Black Friday Dilemma

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Ok, so Best Buy is selling 360's for $199 with Skyrim and Forza 4 on Black Friday, a great deal. I do not currently own a 360, only a PS3. There are plenty of XBOX only games that I would love to play, mostly downloadable. Sure alot of them are on PC, but I have a Mac. I've thought about installing Windows and I even have a copy of 7 from before, but my Macbook is from 2009 and not super powerful.

I feel like I'm rambling but my question is this...Is it worth it to buy a 360 now? Obviously a new XBOX will come out at some point, and probably soon but no one REALLY knows. I have lots of friends with 360 and not that many with PS3. I really wanna play Trenched, Mark of the Ninja, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Shadow Complex, Super Meat Boy, and I havent played Skyrim (which it comes with) yet. But also my PS3 backlog is HUGE, which I talked about in my last thread. I will appreciate some good advice here.

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Totally worth it.

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@Imsorrymsjackson: Thanks, enabler!

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I'd say go for it. I'm planning on getting a PS3 when the PS4 comes out, because you know, money and exclusives and stuff.

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i just bought a ps3 so i say go for it.

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I'd go for it in that situation. My backlog is enormous too, but a lot of the games you seem to want to play aren't huge time investments, but definitely worth playing. And who knows if the next xbox will be backwards-compatible? $200 is pretty much a pittance in my way of thinking, but I guess it kind of depends on your financial situation. Personally, my biggest concern would be where to hook it up. Is that an issue for you? If so, it may end up being a larger investment than it seems in the long run.

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The short answer is yes. If there are exclusives or better ports on that system that you would like to play then you should buy the system if you can afford it. Plus, since the system's life is ending soon prices for everything will go down meaning you'll pay less to have the same experience must of us who have owned the system since the beginning have already had. I would say 'maybe' if it was a guarantee that the new Xbox would be backwards compatible with retail and XBLA games but that isn't a guarantee especially considering the fact that only 400 or so original Xbox games are backwards compatible with the Xbox 360.

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That Best Buy bundle is a pretty great deal, but your PS3 backlog is already pretty full, and along with some of the big games we already know about in 2013 (GTA V, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, etc.), I think you have enough to hold you over until the next Xbox is released (assuming that's at the end of 2013).

Having said that though, you're essentially getting a $100 Xbox 360 and $100 worth of games, so it's a damn good deal. If you want it, go ahead and get it.

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2 great games with the console for $199? Hell yeah, motherf*ker! Go for it!

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Late in the cycle is always a great way to jump onto a new platform. I have done it myself with other platforms and it's always been worth it. The 360 is totally worth a pickup on one of these bundle sales. You will get at least a year's worth of use out of it and probably more if you aren't an early adopter for next gen systems. Another great reason is how cheap all of the older but still excellent games (exclusives included) are now.

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Do it!

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Nah, dont buy it, most of the games in 360 are in ps3, and if you are the type who likes to keep up with new consoles, you know there is a good 80% chance that Microsoft will release a new consoles next DONT DO IT !!!!!

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