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Willow on a comic cover
Willow on a comic cover

Willow Rosenberg was born in Sunnydale, California to acedemic parents who raised her to see the value in knowledge. Growing up with her friends Xander and Jesse, Willow was never alone, even as she remained on the fringe of popularity. Upon entering high school, Willow nearly died at the hands of a vampire but was saved by the hands of Buffy. Unfortunately, her friend Jesse was lost to the vampires and she was forced to concede the truth about her home town: vampres and demons were real and ready to feed on her alive.

Finding an interest in Wicca, Willow began delving into the black arts at an early age. Her dabbling, although frowned upon by Giles, became an invaluable resource for the 'Scooby Gang', offering them magical alternatives to their 'bash and smash' approach to figthing the forces of darkness.

Willow in her 'softer side of Sears' dress
Willow in her 'softer side of Sears' dress

All while growing up, Willow had a secret longing to be more than a friend to Xander, a longing she let go of once she began a relationship with Oz, werewolf and guitarist. Unfortunately for the witch, Spike kidnapped her and Xander at a time that was emotionally volitile for them both and the pair were caught kissing by both of their significant others. Despite this, Oz eventually forgave her, and they continued their happy relationship until Oz left Sunnydale to protect Willow from his werewolf side.

At college, Willow's powers grew as did her first lesbian relationship with fellow Wicca practitioner, Tara Maclay. Tara became the second centre, next to magic, in Willow's life and, even as Willow began to drown in the addictive flow of magic, Tara stood by her side. It wasn't until Willow started to lose the very essence of herself that Tara put her foot down, demanding Willow chose magic or her. In a deceptive play, Willow tried to make her forget the ultimatum using the accursed magic but instead pushed Tara away. They eventually reconciled, and as they were building back their trust, Tara was accidentally killed by a stray bullet from the gun of Warren Mears, who had intended to gun down Buffy, and subsequently, Willow lost herself to the dark comfort of magic, bringing down a bloody reign of vengeance on the perpetrator of Tara's murder by skinning him alive. Far gone and too grief-stricken to function, Willow allowed herself to be the bringer of armageddon, stopping only when Xander showed her how important she was to him and to the world as a whole. Allowed to grieve, Willow spent time under Giles' care to recover her lost self.

Pulling away from the depths of magic was harder than she initially thought, but Willow did refrain from participating in the very magics that threatened to consume her soul. It was with a heavy heart that she consented to use her powers once more in the final battle at Sunnydale, but in doing so she was partially responsible for the success of destroying the hellmouth in Sunnydale when she turned all the potential Slayers into real ones.


Willow uses her magic to support Buffy
Willow uses her magic to support Buffy

Buffy Summers

This super hero slayer befriended the wallflower genius when they first met in high school. A relationship grew that was built on trust, love, respect and boys. These powerful females support each other through thick and thin, owing much of their success to each other. When Buffy died a second time in order to save the world, Willow used her magical knowledge to resurrect her friend and bring back the powerful force for good.

Rupert Giles

Mentor to Buffy, Giles provided a constant presence in Willow's life. A stalwart instructor, Giles guided the fledgling witch toward the side of good, offering her a plethora of spellcrafting resources and experience.

Willow and Tara spend time bonding
Willow and Tara spend time bonding

Tara was a timid, stuttering, and shy woman who met Willow during their first year of college. Tara, a witch herself with self-proclaimed 'little power', fell in love with the quirky red-head and, assuming the affection to be one-sided, was surprised to find her love returned. The pair began a relationship rife with angst and uncertainty when Willow began to lose herself to the intoxicating power magic offered her.

Killed by a stray bullet, Tara was mourned by Willow with a furvor rivaled by none.

Xander Harris

These lifelong friends grew up in a town suffocating under a veil of death. Relying on each other to make it through their formative years, these loyal friends share a deep bond of trust and love.



Deciding he needed Drusilla even after she cast him aside, Spike abducted the aspiring witch to do a love spell for him. Since then Willow has had a healthy distrust and hatred for the vampire, especially since she is fully aware that his comradarie would willingly be traded for a pointy blade and the ability to use it. However, Willow starts sympathising with the vampire when Spike regains his soul.

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