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Bethany Duquesne was born to a family of powerful magic-users in suburban Detroit.  While she grew up as a normal girl, on her eighteenth birthday, she and her twin sister Pamela were to be inducted into the ranks of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, a witch's coven which her family had long been a part of.  
While her twin eagerly joined the group, Bethany fled, vowing never to use her powers for evil.  Under the guidance of the Trimegistus Council, a group of mages who pledge to use their powers for good, Bethany trained and developed her powers. 
After the destruction of Detroit and its rebirth as Millennium City, she returned to her home and became a superhero, known as Witchcraft,  After Defender put out a call for the superheroes of Millennium City to join with him, she became one of the founding members of the Champions, the most famous Superhero group in the world.

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