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This is basically a call to arms for anyone who plays this game, or is even interested in playing this game.

Would you be interested in forming a GiantBomb clan, playing some matches, and (if we ever get big enough) participate in global Clan Wars?

Even if you're just a casual player, it's a free game, and it's really only about having fun. My best tank is currently a T54, although I'll be working on American mediums soon... anyone else?

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I am, currently my best tank is a T-28 with its top tier cannon. name on WoT is harms_arms.

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I might be up for it, i'd have to reinstall and remember my account info though, so I'll get back to you.

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I'm interested in the game, haven't played it myself yet, Anyone wanna tell me how it is? because i'm pretty sure it's a f2p game and those are usually pretty iffy and don't always have the greatest gameplay

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I would play WoT but I'm currently too invested in UoT.

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Username: Pilecki 
Just started yesterday 

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A friend said i should try it, so i´m downloading it right now... if its good i´ll get back to you. So far i´ve had only good times playing games with other GB members :)
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Awwww, so little love from the GB community for MMO pew pew tanks. :( Then again, I'll only be playing until BF3 comes out. The clock is ticking...

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I recently started playing. I'm only at tier 2. First I tried the tank destroyer and then the Panzer II. I have researched the next tank but it's so expensive. it's over 50k and I only get 1k per match if even that. The problem with F2P games are that they are made so that you are pretty much forced to buy gold or grind like crazy and I find neither choice appealing. I want to get a gun that has some penetration like that nice long 75mm gun the Panzer IV can have but that tank costs 250k and I need the grind some other tanks first.

Maybe I'm just playing wrong, but it always seem like the enemy kills me super fast while I barely do any damage at all. The only times I even managed to kill anyone was when I got really close up in their butt and they were busy with another tank.

If this was an FPS it feels like my Panzer II is an SMG and my Tank destoyer is a sniper, but I want to be using an assault rifle class that is accurate at least up to medium range and still does damage. What class is that?

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@dagas: Medium tanks from around tier five are probably what you're looking for. You'll have the range to snipe and the mobility to engage in close-range dogfights. The game really opened up for me once I started using them. Grinding the sufficient credits and experience with just light tanks is a complete chore, though. I'd recommend investing in an SPG (aka artillery), since you're able to accumulate kills without putting yourself in harm's way.

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Omg i just saw this post , lol i have all tier 10 heavy researched and most of them bought also all tier 9 meds and some tier 8 td and 1 t7 spg , i am dep commander of a clan who owns some provs. I love wot but sometimes i just take a time out otherwise i get burned out because of those pub battles and terrible MM

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I just started playing a couple days ago, but would love to be part of a clan.

user name is the same as my GB one: m0nk3y80y.

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I would be in for any type of clan or GB meetup, my username is the same, RandomAtom

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