Evolution of the 360 is slowly killing me

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I'm still playing on a 1st gen 360, from 2005, cause I'm cheap like that. The RROD couldn't kill it.. actually, it did. But a few trips to Lows and I was back in business.

The problem is, update after update my box is taking on more and more strain. I'm not sure how exactly the new 360 have been updated, RAM and what not,

but it sucks having to wait 30 sec. after I hit the guide button. And even if there was a warranty for having slow system, warranties only last for I think 3 yrs.

> It's crazy how much the 360 has been updated compared to any other system throughout it's lifetime.

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Have you tried to clear the systems cache? Maybe that would help some.

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Machines do loss performance over time, specially if they are MS quality.

crazy.. isn't?

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The only "updates" on the slim was a 45nm processor aka less heat, moved the fans so they exhaust on top instead of back. Less power consumption and smaller power block and the GPU/CPU are a combined chip.

EDIT: I have the first gen Slim which was 135W the new Gen Slim uses 115W so even less power consumption as well as they took out the HANA chip.

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Mine original 2005 Xbox lasted til last year when it stopped outputting video, still haven't got round to fixing it

bough an arcade and it runs great still. I just want a new Xbox to be realeased. The Xbox 420-X2b or whatever

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@Mars_Cleric said:

Mine original 2005 Xbox lasted til last year when it stopped outputting video, still haven't got round to fixing it

bough an arcade and it runs great still. I just want a new Xbox to be realeased. The Xbox 420-X2b or whatever

Ya same here. I want a new one but if I'm gonna shell out the money I'd rather wait a year or 2 for a new system, even if it's a Wii U, haha. I got so tired of waiting forever for games to load, I've started to play more classic games on my PC.

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i had the worst of any one that posted in here so far

bought a 360 3-6 mos after launch it died in 6 months -stopped reading dvds/discs , call microsoft - all i got was a run around, -i had just bought saints row on that day it quit working ,

bought a nother 360 6 months after that i get a rrod playing wwe smackdown vs raw 2008 -

sent that in , got a nother one which again lasted only 6 months rrod again playing gta iv this time,

sent that in while that was in i bought another 360- ----both units ended up meltding disc 1 only is used now for ripping music cds to hard drive,

the other is still in its box well back in its box,

then the new one was sent into microsoft in 2010 -bought it in 2009- came w guitar hero was a arcade with also 5 games which i had from the previous 360 ---as well being a arcade, that newer one stopped out puting video , sent that in , since then i have not had a problem but as you caN SEE i had 6 returned xbox360s and 3 new ones plus the 1 slim 1 i bought thats ten 360s in 6 yrs , - out pacing the number of ps2s i had to replace within 5 yrs , that being 4 , -3 slims 1` fat

oddly enough i still have a original xbox that i had since launch sure it has a hard time reading games but it reads everything else fine , so i got 3 other originals that work , again the launch one used for ripping cds , as thats what it reads pretty good now,

my nintendo wii and ps3 has never broke down ,

nor has any other system besides ps2 360 and a few ps1s , (though ifixed the ps1 it was the fuse almost all the time blowing) just going to radioshack fixed that problem , but 360 good luck youll never fix one of those not without knowledge of welding your best bet is to get a new slim xbox 360 or used- as they are not prone to break like the phat ones ,

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For at least a year now I've been opening my 360s disk drive with a paper clip. Shits too loud with too many disk read errors and a full ass 20 gig drive. I really want the 720 out soon.

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@adoggz: That's insanity. I feel like that system of yours requires far too much patience. I've heard of games being difficult, but never the practice of running games being difficult. Nevermind getting them into your disc tray. Yikes.

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my xbox (2006) is still alive, but i dont play it often

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Dude its as good a time as ever to get yourself a new 360 right now, with all the different editions coming out. I'm still waiting for that R2-D2 360 to be released. Just buy a new one.

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I think it's insane that you can have that much trouble with a product and all you want is another one to come out. Where is the sense in that?

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My 2006 xbox 360 is still kicking. Only one trip back to MS for RROD repairs about 2 yrs ago.  My nephews have it now, and they really abuse the poor old gal  (turning it off in the middle of whatever they happen to be playing, keeping it in a place with no ventilation, etc...).
Actually, I'm amazed that after 5 yrs of very heavy use it's still functioning... 

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my 3rd one died last xmas.

had a big stack of 360 games, but though fuck it im not buying another 360.

so put all my games on ebay and put the cash towards a dog bollocks PC (same one the tested guys build jeff). best gaming decision i ever made.

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Yeah I still have my launch 360 and she has some quirks but I'm not going to buy a slim (unless i have to) with new consoles coming in a couple years.

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I had one return when the disk reader went ICP and scratched up my The darkness disc, got this one and it seems fine..a door fell off but does it's job.

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Just bought the Gears 360 about a month or two ago. It's Xbox 360 #5 for me and the last console I will buy.

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