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Warrick Brown, played by Gary Dourdan, is a character in the TV show CSI and its licensed games. As a CSI Level 3 on the nightshift team, he is one of the more senior team members. 


Native to Las Vegas, Warrick was raised by his Grandmother and Aunt after his Father abandoned him and his Mother died when he was seven. His Grandmother kept a strict house and Warrick kept certain aspects of himself, such as casino running, hidden from her. A bit of a nerd at school, he hints that his looks meant that he was popular with girls despite his nerd status.

Throughout his time in the show, Warrick struggles with an addiction to gambling. This causes not only personal trouble for himself but creates tension in the team. When Sara Sidle joins the team she discovers Warrick’s addiction is affecting his work performance and endangering the team. As a result of this it takes a long time for them to warm up to each other, though eventually they become firm friends. 


His relationships with the other team members are generally good. He maintains a strong friendship with Nick Stokes, almost as brothers. He and Catherine Willows have a good working relationship and a definite attraction to each other but this never develops into a relationship.

Perhaps Warrick’s strongest relationship is with team Supervisor, Gil Grissom. Gil is a guiding, fatherly influence on Warrick and helps him work through his gambling addiction without further jeopardizing his career. After Warrick’s death the team finds a video where he states that not known his own Father, if he could choose one, Grissom would be him.  


In season 8, Warrick is drawn into the investigation of a Mafia boss’ murder following the death of a woman Warrick was involved in. Drawn deeper and deeper into the investigation and nearing obsession, this is taken advantage of and Warrick is framed for the murder of Gedda. The team eventually uncovers the fact that an LVPD cop was responsible for the murder and framing of Warrick. Warrick is aware that there is a mole in the department and is determined to find the leak.

After celebrating his release and clearing of any crime with the team at a diner, Warrick is approached by the Under Sheriff, who congratulates him and enquires as to the status of the case. When Warrick states his intention to find the mole the Under Sheriff pulls and a gun and shoots Warrick. After cleaning the gun and dropping it into the car, he flees.

Grissom is first to find Warrick, who is clinging onto life. Warrick desperately tries to tell Grissom who is responsible for his shooting but dies trying.

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