Is it possible for me to get the DLC?

#1 Posted by drac96 (749 posts) -

I bought Yakuza 3 from Hollywood Video used. The game had the DLC code in it, but when I put it in, it was obviously already used. I then looked in the Playstation Store to see if I could even buy it, but no dice. The stuff you get sounds pretty cool, I would really like to fight all the bosses again now that I've played the game. Is there some way for me to  get this stuff still, or am I screwed out of some pretty cool content?

#2 Posted by abdo (1095 posts) -
Dunno, I think that only came with the game new. There's a DLC pack on the PlayStation Store, but I think that's different from the one in the box.
#3 Posted by Shirogane (3595 posts) -

I thought it was the one on PSN and was available for download. Hmm... 
Well, if it isn't, i can't help you there, but i'm sure there's at least one of the DLC packs on PSN.

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