

These exclusive items will not be available ever again once the Founder Program ends.


There are numerous items in Warframe, that can augment your Frame to its fullest possibilities. Most of these items can be crafted by using blueprints in the foundry, or by purchasing them from the in-game Marketplace using one of two currencies. F2P Credits are earned by completing missions, killing enemy units, or as random drops from breakables during each mission. Platinum on the other hand, can only be acquired using real money (US Dollars or other currency). The Marketplace has items that can be purchased with either Credits or Platinum. Certain items, mostly cosmetic, can only be purchased with Platinum

Platinum can currently be purchased in a variety of tiers:

Platinum PointsUSD
2100 Pt (1500 + 600 Bonus Pt)$99.99
1000 Pt (750 + 250 Bonus Pt)$49.99
570 Pt (450 + 120 Bonus Pt)$29.99
170 Pt (150 + 20 Bonus Pt)$9.99
75 Pt$4.99

These prices are subject to change before the time of launch. All digital purchases are made through UltePay.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP SP 3 or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 or AMD Athlon x64 4000+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3600
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB HD space
  • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection

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