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You play as the newest member of the Las Vegas CSI team. You are put on murder investigations and must put all of your skills to the test making use of the tools and techniques available to you in order to discover the truth and uncover the murderer.

CSI Crew

The following are the main CSI staff that you will work cases with. They will back you up and provide insight and help when needed.
Gil Grissom
 Gilbert "Gil" Grissom is the graveyard shift supervisor and under his leadership the LVPD Crime Lab has risen to national prominence rivaled only by that of the FBI crime lab at Quantico.
Catherine Willows
 Catherine Willows is a CSI Level 3 and occasional Acting Shift Supervisor with the Las Vegas Police Department.
Warrick Brown
 Warrick Brown is a CSI Level 3 for the LVPD.
Nick Stokes
 Nick Stokes is a CSI Level 3 for the LVPD.
Sara Sidle
 Sara Sidle is a CSI for the LVPD.
Greg Sanders
 Greg Sanders is the junior CSI at the LVPD.

Then there are the team members who work to back up the CSI staff. Captain Jim Brass who represents the police force and Dr. Al Robbins who represents the medical staff.

Captain Jim Brass
 Temporarily the head of the CSI Crime Lab, Captain Jim Brass is currently a homicide detective who works closely with the CSIs to provide them with leg work, warrants, and other things that they often find themselves needing.
Dr. Al Robbins
 The Chief Medical Examiner for the LVPD, he performs autopsies of victims and provides the CSI team with medical information and analysis relevant to the case.

Game play

As a CSI, you have a wealth of tools and techniques at your disposal. You will travel to various locations, examine them for evidence, collect the evidence, interview suspects, process the evidence at the crime lab, and eventually make an arrest.


There are various tools you will have at your disposal with which to examine the crimes scenes and collect evidence.
Latex Gloves

Latex Rubber Gloves - used to handle large evidence without contamination.
Casting Plaster
 Casting Plaster and Frame - used to contain casting plaster when taking an impression of shoe prints, footprints, and tire tracks at a crime scene.
Adhesive Lifting Tape
 Adhesive Lifting Tape - Adhesive vinyl lifter used to recover light, powdery, or scattered evidence such as fingerprints and footprints.
Flash Drive
SanDisk Crossfire Flash Drive - The SanDisk Crossfire Flash Drive is a modified portable memory device used to help detect computer files that are encrypted or corrupted.
Fingerprint Brush
 Fingerprint Brush and Powder - A brush used to apply powder to a fingerprint area; usually made from fiberglass, camel's hair, or squirrel hair.
 Ninhydrin (1,2,3 triketo-hydrindene hydrate) - Reveals latent fingerprints on porous surfaces, such as paper, by reacting with amino acids in the fingerprints.
Magnetic Brush
 Magnetic Brush and Powder - A spring-loaded magnet used for application of magnetic fingerprint powder to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Magnetic powder is used to enhance fingerprints on certain porous objects, such as wood, polystyrene, and painted surfaces.
 Integri-Swab - A swab fixed inside a ventilated, sterile package into which it retracts and remains protected once a sample has been taken.
 Luminol - A chemiluminescent that reacts with the iron in hemoglobin, causing blood traces to illuminate with a blue-green light in a dark environment. Effective even on surfaces that have been wiped or washed clean of visible blood.
 Leuko Crystal Violet (LCV) - Hexamethyl-p-rosaniline chloride, a liquid accelerant that fluoresces when even trace amounts of blood are present. This tool is highly specific in positively identifying blood.
 Tweezers - Very sharp and durable tweezers used for picking up dangerous or minute pieces of evidence.
 Mikrosil - Thick, rubbery putty, compounded of actuator powder in a silicone base, usually used for making molds of tool impressions. The putty is similar to the substance used by dentists to make teeth molds.
High-Powered Flashlight - A powerful flashlight used to identify potential items of evidence in darkened areas.
 Digital SLR Camera - The Digital SLR Camera captures high-quality photographs in most light conditions. The photos are used to document and preserve the context of a crime scene, such as orientation and arrangement of objects. The camera is also used to gather visual evidence that can't be collected in other ways, such as bruising, or spatter patterns.
UV Light
 Ultra Violet Light (UV Light) - Light-like radiation beyond the violet end of the visible spectrum, with wavelengths shorter than those of visible light but longer than those of X rays. This hand held device is used to enhance potential items of evidence, including bruising, accelerants, and various body fluids.
Adhesive Mount
 Adhesive Specimen Mount - An adhesive pad and vial used to lift and preserve powdery substances for chemical and microscopic analysis in the lab. Examples of use are Gunshot residue (GSR) and trace amounts of powder.


In order to process the evidence for clues and determine concrete facts, you will have a variety of equipment at your disposal.
Assembly Table
 Assembly Table - A wide table with plenty of light and room to work is the perfect spot for assembling and disassembling a variety of items. If you find a shredded document or photo, you will work on putting it back together here at the assembly table. If you need to disassemble a gun in order to run ballistic tests on it, that will also happen here.
Comparison Microscope
 Comparison Microscope - This microscope is designed in such as way as to allow you to make extremely magnified comparisons of two objects side by side in order to check the smallest of details when evaluating their similarity. For example, comparing two strands of hair to determine if they are from the same source, or comparing a mold of a tool indentation to the tool itself, are both done here. Also, one of the most common uses for the comparison microscope is to compare the markings of fired bullets to determine if they have been fired from the same gun.
Trace Analysis Computer
Trace Analysis Computer - This computer is linked into a number of national government databases for searching out fingerprints, shoe prints, and tire tread. It is also linked into the internet so that you can do research on various pieces of information such as phone numbers or financial transactions. Finally it also allows you to make digital comparisons of photographs and voice recordings. Have a fingerprint and you want to find the identity of the owner? This is your tool.
DNA Machine
DNA Machine - This large piece of equipment is used entirely for determining and comparing DNA from various sources. It is also hooked into the Government's national DNA database so that you can enter in DNA from an unknown source and get back a list of possible matches.
Chemical Analyzer
 Chemical Analyzer - This last machine is used entirely for determining the chemical makeup of various substances. Put in an object and it will spit out the chemical composition. Useful for determining what a white powder is or perhaps if two sources of lipstick are infact both from the same single source.
Mobile Crime Unit
 Mobile Crime Unit - A new addition to the department is the mobile crime unit. Now if you have time sensitive evidence that needs to be processed quickly, you can do so right at CSI's MCU. The Travel Analysis Computer, DNA Machine, Chemical Analyzer, and Comparison Microscope have all been packed into the trunk of this SUV for all your on the go evidence processing needs.



Pictures At An Execution

 A woman has been brutally bludgeoned to death at a local art gallery while the owner happened to be away and the place was entirely deserted. A case of robbery gone horribly wrong or perhaps something more sinister? Your first case as a CSI at the LVPD, you will work closely with CSI Warrick Brown as he shows you the ropes and evaluates your abilities.

First Person Shooter

 The executive producer of LZP Games has been gunned down at a video game convention and then posed to resemble the ad for the very video game he was there publicizing. Was this a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong, or did this pushy, hated boss tick off the wrong person and pay for it with his life? You will work with CSI Nick Stokes as you unravel the mystery behind this case.

Daddy's Girl

 The daughter of a wealthy casino owner has mysteriously vanished and all that remains of her is an extremely large amount of blood splattered all around her apartment. Was she murdered and if so where is her body? You must work quickly with CSI Sarah Sidle to solve this mystery as the casino owner has a lot of pull and influence in Vegas and is seeking answers.

Rough Cut

 A lone camper is discovered dead out in the vast desert of Las Vegas. Was he murdered, did he commit suicide, or was he just a little too careless and ended up dead? You'll work with the newest CSI, Greg Sanders to discover the cause behind his death and who, if anyone, is responsible for it.

The Big White Lite

 While driving to work, Dr. Al Robbins noticed a car suspiciously parked in an alley with its trunk open and no one around. Stopping to investigate he found a dead body shoved into a packing crate. Who killed this man and what was the motive? Can you catch the killer before the trail gets cold? For this final case you'll work with CSI Gil Grissom and CSI Catherine Willows on an investigation that will take you back to your previous cases and show you that something even larger is brewing.

Game play

In all the CSI games, you control a no-named, no-faced rookie who has just joined the CSI team. You partner with one of the other CSI members and solve a case. Solving the cases consists of  finding clues at the scene of the crime, analyzing the clues at the lab, interrogating suspects, and finally building up enough of a case to arrest someone or get them to confess.

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