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 Once every millennium, when the sun aligns with the moon- the evil one sends to Earth his only son- the Warlock- to gather six ancient druid runestones scattered though time and across the continents. When all six are assembled, they wield the ultimate power- the power to rule the Earth! The hero is a modern druid warrior, charged with preventing the Warlock from assembling the runestones, and restoring the the light of day to the mortal world.  You must use the powers inherited from your druid ancestors to find all six runestones before the Warlock, or the world will forever dwell in darkness. Proceed with caution, for the Warlock will do all within his powers to impede your progress. Be ready to meet creatures and demons for which thou hast no preparation......     

~Passage from the game manual. 


New England- 1  
Set in New England, the first runestone is found within this level.
The cavern Below the Lake- 2  
Set within a cavern, inhabited by fire-breathing dragon-like monsters, the second runestone is found here.
A Grim Garden- 3  
This level takes place within a garden, monsters found within include; gargoyles, griffins, and archers. The animated alabasters stand in your way to reaching the games ultimate antagonist.
Inside the Wizards Castle- 4  
Set within a castle, the third runestone can be found here.
The Cemetery- 5  
This level is set within a cemetery, the fifth runestone is found here. 
The Mountains- 6   
The last runestone is found on this level.
The Underworld- 7  
The last level, and one last task to boot. You must fight & defeat the 'Warlock'. Prepare for the ultimate battle. 

  • Levitation Crystal-  Enables you to levitate for a short period of time.
  • Fire Pots-   Doubles your fire power, temporarily.


  • Weak Smart Bomb- Destroys living creatures such as the giant tarantula, elves, and bats.
  • Strong Smart Bomb- Destroys both living and undead creatures. 
  • Healing- Partially restores the hero's health when cast.
  • Revival Spell- Restores health completely when cast.  
  • Protection- A rare spell. When cast, causes prisms to orbit the hero, affording you some protection from small, slow enemies.  
  • Tremor- When cast, causes the earth to tremor. 
  • Time Reversal- Casting this spell will send you back in time to the location where it was found.  
Warlock also has a password save-system.

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