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Brings WAR And Epic To The Next Level! 7

Warhammer Online is the new MMORPG from Games Workshop, which will literally, blow your fucking mind! Now, i have played every MMO from Ultima to Everquest to WoW. Im a pretty huge fan of the genre and have spent many all nighters playing. Warhammer Online, is by far, the greatest & funnest MMO. The first question on peoples mind, "Is it better than WoW?". Short answer: Fuck Yes. World Of Warcraft revolutionized the industry, and was truly a phenom in the MMO world. Warhammer Online is now...

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Tons Of New Conent On To An Epic Game! 0

This game is an expansion onto the legendairy World Of Warcraft. It is also the fastest selling PC game of all time and a great expansion.Blizzard would release new content to WoW every day but this adds ALOT.2 New classes, higher level cap, dungeons, areas, quests, ....................When it comes to expansions, this is one of the best.Anyways, you cant write a big review about an expansion, just that if you like WoW, you MUST get this!...

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Amazing FPS Action! Not The Best But Still Awesome! 0

After a year of being out on the Xbox, PC Gamers eagerly awaited this amazing FPS game to come to the PC. With games like Half-Life, Halo cant be called the best FPS shooter on the PC, not by far but its still very enjoyable.It can be used with a controller or the classic K/M which is great for FPS.Singleplayer is fun, and everything about this game is like the Xbox version, great vehicles, fun guns, crazy aliens, cool maps make is a great game!Whats the difference between the Xbox version and t...

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Remarkable Xbox FPS Shooter! Great Multiplayer! 0

I could explain how great this game is, but i would need too put approximately 8000 words, 268 pictures and 84 videos but yet it would still mean nothing compared to playing the game. It is the one Xbox i would give a 10 because this game really deserves it. I'll explain co-op since thats what i started out with. You start shooting aliens with awesome guns while there screaming. The gunning is just incredibly fun. The levels are original in a good atmosphere and has fun FPS action. The alien...

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Knock Out Game! 0

The first time i played this game was when my friends brought it over. You start out picking out an awesome boxer or a legendary boxer I picked Muhammad Ali Okay so first impression, AWESOME graphics like it was too realistic i thought i was the one getting punched in the face. You can literally dodge the punches, go behind him and knee him in the balls. I can honestly say that this is the best boxing game ever because of the amazing gameplay. When you punch your opponent in the face keep ...

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A Must-Have 4 Any Wrestling Fan! 0

Remember, this review is coming for a wrestling fan so if ur not a wrestling fan you might view this review a little differently. I was excited for this game 4 a while because i love the wrestling games and the fact of ultimate controle and ECW made its extremely awesome. I started the game off in exebition, with my favorite current superstar "The Undertaker" facing off against John Cena. Honestly, I kicked his butt and it was fun doing it. Punched him in the face, Kicked him in the stomach,...

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Amazing MMA Game 2 Play With Ur Buddies! 0

Wow, this has 2 be my 2nd favorite Xbox game. Alright, u pick ur favorite rapper Ur friends pick theirs The loading screen finishes and the rappers mock each other with funny stuff. Game starts and you kick em in the stomach, punch em in the face a couple times then get into rage. You hit ur insane finisher and keep kicking butt. You just gotta love that feeling when ur beating the crap outa ur friend in the game while hes screaming and getting angry in real life or even on Xbox live. After...

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Amazing Fun Game! 1000s Of Skills/Spells And Non-Stop Fun. 0

I'm not sure where to start because this game has too many features for me to write down. I believe this is the greatest RPG ever made on PC. Its hard to classify it into an MMO or not because you get a fresh world when you enter the terain (so no Kill Stealers) but either way, its one of the best in its class! First off all i have to say this game takes months to actually understand no matter how much of a quick learner or gamer you are. I bought this game from Futureshop in March/April 2008 w...

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Amazing High-Octane Wrestling Game 0

Well, there are a lot of ignorant people towards this game for no reason. I can honestly say it's one of the funnest wrestling games I have ever played and there is just so much to do. Let's start off with campaign, you pick your favourite superstar from any brand and you go along with a storyline of facing other wrestlers in all types of matches and it shows fun clips to watch. At the beginning of this game when you're learning how to play with the new controls and all the features it's kind o...

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Awesome Game To Play With Friends!!!! 0

Burnout it the PERFECT game to play with your buddies or to play online. It starts out fun crashing into eachother but when you get that perfect takedown and the other car just goes flying it rules! You can play this game for hours on end all night long. It is amazing to play on your own but playing with friends is just ground braking. And even when you lose or get knocked down you dont get frustrated because it was just so damn cool watching it you cant be pissed.  Burnout 3: Takedown is one of...

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Very Fun Game!! BF2142 Has Excellent Multiplayer! 0

I bought this game from Curcuit City in the USA a while ago and thought it would be really good judging from the back cover and i loved Battlefield 2. I popped it in and installed it, ran the update and started playing Found it realy exciting and fun. Honestly, It has some improvements over BF2 but not enough to make it that much better. Immagine your in and Ice Age with tons of weapons and vehicles. Then, on a 64 ppl multiplayer map you use tons of different guns to go on a killing spree yo...

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Phenominal FPS Shooter!! 64 People Maps! Tanks! Jets! Guns! 2

Battlefield 2 is one of those types of games, an FPS gamer uses as a benchmark, a game that just brings FPS fun to the next level. I bought this game a while ago after hearing my friends talk about it and expected it to be like Counterstrike but damn i was surprised! Tons of maps and rooms to chose from, rooms from 30 people to 64 people on big, fun maps. You then pick your spawn point and weapon to use. You start off with around 6 choises, machine guns, sniper, rocket launcher, support, shotg...

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Phenominal! Revolutionary! 2

Well as you all know, the hype for this game was INSANE! Like it was huge! But you cant really trust the hype, like look at Hellgate:London. It got really hyped up and didnt fit expectations. This game, is not like that! It far surpasses the hype! After waiting like forever and doing beta this is my review for this game: This game is Revolutionary Amazing! I was hyped up for this game since early 2006 and expected it to be good but i was extremely surprised. Here is a brief list of features...

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Unbelievably Phenominal!!! 0

Where to i start to describe this game, its World of freakin' Warcraft!!!I will edit this review later and add more information but here it goesWorld Of Warcraft is a fantasy MMO by blizzard where charicters can do lots of fun quests, dungeons, raids, you name-it. This game has revolutionized the MMO genre, claiming over 12 million subscriptions. It has been called addicting for its never ending gameplay. They currently have the level up at 70 and have released an expansion, with more coming up....

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Grand Theft Auto 4 is GTA at its finest. 0

This game is definately going to be in the finals for game of the year. Now lets start, Grand Theft Auto had so much media hype and every kid from 12 to adults at 50 were exited for this game. Knowing how San Andreas was, we were all expecting a great game with a free world were u can do just about anything and its just extremely fun. The graphics in this game looks great, looking at this on a console was just mind blowing. Its very detailed, making killing cops and hi-jacking cars just that muc...

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Awesome Game! 0

I personaly would of rather of had Battlefield 3 for PC because Battlefield 2 and 2142 were just phenominal but i certainly found the Battlefield Bad Company  great!! Its got a great single player, which is exclusive to this game. The multiplayer is also very fun, in my opinion the 24 player cap and the gold rush is good, but call of duty's multiplayer or even battlefield 2s online is way funner. Im not going to go to indepth in this review i would just like to say, if your a fan of battlefield ...

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