ogcartman's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (PC) review

Brings WAR And Epic To The Next Level!

Warhammer Online is the new MMORPG from Games Workshop, which will literally, blow your fucking mind!

Now, i have played every MMO from Ultima to Everquest to WoW. Im a pretty huge fan of the genre and have spent many all nighters playing. Warhammer Online, is by far, the greatest & funnest MMO.

The first question on peoples mind, "Is it better than WoW?".
Short answer: Fuck Yes.
World Of Warcraft revolutionized the industry, and was truly a phenom in the MMO world. Warhammer Online is nowhere near as revolutionary, but much better,

Lets start from the begging, you all probably know how horrible MMO's are at low levels ( 1 - 15..). Warhammer Online has none of that, but sticks to the MMO potion. Get this quest, kill X monsters, get your reward. Also, rank = level.

There are 20 classes within 6 races. The Destruction; the evil and dark vs The Order; the good and light. No. Its RvR. The High Elves vs The Dark Elves. The Chaos vs The Empire. The Dwarfs vs The Greenskins. But please, dont pick a simple dwarf. Try out one of the unique, insane Warhammer Online classes. The Sorceress, The Marauder. The Black Orc. The Squid Herder. The White Lion. The Shadow Warrior. Etc. Each class is either a tank, healer, ranged or melee dps, although each class has its own exclusive features. And the girl chars, look pretty dam good. In RvR the battles are very unique because of the classes. Make sure you take a minute to pick your class, know your opponent, and know your features.

At low levels you will encounter alot of PQs, Public Quests. Where theres about 5 - 30 of you doing 3 stages, kill __ monsters, kill __ elite monsters, kill this extremely hard boss. Then you roll (0.632) and get a (+300) depending on your contribution and a bonus if you didnt win a loot bag last round. You get cool weapons/armour from the loot bags depending on their rarity (lesser, greater, etc).

Now, theirs some great things about this game. There are TONS of achievement, kill 100 high elves, click on yourself 100 times, kill 10 monsters with under 5% health, and many hundreds more. Which alot of you will love. And another extremely cool thing about this game are the titles. I had about 35 of them on my bright wizard in beta, you will get them out of nowhere. Titles mirror the achievements, you get a title for each achievement complete, and you can put it on display under your name. The Crucial Crusher, The ___, Etc. The Tomb Of Knowledge is empty at the begging, and by meeting new people, going into areas, fighting monsters, etc it gets filled up with alot of great information, its pretty damn cool!!

And also, the game looks absolutely beautiful, and runs like a dream on a basic gaming computer. My living room computer is pretty weak for gaming, and can run this game perfectly without lag. And the characters look absolutely, bloody fantastic!! From The Sorcerress to The Marauder, they look sick.

After about level 10, you will see yourself going to new, beautiful area's. Fighting bigger and cool beasts, and doing harder quests. Dont worry guys, no grinding :D. The PQs will get more insane, etc.

Now, theirs PvP. RvR. Relam vs Relam. This game is all about war, hell, its in the fucking title! WAR (haha i told you) has insane battles. First, theirs the scenario's, you click to get put in que, and you wait. You pick a party to join and battle. There's about 3 flags to "take control off", and its get 500 points or 15 minutes etc. I can tell you, this is a FACT, It fucking rules!!! You get RP's and EXP when your around the kill, much more if you contribute or did the kill. Then it tells you all the stats (amount of damage done, healing done, etc) at the end. You can buy some kickass armour/weapons with renown points.

Also, around the city your in there's "castles/ areas" which are controlled by eather Order, or Destuction. The faction that controls the most of the city, controlls the city (on the top right of your menu it will tell you the control bar). Theres also epic battles at those areas, and you also get RP. Then after ___ seizes the area, its unattackable for a couple minutes, then thee opposing faction can attack it. You gain RvR levels with alot of RP, which is shown beside ur name in RvR areas. At thee end, this game is about WAAARRGG.

You get mastery points after rank/level 11, which you can use in 3 categories depending on your class. They power up the moves that are in that category (Path Of Immulation, Etc). You get 25 points before level 40.

After level 20, it starts getting fantastic, with unbelievable area's, PQs, Monsters, Dungeons, Lairs, Armour, Etc. I'll leave it you to experience it for yourself :P

Also, the community in this game is fantastic. No anoying 12 year olds yelling cuss words randomely at you. Its easy to make friends, find a party (wont need to) and more. Truly a great, mature community.

The level cap in this game is 40. Some of you might think its low, but it really isnt. Like other MMOs, at level 40 theres still soooo much legendary stuff to do. It will take you quite alot of time to achieve, but ul have an extreme amount of fun on your way.

Warhammer Online, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game that can be played for hundreds/thousand of hours, of continuous extreme fun. It not only lives up to its incredible hype, it far surpasses it. Truly, a fucking phenomenal game.

( I will add much more pictures in the future, and some more text)


You guys should really check out video's of this game. Some of the top of my head are the CG (http://www.gametrailers.com/player/38372.html?type=flv). Gamespot's Discussion of the game (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/warhammeronline/video.html?sid=6197997). Gamespot's Gameplay Video's, IGN Vids, Trailer, Video Discussions of the game and much more. You guys should definitely check out the first two, and the rest if you have time, they are great :D


Gameplay 10/10
-  The gameplay in this game is truly fantastic. The quests in this MMO are very fun, although they do stick to the normal MMO formula (Kill X *insert monster name*), the combat / spellcasting is extremely fun, also because of thee amount of skills (spells). This may shock you, but there is no grinding in this game! Although its nothing revolutionary like Ultima, EQ or WoW was, it takes the greatest things of past MMOs, expands on them and adds some great features . The PQs are legendary. The Lairs and Dungeon's are fun. Among other things, the gameplay in this MMO is realy, realy awesome.

Graphics 8/10
-  For an MMO, the graphics are very fantastic. But what makes it even better are how the environment, and characters look. There is not that many MMOs i can compare these graphics to except Age of Conan. But comparing this to RPGs and Past MMOs, it looks exceedingly good. But you all should remember, for an MMO, graphics mean nothing, at all. The gameplay, quests, dungeons, fun, grind and replayability accualy matter in this genre. But if you are one of those people that really cares about graphics, and likes the MMO genre, you will surely not be disapointed.

Fun 10/10
-  By far, the most fun iv ever had in an MMO, and thats saying something. Lets start with the basics, the grind. There is no grind in this game. Most of u must be thinking "An MMO without grind! Impossible!" and in most cases, youd be right. The level cap in this game is 40. The combat and monsters in these game are incredibly fun, you will just have tons of fun killing these beautifull, bloody great looking beasts. The PvP, RvR in this game is, just wow. WAR is the most fun part of this legendairy game, this game is all about WAR, and with these unique amazing classes, these massive epic battles will make you fall inlove for the first time.

Replay 10/10
-  Limitless game. Not only dose it stick to the MMO formula, which alows you to play for years and years and thousands and thousands of hours, this MMO has something extra. The Tomb of Knowlage in this game is fantastic!! Many hundreds of Titles, Achievements, Beasery, Chapters, and just so, sooo much more. You will never get bored of this game, theres always so much more to kill, urm i mean do. And ul have an extreme amount of fun while doing it.

Single+Multiplayer 10/10
-  You can easily solo your way to level 40, or do it with people. In Warhammer Online, theres tons of quests for your current level, with map indicators so its definately solo-able. You click a button the top left cornor to show all the open parties, how many people, their rank and how far they are from you in Minutes, which you can join in a click. So its very easy to group up, join a warband or anything. Its an MMO, at its finest.

Overall = 10/10
- This game is thee funnest MMO, it sticks to the old MMO formula but brings the best out of every MMO, Introduces new things and the fantasy universe in this game is great. This game is Phenomenally Amazing. Epic To The Next Level! Play it.

Posted by LooM

While I understand you're not a 'professional' reviewer, your review are quite shorthanded.. And your conclusion is pretty, well 'overglorified'..
The graphics are relatively dated - nothing new, and it's not amazing for an mmo.. it's amazing for an mmo when blizzard did it with wow.. and that's some years ago, the graphics are at most on par.
if you had been a bit more critic, it would've led to some credibility, than just a 'fanboy' review :(

Posted by Yit

Also, Most fun, not funnest.

Posted by OGCartman

Funnest is acceptable.

Iv played this game for a long time, and very much enjoy it, so thats my honest review, if youve played the game and dont agree with it LooM thats fine, who am i to judge your opinion on a game, just like you shouldnt judge me. And absolutely not, the graphics are not on par with WoW, thats absolute bullshit lol.

Posted by canadiantoastzombie

Yes Funnest is acceptable

Posted by Bwast

Just wait until you get to the mid 20s when you start to run out of quests and there isn't much to do except grind PQs and stand around in a warcamp farming scenarios, passing in the quests you get from them. Not a fun part of the game. They really need to look at the XP curve for T3. You almost have to play an alt just so you can build up rested XP. It is entirely too painful

My main concern with the game is how hard is it going to be for new people to pick up the game a few months from now and experience all the aspects of the game when the majority of the player population is rank 40, and working on RR80 and dungeons. There will be little to no scenario queues for new people, and PQs will be all but abandoned except for people grinding first stages to get influence rewards. This will force people down the questing route the game has which, in my opinion, is very stale and generic, and definately not one of the game's selling points.

Posted by OGCartman

Iv completed T3. It took longer but was extremely fun!
NO QUESTS? Please tell me ur joking. 6 huge areas with 10x more quests than u need to get to 30. 6 scenario's to que up for, i only see a 2 minute que.

I respect your opinion on the game, but strongly disagree.

Posted by Royale

While his grammar and spelling may not be perfect, the review definately expresses the enthusiasm and the true thoughts that he has for the game.  It is what it is.. a user review.

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