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He is first heard of during Ghat and Rimat's assault on the jail, where he is heard talking to Golem (whom he calls Kax-Teh). He is more manipulative than Kax-Teh, and loves to play mind games. He is next seen giving Ghat and Rimat the Sun-Moon Gauntlet in the canyon, which allows them to bypass Kax-Teh's barriers. He is not heard from until Ghat and Rimat make their way to the pink tower to get the spare parts from Nahautl-Teh.

He then kidnaps Father-Mother, chains him/her up, and collects many of the parents that FM took children from, and says that this fight is a test. Ghat and Rimat defeat the parents, but the fight was a test for Father-Mother, who was supposed to stop the fight and go peacefully to jail. His last scene is when he and Kax-Teh meet in High Town of Halstedom, and he breaks the psychic link of Kax-Teh from everyone else but Ghat. Ghat decides to fight Xotl-Teh and Xotl-Teh is killed by Kax-Teh, along with killing himself.

He has the ability to make himself and other things fly, as well as control Kax-Teh's psychic link, which seems to suggest that he is more senior than Kax-Teh is.

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