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The purple blob

Wayne's World puts players into the role of Wayne, from the popular SNL skit about the fictional public access show Wayne's World, and the hit movie based on the skit. In the game, Wayne and his friend Garth are sucked into the Zoltar the Gelatinous Cube arcade machine mentioned in the movie. They must chase down a mysterious purple blob that captured Wayne's blond-haired friend. Released in 1993, this game came out on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and the Game Boy.


Robo Elvis battle

Wayne's World is a combination of platforming and shooting. Wayne's main weapon is a guitar, which he can strum to attack with sound waves. These waves can be increased by finding amp upgrades in various levels. The player will face several wacky enemies based on the location, such as a man-eating donut in the donut shop or a person with a mohawk at a backstage level. There is a total of five stages with three levels each. Each level ends with Garth getting recaptured by the large purple blob.

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