£11.50 on steam - weekend special

#1 Posted by killdave (1073 posts) -

Anyone else buying this ?

#2 Posted by Torrim (337 posts) -

Space is boring

#3 Posted by keyhunter (3207 posts) -

Nope. X3 sucked. I don't know what the fuck Egosoft was thinking, putting all that shit everywhere. Space doesn't feel the same when you've got big squares all over the fucking place.

#4 Posted by killdave (1073 posts) -

Turns out this game is actually quite good so far, nice graphics and lots of potential

#5 Posted by kwyee (234 posts) -

It's now on sale on gogamer.com 
20 USD   

 i wish i had more time for these suck-you-in-and-consume-your-life games :(

#6 Posted by Jimbo (9869 posts) -

The X games always felt completely soulless to me.  That indie bundle on D2D is probably the best thing going on this weekend.

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