Does anyone in this game talk? Ever?

#1 Posted by Pyro2 (4 posts) -

I've had Warhawk for about a week, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I've played like 50 games or so... and I have yet to hear anyone utter a word. People are off doing whatever, no team work whatsoever. It seems like there's no community, and it's a real bummer. Have I just ran into like every mute playing this game or is this common? It's would be so much better if I had team mates that coordinated.

#2 Posted by DaMiTrOn (13 posts) -

I know what you mean but it depends where ur playing. In the official games, people talking is often a crapshoot but I usually play in player created rooms where people are more apt to be talking.

#3 Posted by Winterblink (34 posts) -

I think there's currently an issue with bluetooth headsets on the PS3 that they're supposed to be resolving soon.  This is part of the reason why you barely hear anyone talk on a lot of the games. 

Though I'll be honest, this might be for the best. :D

#4 Posted by efrucht (639 posts) -

I have a bluetooth headset but I never really talk in online games. People never talk back, so I just play and try to figure out what they are trying to do and help them out.

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I'll occasionally talk, although not at the moment, lost my headset charger(smart huh?). The odd time I do come across conversation its just some kid being annoying, however DaMiTrOn is right, head over to some player set up games, especially ones from the official forums, if you want more chat.

#6 Posted by Relys (984 posts) -

I only have a USB headset.. Would it work? (I'm thinking about buying this).

#7 Posted by lastfreename (4 posts) -

I sedmy mates USB headset in college, worked fine. Couldn't tell you what brand it is or anything though.

#8 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -

This might be the game for me, then. I hate little kids yelling in my ear, but the impression that I get is that 12 year-olds would rather be playing Xbox.

#9 Posted by Meresin (147 posts) -

Silence seems to be pretty prevalent in most games on the PSN, sadly. I've only ever wandered into a few games of COD4 where people had mics at all, and only one game where people were actually having a conversation.

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I thought once upon a time, that Jeff was talking about how when people talk on Warhawk, they are all super nice. Like "Nice kill man", "Great job, great job!", and "You really know how to fly that, Warhawk"

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A bit of an update. My friend and I played a few rounds of Zones together, and it was great fun. After he left I joined a different room, CTF, and it was the most annoying crap ever. 11 year wouldn't shut up. On top of which, only option I could find in the menus was to either mute everyone, or not. No muting individual players. I would of killed for Bungies "STFU" bottom, so easy and it works.

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You can mute an individual player if you go into the scores list and select the player and hit X twice.  There is a mic issue right now that prevents BT mics from working for more than 1 round.  My clan doesn't even talk anymore, because they can't respond.  It's really fucked up our games.

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I've noticed a lot of warbly distortion emanating from players rather than actual voice chat.  I didn't know what that was but maybe it is a result of the BT problem mentioned above.  Heard the same thing in Metal Gear Online.

I use a Logitech USB headset with a USB extension cord and it works great (based on reports from the few times I was on a server with others who could voice chat).  I prefer the quality and heft of the headset over a BT device anyways.  Consider it.

I try to talk as much as possible in a constructive manner but it can be tough, especially when others have hijacked the voice chat to repeatedly call another player "noob" for a straight half an hour.  Even as I pwned the offending player, he still never shut up about the "noob" (who, strangely enough, wasn't me he was referring to).

If anyone here runs a teamplay-oriented clan and is interested in having another player you can reach me on PSN as Zvarri.

#14 Posted by Keano (466 posts) -

Thats why PSN is a pathetic excuse of an online service

#15 Posted by FesteringNeon (2168 posts) -

I have 2 headsets somewhere (looks around)... guess it doesn't matter much?

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