What 360 Game(s) Are You Currently Playing?

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#51 Posted by Shigginator (124 posts) -

Lost Odyssey and Call of Duty 4

#52 Posted by ImWayGooderest (75 posts) -

Rock Band and GRID

#53 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

Was playing Soul Calibur recently because I suck so bad at the game, yet I want to love SC IV so much. Trying to get better. Geometry Wars, working towards actually being decent at it. That's about it, will be playing SC IV on Tuesday.

#54 Posted by mclakers (125 posts) -

lets see!! Marvel Ultimate Alliance, NinjaG2,LEGO Star wars TCS,

#55 Posted by Merforga (262 posts) -

NBA Live 08 mostly, occasionally I play GH3 too.

#56 Posted by SymbolliC (261 posts) -

GTAIV, Rock Band, and Quake 4

#57 Posted by BlackSuitAndTie9 (289 posts) -

Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, Rainbow Six Vegas, and The Orange Box.

#58 Posted by CPlusPlus (37 posts) -

if I didn't have the RRoD I would be playing CoD4! Love that game!

#59 Posted by Xero (159 posts) -

Ace Combat 6 and Beautiful Katamari

#60 Posted by Lackadaisical (35 posts) -

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for the most part, split-screen Terrorist Hunt. Usually Murdertown or Villa.

#61 Posted by HairyMike87 (1016 posts) -

Mass Effect and Halo 3

#62 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2644 posts) -

Battlefield: BC, condemned 2, and unreal 3

#63 Posted by Supertramp (55 posts) -

Assassin's Creed as well as Mass Effect.
Can only play the single player campaigns on all of my games. For two & a half weeks now, I've been without Xbox Live.
Pickin' up Soul Caliber IV next week. And yeah, I'll probably STILL be without Live. Sucks tits.

#64 Posted by veneer (29 posts) -

Bad Company and Guitar hero2 for achievements

#65 Posted by MrRetep (81 posts) -

COD:4 But need a new game

#66 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2543 posts) -

I was playing Forza 2 on April 27th then I got red ring of death.

#67 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

i'm playing a lot of games. i'm playikng cod4, halo 3 (multiplayer) gta 4, amped 3, forza motorsport 2, alot of games that i bought that i havn't finished.

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