Xbox one all the way!

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OK so Microsoft did screw the Xbox one up at the start saying you can't play second hand games, you have to be online all the time and straight away people was saying "oh forget that going to PlayStation 4" People was saying that because everyone body knew that the PlayStation 4 wasn't offering you the same thing. So Microsoft have changed back to there old ways and made everything the same, so now we can have second hand games and now you don't have to be online all the time. After they have done this i know everybody who per-ordered PS4 have cancelled it and now have per-ordered the Xbox one. Which i don't blame you for because everyone body knows that Microsoft have been the better company for the past how many years and we all know that they won't let us down. Come on now the games what are coming out for the Xbox One look amazing like Forza 5, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghost the list goes on. But the main thing what everyone knows why Microsoft always win is there online, there online destroys the PlayStation Network because everything was set up so much better on Xbox live, Like the way they did the Xbox Dashboard, the way you can have party chats and even the Xbox marketplace. Everything on the Xbox 360 completely destroyed everything what was on the PS3. Got to say we all know that's going to happen again so that's why i am going with my gut and staying with Microsoft because i know they are going to be the better console.

Let me know if you thing different.

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There have been plenty of threads made regarding people's opinions on one next-gen system versus the other, and I see nothing here that brings anything new to the table. I'd also recommend staying away from creating obvious system-war, trolling threads like these. Locking this down.


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