Downloading the Internet Channel on the Wii

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I just bought a Wii, and I am "customizing" it right now, but whenever I try downloading the Wii Internet Channel I get a problem...

  1. I go to the Wii Shop Channel
  2. Then to "Wii Channels"
  3. I choose the Internet Channel which requires 0 Wii Points and it says it's downloadable
  4. I press download, I choose for ir to be downloaded to the Wii System memory and the confirmation.
  5. The Confirmation says that "this software requires 0 Wii points and uses 203 blocks in the Wii System memory" (I don't know what blocks are so I am thinking that might be a problem... according to the Confirmation I have 1791 Open Blocks and will have 1588 Blocks after Download)
  6. Once it starts downloading it says there's a Transaction Failure. Error Code: 204036 and to please wait a moment and try again....
  7. If I press the Try Again Button I end up starting all over again...
I have no idea how to fix this... any ideas?
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@sora_thekey: Formatting the Wii may fix the issue. Instructions here
(make sure to backup your saves)
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@JJWeatherman said:
" @sora_thekey: Formatting the Wii may fix the issue. Instructions here.  (make sure to backup your saves) "
I tried doing that and it didn't work... i guess I'll have to try and call the number
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Maybe it is because you are "customizing" your Wii.

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