Every game I've played - Megadrive (Genesis)

List of Megadrive games, should cover them all, some of the images were not available so i've gone with best fit

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

  Argh, here come a flood of memories.
Road Rash II was one of my favorite games, period.  We rented Chakan, and while it wasn't perfect, it had some pretty cool designs.  Revenge of Shinobi was good, and had great music, but was challenging.
Ah, Populous.  We leant that to someone for Streets of Rage, and he never traded it back.  Old Rage had some great music and gameplay, but I was still a bit bitter about losing populous.  Altered beast was fun at the start, but much better games came later.
Man, you have good taste.  Golden Axe, unquestionable classic.  Flashback, also one of the best games for the system (load times were arduous, though). 
Sonic 2 was just great. Great music, really high energy levels.  Super Monaco GP was one of the funnest racing games I ever played...Shining in the Darkness was a really good console-style RPG.  Impressive dungeon features and spells, as well as cool secret items. Strider was short and janky but really cinematic and they weren't afraid to throw away details on single scenes.  Sword of Vermillion was OK, but I think it wasn't balanced right in places.
 As far as Another World, it was called Out of this World in the American market.  Look it up under that name so you can add it. Didn't know it was for the Genesis, we had it for the PC.  It's now in a new, enhanced version for the PC I think.
Herzog Zwei was one of the games I really, really missed out on.  Should have been more brave back then, I think I would have loved that game.
Now I'm having Genesis nostalgia.  Great list!

Posted by Astras
@ahoodedfigure: cheers man, yea making these lists is a pretty good trip down memory lane. Giant bomb has an excellent facility where you can be nostalgic and keep a record of everything you have ever played :P
I can remember struggling at the end of sonic 2 after fighting steel sonic with dr robotinic at the end.. killed me loads :P But a great game.
Shining in the darkness had a wierd feel to it, unlike other RPG's the dungeon crawl was severe but if you stuck at it was rewarding with funny diaglogue and decent gameplay.
I always respected what they did in flashback and another world, for the time you even look at it now and just think "WOW", yeah another world I remember getting stuck on that game soo many times!
There is a couple of classics that arnt in the giant bomb database such as:
Dragons fury
Dragons revenge
If you never caught them 2 it might be worth having a crack on an emulator tho, they are Awesome games. Pinball games with an RPG element.. sounds wierd but awesome :D.
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The Galahad you've got on this list is a pinball machine. The game you want is Leander.
You also have the pinball version of WWF Royal Rumble listed.

Posted by FUN