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X is a Nintendo R&D1 and Argonaut Games co-developed title for the Game Boy. Using a first-person viewpoint, the player goes on various missions while often employing space shooter gameplay conventions. X is historically notable because it was the first game on the system which used a truly a three-dimensional environment; simplistic polygons are thusly rendered in-game. This was accomplished despite beliefs that the system couldn't handle anything of the sort. The game was created by Dylan Cuthbert, a man who would later on contribute greatly to the development of Star Fox 1 and 2, as well as head Q-Games, the studio behind the PixelJunk series. X was also the first game that longtime Nintendo composer Kazumi Totaka worked on, with his signature song being a hidden easter egg in the game. The game received a sequel in 2010 called X-Scape on DSiWare which was released worldwide.


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X's gameplay consists mainly of the player piloting a multipurpose tankas they navigate the game's polygonal environments to fight enemies and accomplish objectives. The tank has four levels of speed that can be toggled by hitting up on the D-Pad, with only the highest level, turbo, requiring the player to hold the up arrow in order to maintain that speed. Otherwise, the player can select a speed and the tank will automatically move forward while other navigational and attacking needs are addressed. Pressing down on the D-Pad naturally stops the tank and puts it in reverse when held down.

The tank itself can also be modified to hold different types of equipment, thereby changing the way it's operated and used. In addition, it can enter flight mode by speeding off ramps that are placed in the game. Although in most instances the player can choose when to fly or stay on the ground, transitional sequences in which the player goes to a separate part of the world require that the player flies as they wind their way around obstacles. A fuel meter is also present and can be filled by acquiring gas from defeated enemies.

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