Connection Ambassador (500 wii points)

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Help a brother out? 
just bought a wii and they're offering 500 wii points to two people if they say they helped get each other online or whatever, its on the wii store channel check it out. Says we need to swap each other wii numbers and both parties get 500 wii points :D. 
PM me your wii console number f your interested! 

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Sent you a PM :)

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STILL OPEN! Just to clarify it MUST be a UK wii! 

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Pretty sure it needs to be a recently-online-for-the-first-time Wii or something. Maybe not. If it's so, you qualify, but others here probably don't.

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it dosnt matter how long the other person has been online for, its just to say they helped out a new wii owner 

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 I'm from the UK, I'll do it for you? 

 And anyone else - I’m  happy to help people get their Wii online so you get 500 free points (enough for one retro game e.g. Pacman, original Super Mario Bros and many more to choose from!) Even if you don’t need the help, you can still get the points by following the above instructions then adding my Wii number which is  

 8204 5356 8089 6841  

 (Add after clicking Wii Shop Channel, then Connection Ambassador, then ‘Person Who Was Helped’) Then email me YOUR Wii number to, I’ll enter it on my Wii then we’ll both get the free points!

Please note, I have a UK Wii so you’ll need to be in the UK or change your country on the Wii to UK, and you have to have put your Wii online for the first time in the last 30 days - any later than that and it won’t work!

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PM'd you MrYevrah! I'll happily be your UK Connection Ambassador but it looks like you might not have long left of your 30 days. 

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