**X360 Gamertag Thread**

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Gamertag: Tama Ironcobra

I want to fill out my friends list with people from the Giant Bomb community.


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Totally forgot this existed. I could sure use some cool peeps to be XBL friends with


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Gamertag = Dr Perscitus

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If you guys want to add me, i've started streaming bf3 and blops etc, so if you wanna party up that'd be awesome. GT

o GodF4th3r

that's letters not numbers

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Hello, I set up an Xbox live account called GBfriendslist to make it easier for duders to play some games together and see who from the community is online.

I'll send invites to posters here (recent) but if anyone wants to be added just send a request and I'll add them.


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Feel free to add me! GT: mr trippy

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MagierSingular is mine.

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You can add me (region: Europe, games: BLOPS1&2, Far Cry 3, MW3, Reach, L4D2). GT: RicketyGnome

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Hi guys.
My gamertag is 'soggy declan'. Feel free to add me but message me stating that you're from Giant Bomb.

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Looking for some people to play multiplayer with. My gamertag is rosscampbell85.

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this still active?

GT: Arc Assassin 4

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My gamertag is ProctorKoala is anyone is interested

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XBL GT: gunblademaster9 I play Destiny, Borderlands 2 and the PreSequal, Dead Island, GTAV, Minecraft and some others if anyone would like to join one day. Send me a message so I know you are from here.

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Add me. Got a 360. Silent Screams2

#1317 Posted by TJMasterK (84 posts) -

Tomson626. I like playing Coop games like Halo story, Deadspace and whatnot. I like COD too but only for fun.

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User is prestonburkett1 Xbox gamer tag is NoleItAll1

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Gamer tag is haysiking

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