World of Warcraft’s Movie Has Actors

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Posted by patrickklepek (3069 posts) -

We don’t report on video game movies very often at Giant Bomb because almost none of them actually go into production. Do you really think Hollywood's going to make a Shadow of the Colossus movie? But World of Warcraft is a movie that seems like it's going to get shot, and casting’s now been announced.

While their roles have not yet been announced, we can been imagining orcs and humans and swords and magic:

  • Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma, Six Feet Under)
  • Travis Fimmel (Vikings)
  • Paula Patton (Precious, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)
  • Toby Kebbell (Wrath of the Titans, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)
  • Rob Kazinsky (True Blood, Pacific Rim)
  • Dominic Cooper (Captain America, My Week With Marilyn)

The World of Warcraft film, to be directed by Moon and Source Code’s Duncan Jones, was recently delayed from December 2015 to March 2016, thanks to Star Wars hustling its way in.

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#2 Posted by SeanFoster (837 posts) -

Duncan Jones as Director makes it hard for me to ignore this movie.

#3 Posted by TheThirdRLM (137 posts) -
#4 Posted by Atwa (564 posts) -

Wait Ben Foster will be leading actor?


#5 Edited by tanjamwil (4 posts) -

Travis Fimmel looks pretty Arthas-y to me

#6 Edited by Pr1mus (3513 posts) -

Everywhere it keeps saying World of Warcraft but they've said multiple times this was focusing on the Warcraft 1/2 era of Orcs vs Humans. Also IMDB just lists this as Warcraft.

#7 Posted by Video_Game_King (34603 posts) -

Until now, I thought they'd let Siri and Microsoft Sam do voice-overs for all the in-game models.

#8 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (2596 posts) -

Zhuk Zhuk

#9 Posted by Budwyzer (486 posts) -

Yeah! Let's do this! It's not like I'm tired of the Warcraft universe after 5 years of playing WoW or anything. I'm in for ten!

How about a Diablo movie and it could just be 3 hours of watching a Barbarian smash walking skeletons with an axe, and then looting their corpses. Slamming Red Bull when he gets hurt.

Then he meets up with a wizard, who needs lots of mana. And where does mana come from? Blue meth, that's where. So this wizard, he isn't really all there anymore. But goddamn, his firewall spell, fucking epic.

#10 Edited by chiablo (847 posts) -

Duncan Jones as Director makes it hard for me to ignore this movie.

This means that the whole movie will actually be about a person who plays World of Warcraft, alone in his room.

#11 Posted by Christoffer (1654 posts) -

Never heard of 'em

#12 Posted by Turkalurch (197 posts) -

I have this feeling this movie is going to be gritty and dark now.

#13 Posted by OriginalGman (290 posts) -

By the Makers!

#14 Posted by Blair (2471 posts) -

Somewhere in the Universe, Ryan is happily at peace with the fact that he doesn't have to do another episode of TANG.

#15 Edited by SeanFoster (837 posts) -

@chiablo said:

@seanfoster said:

Duncan Jones as Director makes it hard for me to ignore this movie.

This means that the whole movie will actually be about a person who plays World of Warcraft, alone in his room.

Doomed to do the same dungeon over and over and over!

#17 Posted by Nightriff (4344 posts) -

Never heard of these actors. Telling me they can't get Jeff Bridges to play....something in it?

#18 Posted by Yummylee (20571 posts) -

@chiablo said:

@seanfoster said:

Duncan Jones as Director makes it hard for me to ignore this movie.

This means that the whole movie will actually be about a person who plays World of Warcraft, alone in his room.

Doomed to do the same dungeon over and over and over!

And is eventually revealed that he's been in the middle of a corpse run the entire time!

#19 Edited by EternalHaV0C (63 posts) -

Does anyone even care anymore? Seems like they have been talking about making this movie forever.

#20 Posted by crusader8463 (14308 posts) -

I would love to see the story follow a Tauren character. Love the idea of a giant cow being a leading role in a giant hollywood blockbuster movie.

#21 Posted by Dilbyo (4 posts) -

never heard of them. incoming flop

#22 Edited by joshwent (1778 posts) -

Never heard of 'em

Which makes me so much more interested in this.

#23 Edited by RedRoach (1158 posts) -

@i_stay_puft: hey woah hey hey woah now....

it's zhug zhug

#24 Posted by TurboMan (6943 posts) -

Only reason I'll watch this is because I have full faith in Duncan Jones. Watch Moon if you haven't.

#25 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (2596 posts) -

@redroach said:

@i_stay_puft: hey woah hey hey woah now....

it's zhug zhug

Whoa there buddy... Not sure what dark portal you came from but...

#27 Posted by Sessh (557 posts) -

Still disappointed they couldn't get Uwe Boll to direct what is definitely gonna be a cinematic masterpiece.

#28 Posted by forkboy (970 posts) -

So I mean this should be terrible, but so far Duncan Jones is hitting at a really good rate, 2 excellent movies, one of which was one of the best sci-fi films of the decade. So I guess I can't just shit on the idea but have to wait & see.

#29 Posted by dannyodwyer (334 posts) -

The hot guy from Mamma Mia???


#30 Posted by blacklab (1475 posts) -

I want to say this is going to blow...but Duncan Jones. It's a weird fit.

#31 Posted by Yummylee (20571 posts) -

Wait a minute... Kazinski, as in Eastenders Kazinski?! Pahahaha, wow. Haven't seen much of his work, but hey, good on him for actually getting out of there instead of finding himself stuck in for life.

#32 Posted by SamDrugbringer (1099 posts) -

I know this is just me being too much an attention to detail, but I think it's funny Klepek lifted two Wrath of the Lich King screenshots for a game that will most likely have nothing to do with it, and is also an expansion from 3 or 4 years ago.

Then again I guess he might not know that since he's never played!

#33 Edited by wumbo3000 (904 posts) -

Duncan Jones is an awesome director and all, but there's this nagging feeling in my head that this movie's going to follow the same trend as every other video game movie. Hope I'm wrong!

#34 Posted by cannedstingray (380 posts) -

WTF is with the sentence, "We can been imagining" is that referencing some meme that i'm not aware of? Or is that just another of Kleptok's fancy ways of talking?

#35 Posted by Saganomics (178 posts) -

Werner Herzog presents Everquest: The Motion Picture

#36 Posted by TowerSixteen (538 posts) -

"Unless something goes horribly wrong, this film's happening"

Of course, the odds that this movie won't be something horribly wrong as well approaches zero...

#37 Posted by Shaanyboi (1216 posts) -

I believe in Duncan Jones.

#38 Posted by punkxblaze (2877 posts) -

Is it terrible that I'd actually like to see a Starcraft movie?

#39 Edited by AngriGhandi (682 posts) -

I maintain my view that this movie is never actually coming out.

I know they've got a director (again). I know they've got actors (even though they aren't big stars). I'm sure they've had at least three or four screenplays by this point! All this is true.

But they are planning on releasing a World of Warcraft movie in fucking 2016.

At some point, someone is going to realize how completely out of touch that idea is with any kind of cultural reality.

#40 Posted by chupon (2 posts) -

Travis Fimmel is pretty good as Ragnar in Vikings.

Rob Kazinsky was good as Warlow on True Blood, even if the show got a little weird.

#41 Edited by myslead (916 posts) -

well I don't see any way this could go wrong.

#42 Edited by Phished0ne (2430 posts) -

Its not a World Of Warcraft movie. Its a movie set in the world of warcraft. That is an important distinction to make, a World Of Warcraft movie would be some crazy Last Starfighter-esque movie where a kid plays so much WOW he gets sucked into the game and has to mine ore for the rest of his life. The movie is a retelling of the story of Warcraft/Warcraft 2.

#43 Posted by Nime (82 posts) -

Ben Foster has come a long way since Freaks and Geeks.

#44 Posted by ADAMWD (501 posts) -
#45 Posted by FoxMulder (1568 posts) -

Played WoW for a few months, but I'm not too big a fan of it. I'll see this mostly because Duncan Jones is a fantastic filmmaker.

#46 Edited by zeekthegeek (374 posts) -

Note Patrick, you keep saying 'World of Warcraft movie' but it's actually just Warcraft, and is based on the plot of the first game.

And yeah, this is a sure thing for at least being filmed now. Sets are being built in Vancouver. Actual actors are being signed and extras casting has been active here. The furthest Raimi got was saying Raimi was attached.

#47 Posted by demonbear (1860 posts) -

@tanjamwil: they already said this movie is not about Arthas. Its about the events of Warcraft 1. Anduin Lothar for the Humans, Durotan for the orcs they said.

#48 Posted by Bones8677 (3170 posts) -

There have been TONS of movies that have had directors and stars attached, and even filmed, but have fallen to utter ruin. I'll wait for a trailer before fully accepting that this movie is an actual thing.

#49 Edited by crithon (2575 posts) -

a safe cast, nothing like Scott Bakula as the voice in source code.... as much as everyone might gripe I'm reminded how Poorly the Xmen films are because Halle Berry demands so much for the Xmen films and she's the laughing stock out of them. So yes, big names do ruin somewhat modest productions.

#50 Posted by GunsAreDrawn (292 posts) -

I thought Moon was brilliant but I also thought Source Code was generic as hell. This will probably be a mix of both, but I'm looking forward to see how this actually turns out.

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