Are the chat channels really quiet?

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Granted, I'm only lvl 5 and I may be doing something completely wrong, but over my entire 2 hour play session last night, I didn't see anyone chatting in the local channels.  There were people communicating once I got into scenarios, but it seems very quiet in the starting zones.

Is there something I'm missing here? I just remember in WoW how there were people shouting drivel pretty constantly from the start, and its a litle erie not hearing that anymore. Makes the game feel a little lonely.

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yeah I miss the Chuck Noris jokes, and ppl spaming stupid stuff...

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xxNBxx said:
"yeah I miss the Chuck Noris jokes, and ppl spaming stupid stuff..."
"Free gold! Blahblahblahblah...."
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The fact that no one chat might be because, i dont know im throwing ideas out there, they're all busy PLAYING?

Just sayin'...

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Well yeah, I'm not asking for the Chuck Norris jokes.  And since it's so early in the game, there really isn't any need for trading or grouping.

Still, I figured I would see some sort of guild recruiting messages or invites for public quests.  Right now, it just seems  very "single player" and since it does the job of pairing you up with people for scenarios, people are just joining queues.

I'm playing a zealot so I think it means a little more to me. I can't buff people not in a group, and healing is a pain in pubic quests when you have 3 chosen all standing on top of each other.

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I was going to ask if there was an /ooc or general chat but I guess not.

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