Xbox Live $50 price will it ever go away

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#51 Posted by blizzvalve (128 posts) -

It won't happen anytime soon. XBL is where they get their money. If they get rid of that, they'll lose millions of dollars

#52 Posted by David335 (15 posts) -

Microsoft uses that $50 to keep the service running. Sony is losing a lot of money from hosting their online service for free. Also it is not $50 you can get the cards for $30 from newegg.

#53 Posted by MikPick (333 posts) -

It's not that much of a big deal. You're paying for the cost of one game per year, and you're getting hundreds of hours of gameplay out of it. It's like an expansion pack that works on all of your games.

#54 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

If you can't pay $50 a year, you're probably 12 and I don't want to see you on Xbox Live anyway. =)

#55 Posted by BlackSuitAndTie9 (289 posts) -

I think making Live free would be a huge mistake on their part, they'd be out on a ton of money. There are millions of people on Xbox Live, and they all are paid members. So they're making a ton of money off of all the members. It's good business.

#56 Posted by kingyoto (16 posts) -

It should. but it won't.

#57 Posted by Xero (159 posts) -

I doubt it will go away anytime soon.

#58 Posted by Page1 (92 posts) -

As long as they have millions of people paying, it will not be free.
The reason GFW Live became free is because no PC gamers cared about it because they have other options that are not only better, but free too.

#59 Posted by DarkLegend (1387 posts) -

It's only a dollar a week.

#60 Posted by Nibbz (203 posts) -

no. keeps XBL kick ass.

#61 Posted by RedSox8933 (2428 posts) -

this is where they get a lot of their money, i don't see it stopping.

#62 Posted by Echelon730 (89 posts) -

GOLD for PC is still not as good as GOLD is for 360.  Mainly because of the exclusive demos. But that is a bull shit answer. But if my $50 is pushing LIVE to what it will be this fall with the update I don't mind at all. PSN is nice but since Trophies are a joke at this point, and there still isn't a good invite system or voice messages, private chat across games, or universal in game music I can't really say that its superior.

What I think should happen is either
1. Drop price down to $25
2. Offer goodies for Gold but let silver have multiplayer
3. Give GOLD members something really exclusive each month like a free movie or something.

#63 Posted by jediknight52501 (42 posts) -

i would rathe pay $50 dollars for a year, it is cheap and has a really good service.

#64 Posted by Player1 (3892 posts) -

People dont realize how spoiled they are with xbox live. My answer to this topic is. 

They will stop charging for xbox live when ps3's service gets remotely close to as good as theirs. Do peolpe realize that they are adding new features by the month? 
#65 Posted by Player1 (3892 posts) -
MOLE said:

They can afford to make XBL free.  Its Bullshit that we have to pay, and don't make it sound like your getting a great deal becuase your not, becuase MS can easily make it free."
Yes but they dont make billions and billions of the gaming section. They just recently made there first profit late last year. And thats after two systems. 
#66 Posted by Wolverine (4281 posts) -

So many people complain about the price of xbox live and I never understood why. It is $50 a year and the service is great so I would rather pay that small fee then have to deal with a free service like PSN.

#67 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2884 posts) -


#68 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

That $50/year goes toward all the trees they cut down, funerals for your Xbox 360.

#69 Posted by hidys (1029 posts) -
MOLE said:
"I wouldn't mind the $50 if only my 360 didn't break down 3 times, and another just about read to RROD on me. 

But hey, its only $100 for repair (sarcasm)

Oh I almost forgot to mention that the Wireless Adapter cost $100, thats alot of freakin money. 

Look folks, I own a Xbox 360, and not a PS3, but MS really fucked up on this one.  They need to start over and get it right, and make sure its right.
You would it was free now if you owned a 360.
#70 Posted by oobs (340 posts) -

I doubt it will ever go away unless the numbers start dropping long as people keep signing will remain i think

#71 Posted by GumbieuK (120 posts) -

No, and it shouldn't it's great value for money.

#72 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4779 posts) -

LOGuiltyspark said:

"MOLE said:

They can afford to make XBL free.  Its Bullshit that we have to pay, and don't make it sound like your getting a great deal becuase your not, becuase MS can easily make it free."
Actually they cant afford it.
Try putting yourself in the shoes of the head of xbox walking into the board room with the other MS executives and sitting down and saying
"ya , we just made XBL free , those tens of thousands of movies , and all that marketplace content that is available to multiple countries is now being hosted completely by our wallet , we are expected to take losses of hundreds of millions of dollars a year  just so retards on the internet can feel like they are getting fair treatment." 
awesome man I totally agree, and its the truth alot of really stupid people cannot get it through their heads that it TAKES LOTS OF money to host this stuff, and regulate it, and run the servers, and the bandwidth, Sony pretty much leaves all hosting up to every one else but them selves so of course they can OFFER it for free.
I gladly pay money for xbox live because its an amazing service i've been with xbox live since the beta and never looked back, it is better then all other console online models, and its better then about 90% of pc online offerings, stuff such as xfire which hosts nothing but is just a inbetween aplet, and steam which hosts games and such makes loads of profit because most of the games on their service cost them nothing but they get so much profit from it.

#73 Posted by blackwolf (24 posts) -

I dont mind paying at all.

Have you tried the ps3 online its horrible.

#74 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

Probably not.

#75 Posted by chililili (1328 posts) -

This will not stop ocnsidering they started chargin for a service that was SO not worth 50 dollars, I see no reason for them to stop. Quite frankly better services are free on the PC and the PSN is a quite comparable system. Customers have grown too complacent and won't bitch about this so they don't care.

#76 Edited by Creciente (82 posts) -
Soulless said:
"Only if their competition's online service gets as good as theirs or better.
Otherwise I don't see it happening."
Exactly. There won't be time to choose. Still, I doubt this will happen. While PS3 offers a decent online, Wii has a very long way to go.
#77 Edited by pause422 (6249 posts) -

Can you make a list,honestly? not being smart or sarcastic,i'm just wondering what is left that XBL offers that PSN doesn't atm.No,i'm not counting net-flix or mii's,I mean AVATARS,but really,besides atm "cross platform" voice chat,which I admit needs to be put in there, they are really pretty much caught up and on equal ground.

Don't say "but XBL has more titles" first of all,psn isn't going for all arcade like games,its a different thing,just like XBL is different from PSN and different from Wiiware. Trust me I love some downloadable games now and then,but look at the quality vs quantity that microsoft has. honestly,it has so much garbage games,in their XBLA, then good ones,just so they can say "we have the most to offer" and it doesn't work that way.

And lastly,yeah a Video service that microsoft had and now Sony has,i've scrolled through both consoles videos,and they both have plenty of garbage,but since microsoft has more cuz of a head start,they have plenty more garbage.

So honestly,i'm just asking,can someone answer this clearly? what is there that is left in terms of features on xbl that are so superior other than pointless achievements? I really want to know,if i'm somehow missing something or not,but I don't think so. I'm just really curious what there is left to do,  Sony can't  really be forgiven for the lack of features PSN had over the last year or so,but since the last update,every single main complaint has been ackowledged,(not counting home cuz I don't care)

Once more,i'm just asking for a few things pointed out,unless you care that much for pointless achivements,I just don't know what is left between the 2 services atm,please help point something out to me,or stand corrected!  Trust me I love both consoles,and both services,not a damn fanboy or Sony or anything if it sounds that way,I just really want to know what people consider "still not on par ",because one thing anyone can say is,almost (or every?) online game on PS3 has dedicated servers running on it,which is something you would think you would get for a paid service,but not even micrsoft does that,you get the shitty bandwith of some random player in almost every game,thats one con I definately will mention.

#78 Posted by davecuk (158 posts) -
blackwolf said:
"I dont mind paying at all.

Have you tried the ps3 online its horrible.
$50 a year isn't too bad, but unfortunately it's closer to $80 in the UK and that's for MUCH LESS content than the US receives.

I dunno what you mean by horrible? Perhaps the lack of standardised voice across all games, sure, that's annoying. No cross-game invites, again quite annoying, but I'm sure that will be implemented at some point. As for the actual experience of playing the game across the internet against others, well it's exactly the same as it's the users who host the majority of games not Microsoft. In some games such as Battlefield: Bad Company EA host the servers on both platforms and the majority of Sony's first party titles have dedicated servers as well, I don't see Microsoft hosting game servers for their first party titles.

To answer the question of the OP, I don't think the fee will disappear totally yet, but I think we may see some sort of price cut once Sony add more features to their service. I feel in the next generation of consoles they may need to drop the fee though as Sony wont repeat the same mistake they made this generation when it comes to their online platform.
#79 Posted by NFS102 (6 posts) -

I don't think it will. Maybe a price drop but not completely gone.

#80 Posted by Jaconius (145 posts) -

It's only a matter of time before PSN catches up and they'll be forced to kill their fees.

And Nintendo really isn't a threat to the online side.

#81 Posted by ToRo (209 posts) -

Whenever the ps3's online can be on par with Live then microsoft should definitively make it free. But till that day comes I don't find paying $50 a year.

#82 Posted by dream431ca (176 posts) -

I'm not going to pay for live anymore. I did about a year and a half ago. It's not really that worth it.

#83 Posted by Arestice (468 posts) -

Well, the way I see it is as once we get Netflix it'll be worth it.
And they wont drop the price because people are still buying it.

#84 Posted by Funployee (30 posts) -

The better sony gets get with PSN, the less arguments Microsoft is going to have for charging to play online.

#85 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -
dream431ca said:
"I'm not going to pay for live anymore. I did about a year and a half ago. It's not really that worth it.
You are so very wrong and diluted.
#86 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1427 posts) -

50$ isn't that much for a year of awesome content... 4.16$ dollars a month come on people...

#87 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -
LethalKi11ler said:
"50$ isn't that much for a year of awesome content... 4.16$ dollars a month come on people...

What awesome content? Lol some of you make it seem like its something you'll never get on a PC, or even PS3. It's worth it, but to an extent. And that value is slowly going down, and its not becoming worth it as much. They should innovate a little, I mean at least ad some new stuff here and there, instead of playing it safe for years.
#88 Posted by brukaoru (5079 posts) -

I posted about this on another thread, but I personally think that with all the money Microsoft is losing with the RROD situation, that letting people use XBL free would be even more costly for them.

However, tonight on digg there was an article posted from Kotaku:

Kotaku has jumped on stories before without much evidence to cite their claims, so take it as you will, but I still doubt that XBL will be free this generation... Maybe the next-generation Xbox...

#89 Posted by DorianBlack (311 posts) -

I really don't care, it gets renewed every year as a Christmas present. I find paying for worthless avatars and wallpaper on XBL much more atrocious than paying for a good service.

#90 Posted by steve316 (102 posts) -
DARKIDO07 said:
"13 Million X $50 = $650,000,000 a year, so multiply that by 5 years, and you get 3,250,000,000 so far from Xbox Live fees, not including all the crap people by off of the Marketplace.
i was thinking the same thing, and besides $50 a year isnt a bad price at all

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